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Akira Dog Trainer - Dog Training in Chichester, West Sussex

Akira Dog Training provides training and behavioural consultations for puppies, adolescents and adult dogs in your own home.  I use the most up-to-date, scientifically proven, reward based methods of training as training should be fun for you and your dog. My aim is for you to build a fun, trusting and rewarding relationship with your dog. I am experienced in rescue and rehabilitation having worked at Dogs Trust as one of their Training and Behaviour Advisors with a wide range of breeds and behavioural problems.  I am also a Fear Free Certified Professional, specialising in fear free vet visits, vet handling and husbandry behaviours.


“Mandy has advised, guided and supported us through a number of challenging issues that we have faced with our Cockapoo, Jeff. These include, resource guarding, separation anxiety and handling issues. We have complete trust in the training methods that Mandy uses and she has given us the confidence, in a fun environment, to ensure that we handle Jeff in a manner that is best for his development and happiness. Mandy has extensive professional knowledge and resources which together with the genuine caring manner with she has supported us means that we would highly recommend her services.”

- Anne and Chris Holman

“This lady is fantastic! Informative, patient, non-judgemental, adaptable, practical...the list goes on. Mandy has helped to equip us with with games, tools and strategies to help with a variety of difficulties we were having. Our dog is happier as a result and so are we. Can recommend Mandy without hesitation. ”

- Pippa

“Invaluable advice and training from Mandy Locks for me and my puppy! Very impressive and cannot recommend this course with Mandy highly enough. Thank you. ”

- Sue Brookes

“To say Mandy helped save our dog's life is not an understatement. Situation was a complex mix of a developed eye condition that needed to be treated twice a day for life coupled with long standing biting, guarding and challenging behaviours. In summary things got so bad and after discussion with the vets we had had to heartbreakingly book to have schnapps put down. The day before, we were given Mandy's number to see if anything could be done. Mandy was very honest with us in her assessment and said that due to such extreme behaviour and his age (10) outcome was not optimistic. However we gave it a try over the next few months with daily visits to the vets to muzzle and eye drop him and I think to evwryones surprise we succeeded!!! My husband can now treat schnappers eyes with no muzzle needed, and in general his extream behaviours are so reduced he is almost a different dog. Mandy helped us to understand we had a very anxious dog not an aggressive dog and helped my husband rebuild the trust that had gone with the desperate but traumatic attempts by us to treat his eyes. Mandy also taught us a lot about how dogs like to learn and how to keep both of ours calmer and more stimulated. Schnapps really is the happiest and relaxed he has ever been with his eyes as bright as buttons now!! We just didn't know where to start and Mandy gave us the tools and confidence to gain the trust back and more to get where we are today with him. My husband and I would not hesitate to recommend Mandy to anyone and can not thank her enough for helping us all!! Penny and Chris Rogerson owners of Schnapps and India. ”

- Chris and Penny Rogerson

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