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  • One-to-one online dog training
  • In your own home via your internet
  • Via Internet video “Zoom” link
  • Smartphone, android tablet/iPad or PC
  • Qualified dog trainer & behaviourist
  • Essential dog etiquette development

D.Garricques Puppy and Online Dog Training

Remote Learning For Basic Obedience Puppy / Dog Training
Remote learning with the D.Garricques puppy and dog training foundations is designed as an alternative method, to educate you the handler with your canine puppy to be able to follow training instructions via Internet video “Zoom” link Interaction, previously booked in advance.

Zoom Meeting Remote Learning

“Zoom “global remote learning for D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations UK is only available in English speaking countries.

As a pilot scheme, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, USA and New Zealand are the areas of focus for student clientele.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

Consultation & puppy training  availability is subject to training student numbers, a maximum of 3.

Costs may vary due to global time variations and currency. Email to book exclusively!

Remote Learning - How does it work
This is a very simple and unique way of passing on puppy training knowledge alongside training literature, which is provided for later practice sessions on your own.

All zoom consultations and meetings (video links) are exclusive to you and you only with the puppy/dog training instructor.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

​This can be accessed and used from your own electronic devices such as your smartphone, android tablet/iPad or a PC and placed in a suitable position for visual learning.

One of the most important things to consider and remember is that practice and consistency is very important, as well as following simple instructions involving play!

It still remains that the more you put in to your own practice sessions , the more you get back when doing these exercises after having your  video link for one a hour session a week.

For more information on Online Dog Training, please click here

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

One-to-one dog training courses and training course
We take pride in training and promoting good behaviour in canines.

Primarily focusing on how you, the pet owner ought to communicate with your dog correctly.

Awareness of dietary needs, exercise and general work/ play routine, with up to date training methods required for a good family home environment.

Exclusively we provide a one hour a week, six-week basic training course, with various literature provided to cover the essential needs and skills you will need to successfully become an effective competent dog handler.

At the end of the course, you are assessed and awarded a completion certificate.

One-to-one Dog Training
The importance of our one-to-one programme is to recognise and focus on the attention of the dog and dog handler during training, within a controlled environment to minimise any distractions or unwanted interruptions from any outside sources.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

The method of our training is based on positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour.

Learning at a steady pace with patience is also encouraged and continuity and regularity of training. It is recommended that puppy training begins as young as 7 to 8 weeks of age.

The training methods will be specific to the breed and any relevant history of behavioural problems or health.

Necessary play intervals are interspersed to develop bonding.

Each learning stage is assessed and recorded on progress charts.

Fact file information literature and advice are provided for homework and practising after each training session.

Booking sessions are very flexible within a five-day working week. Regular intervals between training are recommended.

All consultations are based on a first-hand assessment of the canine involved before diagnosing any problems.

Vet referrals and further specialised issues can be accommodated by the trainer.

D.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training FoundationsD.Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundations

The effects of Covid-19 in the U.K have been unprecedented; however, on a positive note, our efforts to maintain positive reinforcement and mental health in dogs have been ongoing during lock/down (self-isolation) since 23rd March 2020.

Following the recent relaxation of government guide lines of industries permitted to return to work, D.Garricques puppy and dog training foundations is now offering the training options which can be found here.

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“After a little blip in Luna’s behaviour i decided to undergo behavioural training and to use D. Garricques Puppy and Dog Training. The sessions are currently being held over Zoom at present and i have achieved more out of these sessions than expected. Denzle is very thorough in his training and as a fellow Husky owner he understands the complex needs of the breed. I highly recommend D. Garricques Puppy and Dog Training Foundation. Thank you Denzle for your excellent service and Luna’s is truly a different dog. ”

- Lesley Sharman

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