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  • One to one training (all behaviours)
  • Remote training (excludes aggression)
  • One to one Puppy Workshop
  • Helps with all types of behaviours
  • Many years experience with dogs
  • Dog is assessed individually

Maya Canine Behaviourist

Maya Rae McCallum Canine Behaviourist & Trainer

What is canine behavioural training?
Canine behaviour training aims to identify, manage and retrain specific conduct in dogs which are unhealthy, unsafe or nuisance behaviours.

What is the difference between behavioural work and obedience training?
Obedience work generally covers a range of basic training such as sit-stay-come, heelwork, recall etc and is usually conducted in a class setting. Behavioural work will target one or perhaps two behaviours specific to a particular dog and the work will be on a one to one basis, carried out in the behaviourist’s premises or the dog’s home environment as appropriate.

Maya Canine BehaviouristMaya Canine BehaviouristMaya Canine Behaviourist

A typical behavioural session?
There is no typical session as such because every dog is different but broadly speaking a session lasts around 2-hours during which time I like to have a discussion with the dog’s owner to cover some basics about the dog, his lifestyle, his role in the home and behaviour in general as well as a description of the issue including identifying triggers including when, where and how often the unwanted behaviour takes place.

Next we would look at trialling the behaviour we are looking to change. This is likely to involve outdoor work if the dog presents as reactive around specific triggers or is leash reactive for example or indoor work if the issue is guarding resources or separation anxiety.

Maya Canine BehaviouristMaya Canine BehaviouristMaya Canine BehaviouristMaya Canine Behaviourist

Once initial observations of behaviour have been completed, a behavioural programme will then be created and implemented with the guardian so that the dog can be helped. Again, depending upon the issue, the plan may use training tools such as clickers, whistle and other techniques and exercises as required. Every session will consist of practical hands-on help, advice, recommendations, hints and tips, the dog's own personal assessment report and post-session email support is always available if required.

What breeds of dogs can be helped?
All types of dogs at any age can be assisted by behavioural work although sometimes the answer lies in being able to manage a behavioural issue in the best way possible. However the sooner a dog receives help the probability of removing the unwanted behaviour and replacing it with behaviour that is more acceptable greatly increases. In other words, whilst almost all unwanted behaviours can be improved upon; those caught quickly tend to have a higher success rate of becoming extinguished.

Maya Canine BehaviouristMaya Canine BehaviouristMaya Canine Behaviourist

What types of behaviour can be helped?
All sorts of behaviour can be helped including (but not limited to):
Puppy training (pre puppy class) and associated learning
Fear, phobias and anxieties - Aggression - Reactivity
Boundary work (barking, jumping, chewing etc.)
Leash work and recall - Trigger management - Car training
Prey drive - Elderly issues - PTSD
Rescue rehabilitation - Socialisation skills

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“Maya was really quick in getting back to me once I had enquired. She was great with Max and her advice has really worked. It has been 3 days since we used Maya to help us with advice on toilet training Max and he has did the toilet outside for the last 3 days. We have had Max for 3-4 months and have really struggled to get him to do the toilet outside this full ti me - this is such a relief for us!! ”

- Holly McGuire

“I am so very pleased that I contacted Maya. I would advise anyone with any problem to contact her. Maya's visit was wonderful she helped me to understand what my little dog's problem is and more than that she proved to me that with patience and uderstanding I can help him overcome this problem. I love my little dog but he was being a bit of a handful when being walked. It has been only a few days and there is a difference and I know things are going to work out. I am so very grateful As I have already stated I would advise anyone with a problem to seek her help. Anne Coleman, ”

- Anne Coleman

“Superb. Knows her stuff. Caring and competent.”

- Linda Todd

“Maya, was just great, we had an hour session, and what was packed into this was just superb, and also being given lots of information to read up on. I swear my dog is better already, would defo recommend. Laura Findlater ”

- Laura Findlater

“I got in touch with Maya by looking on The Good Dog Guide for a dog behaviourist. Her consultation was very relaxed and friendly and she spoke to me in a manner that was friendly and easy to understand and both my dogs clearly loved her. The behavioural problem is now cured and I would definitely recommend Maya. ”

- Vivian Simpson

“I just want to give some feedback about my experience working with Maya. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. The information she gave was incredibly informative and I feel she quickly understood where I needed to work on my communication with Orin. She listened to what my concerns were and helped me to see from Orin's perspective what the best approaches to these behaviours would be, but alongside that she went beyond and covered areas that will be important throughout development and training. The summary report was incredibly detailed and I fully appreciate the effort that went into writing it up. Honestly the one to one session really gave a lot of insight, and I cannot thank you enough!I have started implementing what we discussed and a more structured approach should really help. I am optimistic! Hopefully we won't see any issue develop, but if there are any in the future I won't think twice about reaching out. Once again, thank you. David Saunders & Orin ”

- David Saunders

“Maya recently helped my big girl Zuri who suffered very badly with separation issues so much so she was hurting herself. It was a big worry for me and for the family and we had tried everything we could think of to help her but nothing worked and Zuri became more and more worried Maya came in and her straightforward approach and very dog friendly manner helped immediately. You can see she is all about the dogs. Zuri loved her right away - as did we because she really helped us understand things from Zuri's point of view and Zuri is now a different dog - happy friendly and calm enough to be left on her own.”

- Shauna Lewis

“Maya is the most compassionate and caring "animal person" I know. She gives awesome advice and has helped many dog owners with their pet problems. Maya is a true dog whisperer who has helped pups and owners live happier lives with the dogs learning about their boundries and household rules. She has excellent credentials for her obedience training and has grown her business in a very short time. Anyone who hires Maya for training will not be disappointed! ”

- Linda P

“I contacted Maya for help with my English bulldog pup called Toaty who was causing mayhem at home with my 2 very timid pugs. I found Maya to be extremely professional, polite, understanding, non-judgemental & empathic towards not only me, but more importantly my dogs! Although it was Toaty who needed help his behaviour was impacting badly on my 2 pugs male/female. She recommended certain things which I did to the letter. she always brought a calming feeling anytime she came to the house for appointment with Toaty. After several weeks Toaty passed his puppy training & I could see positive changes in his behaviour. Bulldogs can be a handful & they're known as being very stubborn (Toaty to a tee)!! Maya helped my son & I understand why he was behaving the way he was,not because he was bad, he didn't really know his place & was desperately trying to fit in but he didn't know how. With Maya's help patience & understanding Toaty got there. She also helped my 2 pugs Haggis & Neeps become more confident around Toaty. We now rub along nicely at home, Toaty is in a good routine, plenty of exercise & games to keep him happy (body & mind) Don't think we could've got there without Maya's help, she totally understands everything about how my babies tick, feel, need & what to do to help turn negatives into positives. I can't recommend Maya enough in her specialist field, she really is a dog whisperer!! (5 STARS) Bx”

- Brenda Menzies

“Maya worked with my small dog Toby who had separation anxiety since a pup. He would get himself into a terrible state about being left alone and would bark his wee head off crying and whining. It was a shame to see and I felt so sorry for him. I tried lots of remedies but nothing helped the wee man cope better. I tried a couple of local trainers too and Toby did seem better for a week or so but nothing long-term. I was quite dubious about trying someone else after so many fails but we couldn't go on the way we were and so I found Maya online. I cannot say it was an immediate turnaround for the wee man but he steadily improved and now 3 months on he is able to be left safely without doing any damage to the house or to himself. I have even been able to move his crate from out of my bedroom to the kitchen where he sleeps all night through. An added bonus. ”

- Ian T

“Maya worked hard with my rescue Chihuahua /Yorkie boy Harry when everyone else said he was just too aggressive. Harry would attack anyone who came near me and guarded everything from his food to toys and even his bed. Family and friends visited less as they felt on edge as Harry's behaviour made them uneasy; even fearful. With time, gentle work and practice Maya led Harry to a place where he could drop the fear that things would be taken from him - that he wasn't in competition with anyone and when he understood that he he was able to drop the guarding and aggression. I'm so glad I found a behaviourist who could relate to Harry's issues and explain it to me in such a way I was fully on board with the process. Harry is now the sweet loving boy I always knew he was underneath his bluster and I cannot recommend Maya highly enough. ”

- Pam Mortimer

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