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The VIPs dog walking

The VIPs Doggy Day Care Service in London

This has to be the best dog day care in London! Your dog will be collected from your home, in our fully equipped vehicles in the morning. He will then spend the day with his pack at a local farm sniffing, watching birds, running off lead, socialising, marking territory and doing all the things that dogs love to do. The VIPs dog day care has a plethora of environments where the dogs socialise within the farm so that new adventures are always had. By the time he gets home from his dog day care in the evening he should be ready to settle down for a long nap!

Dog Day Care in London    Dog Home Boarding    Dog Day care in London

Dog Boarding Kennels & Home Boarding Service
Our home boarding service is an alternative to conventional dog boarding kennels and covers most North West London and Middlesex postcodes. Through gaining a licence from our local council we are allowed to board up to 9 dogs at any time. This means that your dog will stay with us in the comfort of our family home just like he has in his own home without the stress that may be caused in traditional dog boarding kennels. To ensure that his transition is as smooth as possible we require you to provide us with his own bedding, toys, food & bowls. He will spend the day at a local farm, running off lead (if trustworthy!) and socialising with a wide variety of breeds. In the evenings as long as he is well behaved he will get the run of the house, just like at home. Due to our being granted a licence there are certain conditions we have to comply with, therefore we ask you to always provide proof of your dog's current vaccinations (including Kennel Cough), flea and worming treatments. Please note there is a minimum booking period of three nights.

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Dog Walking
We offer a wonderful dog walking service, covering parts of Ruislip through to Ickenham and Hillingdon. Our trained dog walkers will collect your dog from your home and take them for an hour's dog walking on private farm land in Middlesex. During his dog walking he will be given some basic obedience training by our dog walkers which reinforces what you as the owner should already be teaching him.

Then once he has had a drink and been dried off (if it is raining!), he will be delivered back to you.

Our dog walkers will transport your dog in an air conditioned vehicle with individual cages. Dogs are creatures that thrive on routine and therefore this is something that he will look forward to daily. Their toilet breaks are planned around the walk, therefore you will not have mess around your home

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About us
We started The VIPs in 2005 because we couldn't find any suitable dog walkers with the necessary insurances and boarding facilities which we were looking for. We also found that many were transporting the dogs in an unsuitable fashion. Some wouldn't take medium or large dogs, others were fully booked and many of them were not insured for any eventuality. We found a lot of companies were not specialising exclusively in the care of dogs, as they would take on other pets like cats, rabbits etc. Hence we set up The VIPs which caters solely for dogs, having higher standards than the rest and providing greater care according to the standards that we ourselves expect.

As a result, we have a boarding licence granted by our local council, are police checked, MoD cleared, American Embassy cleared, licensed to transport animals under Council Reg. (EC) No 1/2005 and have dedicated our lives solely to the care of dogs. We know that we provide the first class service that our clients have come to expect and enjoy - just take a look at some of the testimonials. We also have professional indemnity insurance, so you can be rest assured that your dog is in safe, reliable hands.

So whether you require day care twice a week, last minute boarding or want to improve your handling skills through a few training sessions please contact us to see how we can assist you. We have the solutions to your hectic work and family commitments, so that you don't have to feel guilty about not having enough time to exercise your dog.

The VIPs dog walking


“Bella has been going to Doggy Day Care with Sarita for over a year now and I can't even begin to explain what a difference it has made. I have gone from having an anti-social and at times, aggressive dog, to one who is well-socialised, well exercised, calm and content. Taking her to the park now is a delight and it is all thanks to Sarita, who has put in such a lot of time and effort with Bella and helped to shape her into a lovely family dog. Reliable, trustworthy and amazing with dogs, I feel 100% comfortable when I am at work knowing that Bella is with Sarita. I can't recommend her highly enough! H.Korn”

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“Our dog Ollie is a lively Springer Spaniel, and he has been very well looked after by Sarita for four years. She runs a well organised, good value for money service, with plenty of love for the dogs! M.Smith”

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