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Puppy Dog Hotel - Franchise cost - £12,000 +vat (limited offer)

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  • Price: Franchise cost - £12,000 +vat (limited offer)
  • Previous BFA member
  • Looking for dog & pet lovers across UK
  • Exclusive franchise postcode territory
  • Potential annual income of £40,000+
  • A comprehensive launch package
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Puppy Dog Hotel

Puppy Dog Hotel - Pet Franchise for Sale in the UK

Puppy Dog Hotel the UK’s Premier Home Boarding and Home Visiting Pet Care Service
Puppy Dog Hotel was opened in 2008 by dog lovers with over 25 year’s experience of loving and caring for our canine friends. In addition we have over 12 year’s experience in training and socialising UK Assistance Dogs for a National UK Assistance Dog Charity. We also have experience in the pet and aquatic retail trade giving us an extensive knowledge of domestic pets.

British Franchise Association (BFA)
Puppy Dog Hotel Limited was a Provisionally Listed Company with the British Franchise Association which means the business has been viable, professional, fair and ethical company and has committed itself to develop the business in accordance with bfa industry standards.

Puppy Dog Hotel

Puppy Dog Hotel... The UK’s Premier Dog Care Franchise
Puppy Dog Hotel aimed from the outset to offer a loving, safe family home, providing a very high quality and professional level of service to our clients and their dogs that could not be bettered anywhere else. Our services range from; Holiday Cover, Day-Care, Residential Training, Dog Walking and a Pet Taxi. Through word of mouth from both clients and veterinary practices across the Home Counties and London, Puppy Dog Hotel was very quickly recognised as the UK’s leading home boarding service with some clients travelling many miles to use our range of first class services for their dog(s).

Puppy Dog Hotel naturally attracts clients at the top end of the market who require the highest level of care for their pets and by virtue of the love, care and first class service offered choose Puppy Dog Hotel as their first option and are prepared to pay premium prices for their dog(s) to be boarded. In addition, these high end clients tend to take more holidays and make more business trips each year. Many of our ‘Canine Guests’ visit 4-6 times a year for repeat holidays and have been staying with us since the Puppy Dog Hotel began trading. We also have clients who require the same level of care for their dog to stay at Puppy Dog Hotel but might only have one holiday a year, because, like you would for any loved family member, you want the very best.

Puppy Dog Hotel extended the business during 2012 to start offering "Home Pet Visits". This includes: Dog Walks and Pet Visits (Feeding/cleaning cats and small domestic pets). Again Puppy Dog Hotel offers a premium service for which our clients are prepared to pay. Despite the poor economic climate nationally over the past few years Puppy Dog Hotel has grown its profits exponentially every year since start up, showing a profit from year one. Due to our popularity we have for the past couple of years had to disappoint hundreds of clients annually from across the UK who wished to board their dogs with us, as we were already fully booked for the dates the clients required. It made sense therefore, for us to start offering the opportunity for other like minded individuals throughout the UK to own a Puppy Dog Hotel as a Franchisee. With this in mind Puppy Dog Hotel is proud to say that we have been granted provisional membership of the British Franchise Association, a testament to the ethical way that we run our business.

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The Franchise Opportunity
The UK has long been recognised as a nation of pet lovers. Our annual spend on pets is in excess of £3 Billion with less than 20% of that total being spent on food.

Dogs are now the most widely kept pet in the UK (over 9 million dogs) having recently overtaken cats with dog owners turning away from the kennels of the past. In addition the clients at the top end of the home boarding market are looking for their dog(s) to stay with a regular high end boarding service, not a host family where the dog(s) are often moved from family to family.

Puppy Dog Hotel is unlike the majority of Dog and Pet franchises on the market today which require you to find and manage ‘Host’ families (Carers) for dog and pet services (More of a recruitment agency than a true pet business) and where a large number of these ‘Host families/boarders/carers may be unlicensed which is a criminal offence! As a Puppy Dog Hotel franchisee your canine guests will stay with you in your home, which we believe is much more fun and rewarding.

Training and Support
How we train and support you. You will receive top class training at Head Office, incorporating classroom, practical and online elements and covering all aspects of owning your own Puppy Dog Hotel, including first aid and canine care training at a veterinary practice plus top class training at your Puppy Dog Hotel at the start of trading.

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Bespoke Online Management System
To help you manage your business you will have access to our bespoke and comprehensive online management system which is tailored to help you control every aspect of your business efficiently (Free for first 6 months, then a small monthly contribution).
Some of the features of the system include; Bookings - ‘Guest’ bookings are handled easily and quickly with the system confirming which dogs are booked in and for what duration. Inbuilt checks ensure that all dogs booked in have passed the necessary assessments and that you do not ‘over book’ your Hotel. Invoicing - Is simple and easily managed. Marketing - The e-mail marketing facility allows you to contact your customers and contacts quickly and efficiently. Document Library – The ‘storage area’ for all the information regarding your ‘guests’ and their owners, a vital function for the efficient running of your Puppy Dog Hotel. Bookkeeping Function – Giving you all the financial information that you need to run a successful and profitable Puppy Dog Hotel. Discussion Forums – The internal means of communicating with both Head Office and your fellow Franchisees. Internal Shop – Is your access to the best quality goods and equipment available today.

Our dedicated system will help you devote the minimum time to administration and the maximum time to looking after your ‘guests’, which after all, is the fun part!

As a Puppy Dog Hotel Franchisee we will give you support to obtain an operating licence from the local issuing authority as well as helping you to advertise and promote your Puppy Dog Hotel launch with advertising, promotions etc. On-going support from Head Office with a dedicated phone line for franchisees is always available.

Help is available in preparing an independent business plan if required via an experienced franchise consultant.

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Financial Information
A Puppy Dog Hotel franchise is offered at a special price of just £12,000 +VAT (Limited offer). Which we believe includes the most comprehensive and extensive launch pack in the industry which will allow you to start your business quickly and without hidden costs.

You will be granted a five year licence for a large franchise postcode territory enabling you to build your business and profits. The opportunity to expand the business by owning additional Puppy Dog Hotel’s in other postcodes is also available.

Offers the potential to earn
The examples below are based on weekly boarding only, these figures can potentially be increased by offering additional services; training and home pet visit services.

1 Dog equals £10,000+ per annum
2 Dogs equals £21,000+ per annum
3 Dogs equals £33,000+ per annum

As you are operating your business from home, a Puppy Dog Hotel has very low overheads and a high profitability.

*The above figures have been achieved or exceeded by a Puppy Dog Hotel, there is no guarantee that you will achieve or exceed these.

Additional Income Streams
Additional income streams can also be built by offering various visiting pet services. These could include dog walking, feeding a client’s cat/pet, or offering a pet taxi service. It is estimated that on average 1 in every 3 homes in the UK has a pet, like all of us these owners simply want the very best for their pets. This offers you as a Puppy Dog Hotel owner the opportunity to take advantage of a huge market that not only offers longevity but a very high level of profitability (Over 60%) and as you operate from home your operating costs are low.

Puppy Dog Hotel

Who's Ideal for Us
What we look for in a franchisee. We are looking for dog and pet lovers from across the UK who are prepared to offer love, care and a very high level of service to their clients and guests. This will mean working hard, being determined, focused, friendly and dedicated to owning and promoting your own Puppy Dog Hotel. The finances to partially cover the initial investment and support you as the business builds may be available via Bank support or Government grants/initiatives such as The Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme.

You do not necessarily need a large detached house to own a Puppy Dog Hotel, a flat (own garden required though) could easily be suitable for your Puppy Dog Hotel.
Our brand and reputation are very important to us, so we are extremely careful when choosing our franchise partners. It is fair to say that not everyone who applies for a Puppy Dog Hotel franchise will be successful, our process is thorough and there is no guarantee that all applicants will be accepted as Puppy Dog Hotel Franchisees.

We do not consider that owning a Puppy Dog Hotel is a ‘job’, rather it offers a wonderful lifestyle. Many businesses bandy about the word ‘Lifestyle’ but if you have a passion for dogs and pets, then owning a Puppy Dog Hotel truly means that you can escape the pressures associated with most jobs and build a business that is pleasurable, rewarding and allows you to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.

So if you fancy a career change, have been made redundant, left the forces or simply want to be your own boss with the freedom that it offers and you think you have what it takes, then we would love to hear from you and hopefully welcome you into the family of Puppy Dog Hotel as we build the brand across the UK. As with any family member we will always have your best interest at heart and look after you.

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