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Academy of modern dog training

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  • Positive reward based training methods
  • 1-2-1 training sessions
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  • Years of experience & satisfied owners
  • Fair & effective methods
  • My mission is to empower dog owners

Academy of Modern Dog Training - Dog Training in Arbroath, Angus

With years of experience and satisfied owners I can help your dog with the training they need so with this in mind, Rather than using force with a dog, isn't it better for them to “understand” what we would like them to do and for them to “want” to and hopefully “enjoy“ doing it!

I only use only the most up to date, kind, fair and effective methods to help train your dog, such as ”clicker” positive reinforcement training. I don’t  advocate the use of punishment such as choke/check chain, spiked or prone collars or E-collar (electric). Nor kicking, nipping, pinching. Not only are these methods inhumane but also derogatory in training and behaviour modification not to mention the relationship and trust you have with your dog.

Academy of modern dog trainingAcademy of modern dog trainingAcademy of modern dog training

My mission is to empower dog owners by providing you with the tools you need along with the most up to date, positive based methods so that you can understand and communicate better with your dogs.
As a dog trainer and behaviourist, I want  to  help you to understand and ultimatley try to  improve your dog's challenging and possibly unwanted behaviour.

Behavioural Modification Training
Unfortunately, there is no magic wand or quick fix when it comes to modify a dog’s behaviour. This is because they have learned over a period of time how to act, both physically and emotionally to a given situation. With understanding of WHY the dog does this, we can then provide a behaviour modification plan, advice and training, to teach your dog a new and more acceptable way to behave. Most importantly the cause is addressed as well as the behaviour.

Academy of modern dog training

General Training Needs

Maybe your dog:
Pulls on the lead
Is afraid of being left alone at home
Gets afraid of people, objects or places
Regularly gets overexcited or anxious
Dislikes being in the car
Excessively jumps on you or other people
Has destructive behaviour
Gets stressed or overexcited when meeting other dogs
Doesn't come on recall or doesn't stay when asked

Academy of modern dog trainingAcademy of modern dog trainingAcademy of modern dog trainingAcademy of modern dog training

Puppy Package

Start your puppy on the right path:
Advice on how best to house train your puppy
How to stop biting and mouthing hands, feet etc
Socialisation, what does it mean, why is it so important and how best to do it
How best to teach your puppy to cope when home alone
Crate training advice if need be
How to teach appropriate manners such as not jumping up
Games, the good and the bad
CLICKER Training the quickest methods to respond to name, sit and recall, etc.

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