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Win a beautifully illustrated story book about
The Adventures of Alfie the Malamute

This month we have teamed up with Angela Perry the imaginative author who created The Adventures of Alfie. Angela's books are inspired by a very special dog, Alfie the Malamute, each book has a moral to the tale and is aimed for children between 5-9 years old. They can be read by Mummy and Daddy at bedtime or by children themselves.

Angela Perry

Angela is very generously giving Ten Good Dog Guide winners a copy of her new book. A sixty page, beautifully illustrated, five story educational treat for young readers. The Main story Alfie On Patrol introduces many of Alfie's friends as he checks on their welfare around the garden averting crises where necessary. A beguiling story of country life in spring time and the dangers that lurk in the undergrowth. Other stories include old favourites such as the magical Alfie & The Catflap and the exciting Alfie To The Rescue, stories which are crafted to teach young children moral values coupled with traditional ideas. This is a book about learning which will fuel young childrens' imaginations.

Alfie Stories   bokk on Alfie the  Malamute

Visit Angela's website for full details on her Alfie story books.

Complete the form below for a chance to win a copy of The Adventures of Alfie the Malamute, good luck!