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TiCL iPhone and Android App

TiCL Media Limited
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  • Love dogs? Got a dog?
  • Got a smartphone?
  • Then this App was made for YOU!
  • A lost dog is an emergency
  • So be prepared!
  • It's FREE and simple to use!
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TiCL App   http://www.thegooddogguide.com/listingimages/20120806-112530-7273.jpg    TiCL App

How it works:

If you FIND or see a lost animal:

Submit a short message about it, perhaps with a picture of it, from where you find it. Everyone for 1-2 km will be able to look on TiCL, see your message and the animal's position on a map.

If you have LOST your animal:

Look on straight away (while you are searching).
Every now and again hit the ‘refresh’ button (curly arrow top left).
If your animal is found by someone in the Community your animal will appear on the ‘Here and Now screen. You can send the finder a message on if you want: either add an ‘article 'or‘ comment'.
Go and collect your Pet!

And lastly:
Reuniting an owner with their lost pet is a wonderful experience: Please could either the the lost animal's owner add a small article to say when the animal has been reunited and the ‘finder' let the ‘story' run for its 12 hours. Then the Community can share the joy!

Protect your dog and help others

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Found a lost dog?  TiCL him
Lost your dog? You'll find him quickly on TiCL

TiCL App



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