Grimsby company launches world’s first MSC certified sustainable dog treats at Crufts

Grimsby pet treat manufacturer Tower Pet Products are launching the world’s first Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable dog treats at Crufts this week. The new Sea Treats Fish Skin Jerky pet products for dogs are made using dried fish skins sourced from MSC certified sustainable fisheries. This means that the treats can be traced back to an independently verified sustainable source.

Tower Pet Products are well known in Grimsby and in the dog treat industry for their Mariner’s Choice range.

Seat Treats for your dog

The fish skins are a fresh nutritious product left over from skinning cod and haddock used for human consumption and make a good use of an otherwise underutilised part of the fish. All of them can be traced back to MSC certified sustainable fisheries in the North East Atlantic.

A natural dental aid, Fish Skin Jerky is also low in fat using only the best-managed fresh, raw materials sourced from responsible suppliers.

Tracy George, Business Development Director of Sea Treats explains “As a group of seafood experts and championship show dog exhibitors, breeders and judges we know we have excellent products delivering fantastic health benefits for our pets. We’re delighted that Sea Treats now also carry the MSC’s ‘Certified Sustainable Seafood label’ – a world first – which means we’re also looking after the oceans while we look after our dogs. As a leading pet seafood company we wanted to bring the same health benefits and quality fish to our pets now and in the future, applying the same standards as we expect in the human supply chain.”

To find out more about Sea Treats, visit or visit Hall 1 stand 108 at Crufts at the NEC Birmingham and enter a competition for a chance to win a goody bag of the UK’s first MSC certified dog treat.

5 Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Dog Walking

Dog safety is something we’re passionate about and we also care about the owners who walk them. It can be a pretty dangerous world out there, and it’s important, whatever the weather or time of day, you’re safe and well and can enjoy your time with your dog. With that in mind, we’ve put together our 5 top tips for you and your dog to ensure you stay safe at all times when out walking.

1. Walk in well-lit areas
Whilst ‘walking the dog’ might conjure up images of running through golden fields in the morning sunlight, the reality of walking for most of us involves taking our pets out very early in the morning and late at night, before and after work.  Especially in winter, this can mean walking in the dark.  For safety reasons, it’s paramount that you and your dog are as easily visible as possible at all times.  This isn’t always feasible, however, depending on the route you take, and that’s where’s nifty Pooch light LED collar and lead range comes in, which ensures your dog (and you) are visible at all times to other pedestrians, cars and road users, even with the absence of any other light (read more about this in number 5)

dog light LED collar

2. Wear warm, comfortable clothing and sensible footwear
Always make sure you wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Dress for the weather and layer up in case things change – pack-away macs are great as they’re easily portable but can be thrown on in case of a sudden shower. Comfortable walking shoes, old trainers or wellies are a must. Also make sure your dog is kitted out appropriately, with a coat if it’s chilly. If it’s a hot day, it’s best to take a bottle of water for you and your dog, just in case you get a little dehydrated.

3. Take your phone and let somebody know where you are going
It’s always a good idea to ensure that you have your phone with you (fully charged!) and if possible, let someone know where you are headed in case you do lose your phone or if anything should happen. Always make sure you have credit too should you need to call anyone.

4. Make sure to dispose of dog mess responsibly
It should go without saying, but this one’s a biggie – make sure you take bags with you and always clean up after your dog.

5. Make sure your dog is visible to you and to others
Reflective collars and leads are useful and can be very effective, however sometimes it’s simply not possible to walk your dog where there is sufficient light for them to be fully operational. For cyclists especially (as our director Chris found out!), who don’t often have lights strong enough to show up a reflective collar easily, it’s really important to have your own source of light to make sure your dog is visible at all times. Our light-up LED collars and leads come in a range of bright colours, so even in daylight you and your dog stand out. At night, 2 strips of flashing LED lights ensure your dog stands out from up to half a mile away. Safety is at the forefront of our designs – from the fabric we use to the style of the product – even down to the smallest fixtures and clasps. Easy to use, charging takes 30-60 minutes at any USB outlet so no expensive battery replacements. Keeping yourself and your dog safe and visible has never been easier – or more stylish!

How tailor-made food will change your dog’s life

With different personalities, different lifestyles and different nutritional requirements, no two dogs are the same. In fact, they are the most diverse species on the planet and as such their optimal nutritional requirements vary widely.

So when it comes to their diet, ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t work. Breed-specific foods are already available, however by going a step further and creating tailor-made food that is optimised for an individual dog we can provide the ideal nutrition based on all requirements and preferences: breed (including cross-breeds), lifestage, physical condition, energy level, flavour preferences, health issues and dietary exclusions.

We even gradually adapt the blend over time as your dog ages and his nutritional requirements change naturally.

Click here to receive a 2 week free trial with just £1 delivery



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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home wants to end backstreet breeding – and you can help.

Shockingly, there’s an unseen world of backstreet breeders that cruelly force dogs to breed repeatedly. These mother dogs have no quality of life and their puppies are sold indiscriminately for profit. Anyone who cares for animals can see that this practice is wrong and must be stopped as soon as possible.

In response to this terrible situation, Battersea Dogs and Cats home have started a campaign to end backstreet breeding and you can help end this cruel practice.

Across the country, female dogs are being viciously exploited to make money for unlicensed breeders again, and again, and again. This has to stop.

Take action now

Not only are the dogs abused during their time as forced mothers, often they are abandoned when they’re no longer of use. The products of backstreet breeding, the puppies, are also frequently neglected and sold with behavioural and health problems already present.

This cruel and malicious practice has to stop. With your help, it can. Let’s end backstreet breeding.

Click here for more information on backstreet breeding.

Scotty’s Cartoons

It’s lovely to receive a portrait of our beloved canine. In getting a real likeness for their appearance, it’s a personal gift that we will treasure forever. Scotty’s Cartoons go a step further and don’t just capture that likeness in appearance, but also uniquely captures their personality in a 10 inch by 8 inch cartoon character portrait.


Scotty’s Cartoons also provide business cartoon services to dog companies, including logo design, character design, posters and illustrations.


As someone besotted with dogs herself, Scotty understands the special bond between human and dog, although judging from her dog’s own blog , Jasper’s opinion on that bond may differ from her own!


The Health Benefits of Premium Dry Dog Food

A growing trend over the last few years has been the idea of buying premium dog food.  The idea is that buying a type of dog food that is perhaps more expensive than one you would just pick up at a supermarket comes with a wide variety of benefits– benefits which will ultimately not only save money, but also be better for your dog.  But what exactly is premium dog food, and is it worth any extra cost?

Most veterinarians say yes.  Here’s a closer look.
To start with, what is premium dog food, and what is the difference between it and standard food?  It comes down to the ingredients. Whilst most pet foods do at least meet the minimal requirements and standards for nutrition, most of the cheaper foods accomplish this by way of fillers, additives, and by-products that do not do much to help your dog.  This means that your dog will be eating more of these “empty calories” just to get the nutrients that it needs, so in the long run, even though the food is cheaper by the kilogram, you will ultimately have to buy more of it.  In addition, many of these base ingredients are known to cause allergies and other health problems in dogs, which can lead to higher veterinary bills.

Buying a premium dog food not only prevents these issues, but also provides many benefits.  Some of the health benefits of premium dry dog food include the following:
Healthier Weight: Because a dog needs to eat less of a premium dog food to feel the benefits, that dog will probably weigh less than one who has to eat more to get their necessary nutrition.

More Energy: Premium dog foods tend to be closer in composition to what dogs evolved to eat in the wild. Wild dogs need a high energy diet in order to fuel all their physical activity. You’ll likely notice that your dog is more energetic and playful once he is on a diet that is closer to what nature intended.

Easier digestion and fewer allergies: Related to the above point, a dog that is eating the way nature intended him to eat is much less likely to have problems digesting his food because it is natural for him to eat.  Similarly, the fewer additives that are in the food, the less likely it is for your dog to have a bad reaction to an ingredient.

Immune System Support: It is better for any animal to receive the bulk of their nutrients from actual nutritious food rather than from supplements or other additives.  When your dog is absorbing all the vitamins and minerals he needs, he will be healthier and better able to fight off infection.

Longevity: Just as in humans, a better diet leads to a longer life.  A better diet also leads to a healthier animal, which contributes to longevity.

Thanks to these and other benefits, it’s no surprise that more veterinarians and experts are recommending premium food as the dry dog food of their choice.  Perhaps it’s time for you to give it a go and see the difference a better food makes for your dog.

Brown’s Pet Range is a UK based company dedicated to helping you care for your pet with premium quality products.  If you’re ready to give our dog food a try, we would love to send you a free sample.  We know that your dog will love it and that you will see a difference.


Costs vs Savings of Owning a Dog

Bought By Many the smart service that uses internet crowdsourcing to lower your insurance premiums have created a new report comparing the cost of owning a dog vs the average savings. They have shown that dogs don’t just bring loyalty and love but a whole host of other savings too.

Here’s how your dog could be saving you more money than you think.

Dog-InfograpicAbout Bought By Many
We help people club together to buy insurance. We connect people with similar insurance needs in groups and use the groups collective buying power to negotiate offers on insurance that wouldn’t be available to individuals.

For more information about Bought By Many please visit:

How to avoid overfeeding while training your dog

Dogs are intelligent animals and they can be trained to perform a host of different actions. As a general rule, the sooner you start training your pooch, the easier and more successful the process will be.

By far the best way to train dogs is to use positive reinforcement. This means offering the creatures a reward each time they perform a behaviour you want. The only trouble is, owners often get carried away with handing out edible treats to their canine companions, and this can cause the animals to gain too much weight.

Here are some top tips to help ensure your dog doesn’t pile on the pounds as a result of your training sessions.

Training dog

Explore alternatives
It is really important to note that edible treats are not the only form of reward available to you when you are training your dog. In fact, some dogs prefer to be praised with affection or a game. If you discover this works for your pet, you can forget about handing over titbits.

Healthy treats
If your dog isn’t interested in learning new behaviours unless there’s the prospect of food as a reward, you should think carefully about the treats you offer. Some foods are much more calorific than others.

Particularly if you are handing out lots of treats, it’s vital that you choose foods that are low in calories. For example, rather than handing over meaty offerings such as pieces of sausage, perhaps you could provide small slices of carrot.

Try to be consistent in your use of treats too. If your dog is used to getting rich, indulgent treats, it will be harder to switch over to healthy versions.

Safety first
Whenever you’re choosing rewards for your dog, make sure they are safe to eat. Certain human foods are poisonous to dogs. For example, it is not a good idea to give your pet chocolate. If you are unsure about certain products, ask your vet or search for information from trusted sources online.

Reduce mealtime calorie intake
The commercial dog foods now available from firms such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition are complete, meaning there is no need to supplement them with anything else. Indeed, if you start adding to your dog’s diet by dispensing treats, you risk overfeeding it.
To ensure you don’t fall into this trap, make a mental note of the number of treats you give out during training sessions and adjust your pet’s food portions during mealtimes accordingly.

By putting less food in your dog’s bowl, you can help to prevent it from gaining excess weight.

Know when to stop
It’s also important to know when to stop giving out treats during the training process. Once your animal has learnt the relevant behaviour, there is no need to continue handing over rewards. All too often, owners carry on dispensing treats when it is no longer necessary.
By bearing this advice in mind, you should find that you’re able to train your dog without overfeeding it in the process.

Pet First Aid

Invenio Training

Dogs, we make a conscious choice to bring them into our home.  We feed them, care for them and alter our lives to accommodate them.  Essentially they become a member of our family.
As conscientious owners we ensure they are fed, exercised, wormed, have flea treatments and veterinary care.  Everything is planned from their boosters to worming.
What happens when it isn’t planned?

  • The one time they run across the road and get hit by a car?
  • When they eat poison set by a landowner?
  • The puppy who chewed through a power cable?
  • Being caught on a wire fence, cutting their head and ear open?
  • Kicked or crushed by livestock.
  • Drowning.

The list goes on, accidents are never planned, they just happen.

If you or a member of your family is hurt you call 999 and help arrives, you would be stabilised and taken to see a doctor.  For your dog, you are the emergency help, your immediate actions can make the difference between life and death, buying time before you see the vet.

We invest time, love and money into out dogs and pets; I am keen to give owners and businesses (who look after other peoples’ dogs) the confidence to be able to act the one day it all goes wrong.

Please visit my website and contact me for more information.

As a soldier in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps and as a pet dog owner I have treated and stabilised my own dogs and other peoples from shrapnel to cut pads.

pet first aid
Seeing the helplessness and distress in someone as their dog suffers, is hard to forget.  So make a difference; show them that you love them when it really matters.

There are courses throughout the year; the next one is on 8th December 2014 at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  Money from the courses goes towards supporting this valuable charity.


Thank you
Bruce Petty

Enter a pic of your ‘Pooch Passenger’ and win

Pooch passenger

If your dog loves a road trip, gets excited every time they see you’re heading for the driveway and simply can’t wait to hop on in to the car, then you’re definitely going to want to give the brand new competition from The Car Buying Service a go.

Enter a picture of your eager ‘Pooch Passenger’ and you could win a £50 Pets at Home voucher so you can spoil your furry travel companion with a treat or two.

Take part in the competition and you’ll not only be in with a chance of winning this top prize, but you’ll also be doing your bit for charity too, because The Car Buying Service will donate £1 to Manchester Dogs’ Home for every pic they receive.
Entering’s easy: just take a quick snap of your dog in the car – the more creative the better (nothing dangerous, though, of course) – then share the picture publicly on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #poochpassenger.

Want some inspiration when it comes to creating your pic? Then take a look at the special #poochpassenger page where you can see all the entries that have been submitted so far; once you’ve sent in your image, it’ll be displayed there too.

To find out more and read the full terms and conditions, head on over to