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Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding

Holy Trinity CE Primary School
Chatsworth Road
  • Dog trainer in Dartford, Kent
  • Puppy training
  • 6 week group classes
  • 1-2-1 in house and outside training
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  • Dog home boarding
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Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding

Top Dog Training School in Dartford, Kent

Offers a choice of training classes to suit you and your dogs needs.

Top Dog Training School provides 6 week courses which operate in school or leisure centre halls (see below for venue addresses / days / times).

We also like utilise the outside spaces at our venues when ever possible (dependent on the weather).

Each course runs for 6 sessions, with a test on the last week of the course to see how hard everybody has worked and to recognise your achievements.

Dog trainer in Dartford, Kent

People often believe that their dogs only need to complete an initial Puppy 'socialization' course in order for their dog to be well trained, but this stage is just the beginning of a lifetime of training.

Your dog WILL try you, push you and can make you very stressed but if you keep up the training and practice daily the skills and understanding of what you learned in class your relationship with your dog will be extremely rewarding.

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About Top Dog Training School
Top Dog Training School believe that dogs are never born naughty, but many dogs are branded as 'bad' and hyper, re-homed or even euthanised, due to their owners' frustration with failed attempts at understanding and communicating with them. Our job is to teach human relationship with dogs: to bring about a meeting of minds. Any behavioural issues, regardless of your dog's age or breed, can be modified and successfully cured by consistently using our kind, humane approach.

There are no two dogs the same
There are so many different types of breeds and cross breeds, and every dog has their own character. To know about your dog, you need to know the breed and what is their purpose in life, their underlying needs, their environment and their experiences since birth all shape their behaviour. All dogs share the same ways of interpreting human behaviour - and it is this that makes them very different to us. A happy relationship with your dog starts with you learning how to think like them, rather than imagining they think like us.

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Our Responsibility
Our mission is to teach owners about they pets, enhance the well being of all dogs using our knowledge and experience in training. Our aim is to make life enjoyable for you and your best friend.

Our Best
We learn about you and your dog from your relationship with your animal, energy, speech and how you react to the dog this means that we can help you resolve any behavioural problems. We do this by looking holistically at each individual human-dog relationship from your dog’s perspective. This allows us to identify the sources, experiences and environmental factors that have contributed to the behaviours and to develop a personal training programme to modify the behaviour.

Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding


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