Dog Eating Habits we need to get into, and some we need to get out of!

We’ve all been guilty of feeding our dogs a little too much, or giving them some of our own food whilst cooking. But just how cruel is our kindness? What impact are these apparently small habits having on our beloved pets? It can be hard to resist giving your dog lots of treats when they literally give you those adorable puppy dogs, but you may be doing them more harm than you think. We’ve made a list of things we think are important to remember when it comes to feeding your dog, and keeping them healthy by kicking some of those bad habits.


Consider your dog’s age
As your dog matures, you may need to change its diet accordingly, to ensure their health stays in top shape. Many good brands will offer a range of products to feed your dog at various stages in their life, from puppy to senior dog.

Research ingredients and value for your money
Some dog food brands can be expense, but if they can provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs, then it is good value for money. However, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do this. Look into food with natural ingredients and good nutrients for your dog, like Iams dog food 15kg from Vet Medic. Speak to your vet for other recommendations, and other dog owners (particularly those with the same breed as you).

Take your dog’s taste into account
You can take all the necessary measures possible when choosing the perfect dog food, crammed with nutrients, but if your pet doesn’t like it, it simply won’t eat it. However, don’t admit defeat too quickly and throw away the whole tub – try adding other ingredients to it like chunks of meat or fresh vegetables to make it more tempting.


Know what human foods should always be avoided
As previously mentioned, when we eat ourselves, it can be tempting to give our dog some of our own food, or even our own snacks. However, there are a number of foods and drinks that can be potentially deadly to your dog and some of these are quite surprising. Some of the worst ones include chocolate, alcohol, grapes, raisins, milk and coffee.

Find alternatives to high calorie treats
Treats are an important part of life for us and for dogs too. Small treats every now and again are perfectly fine, but if you find yourself rewarding your pet rather frequently, you may need to look into finding snacks that are better for him. Foods that have proved popular with our four-legged-friends include carrots, peanut butter, blueberries and unflavoured popcorn.

Remember that not all brands will suit all breeds
It’s important to recognise that what you may have fed your previous dog that was a large greyhound may not be suitable for your new tiny Chihuahua. The main things to consider when choosing a dog food for your pet’s breed tend to include size, weight and hair/fur.