How do you and your dog like to get your exercise?

How do you and your dog like to get your exercise? With one in three dogs being overweight, it is so important to keep your dog healthy. Sainsbury’s Bank have put together an infographic to showcase the weird and wonderful types of exercises for dogs. The activities range from canicross, disc dog, dog diving and even skijoring! Take a look at the infographic to see what you and your dog could get up to today.

Pet Care 101: How to Ensure That Your Dog Does Not Overheat This Summer

The UK is a nation of pet-owners, and this rather sweeping statement is supported by statistics produced by the PFMA. Dogs are a particular favourite among British residents, as an estimated 25% of all UK households include a canine as a member of their family. While there are a large number of dog owners throughout the nation, however, it is fair to say that there remains concerns about welfare and whether or not every individual takes full responsibility for the well-being of their pet. Owning and caring for a dog should represent a learning process, however, and one which drives constant improvement and dedication.

The Importance of Keeping your Dogs cool during the summer
One of the most important things to note is that there are many breeds of dog, each of which have various subtleties in terms of their behaviour and genetic make-up. There are some universal traits which all dogs share, however, with a tendency to overheat during the summer been one of the most prominent. You must take steps to avoid this, including the following…

1Image Credit: Loupeznik (Wikicommons)

Ensure That Your Dog Drinks Plenty of Water
As a human, one of the key issues caused by extreme heat is dehydration. This can be negated by the consumption of water and fluids, and the same principle can loosely be applied to canines during the heat of summer. While a dog’s genetic make-up differs wildly from humans, enabling them to have regular access to water will help them to remain cool and keep the heat at bay. To assist this process, you may even want to add ice cubes so that the water remains below the existing room temperature.

Use Wet and Damp Towels Where Necessary
During the summer, dogs enjoy nothing more than basking beneath the glare of the sun. While this enables them to benefit from any available breeze, however, it may not prevent them from panting excessively and struggling to stay cool. You can help them to feel more comfortable by covering them in a towel that has been soaked in cold water, as this will help to reduce their body temperature. While your dog may become restless and resist this initially, they will soon welcome it once they feel the benefits.

Create Shade and Shadows Within The Home
You can invest a fortune in pet and dog ownership, from the procurement of bedding to a high quality collar from a reputable supplier such as Collars and Tag. Although these purchases represent a key part of caring for an animal, sometimes all you really require is an eye for detail and an ability to think creatively when dealing with issues. In terms of cooling your dog down when they are inside during the summer, for example, you should strive to move furniture and create a space that is well protected by shade and shadows. This will give them plenty of space to rest, play and escape the heat of the sun when required!