Pooch & Company

Kings House
68 Victoria Road
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 9LH
  • Highest quality dog food
  • Keeping your dogs fit and healthy
  • less expensive & healthier for your dog
  • Naturally healthy, hypo-allergenic
  • & gluten free dog food
  • Made in Britain
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Pooch & Company - Wholesome Dog Food

At Pooch & Company we have a real commitment to good, wholesome dog food and we want to share this with you.

Based in the South East, we specialise in Super Premium Complete Dry Dog Food manufactured in Britain. With a growing range of eight mouth-watering varieties, our Super Premium Dog Food is natural, hypo-allergenic, wheat-gluten, wheat, diary and soya free and contains no artificial colours, flavours, added salt or sugar. Our whole Super Premium range contains high quality, natural ingredients; human-grade meats and fish and is nutrient rich. It will provide your dog with all the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to help them maintain healthy and happy.

For the very young and older dogs, Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin supplements have been added to help promote healthy joints.


Keeping our dogs fit and healthy is part of how we run our own lives: eating the right food, in the right quantities and at the right time. Balancing all of this with exercise and good company produces well-adjusted dogs and owners!

Try our Super Premium Natural Dog Food, tell your friends about it and see the real benefits to both your dog and your role as pack leader.

Based in the leafy county of Surrey, we specialise in Super Premium Complete Dry Dog Food manufactured in Britain.


Why choose natural dog food from Pooch & Co?

Pooch & Co Super Premium is a complete dry dog food, hypo-allergenic, formulated without wheat gluten, wheat, soya or dairy offering convenience without compromise. The whole range contains high quality ingredients, no cheap fillers, and is nutrient rich. It will provide your dog with all the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that they require to maintain good health. Because the ingredients are of high quality they are easily digestible and nutrient rich, so less food needs to be consumed for your dog to have all it requires, this in turn saves money.

How is Pooch & Co Super Premium better for your dog?

When you compare the ingredients and nutritional values of our Super Premium food with other brands, you will be pleasantly surprised to find it is in fact, by volume, less expensive and healthier for your dog. Our food contains high levels of good quality protein sourced from human grade meat and fish.


We use no chemical preservatives (which are often added to pet foods and can be damaging to a dogs health). Instead we choose to use the natural antioxidant Tocopherols (Vitamin E) to preserve our food.

The good health of our dogs is paramount. Your dog can maintain good health and well-being by having a wholesome balanced diet with sufficient exercise. What your dog eats has a hugh impact on their health, energy and condition. Many ailments are caused by poor quality foods lacking in good quality nutrients, or those that are not properly balanced and contain ingredients dogs find hard to digest.



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