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  • Natural dog food
  • Made of at least 70% fresh meat
  • Dry food, wet food & snacks
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Platinum Natural Pet Food

Platinum Natural Pet Food - High Quality Natural Dog Food

For anyone who loves dogs or cats, it's crystal clear: Dogs and cats are the best friends a human could have. I also think this way and act accordingly. My name is Rainer Voortman, and I am the founder of PLATINUM. It has now been almost 20 years since I sat down with two of my now closest friends, a cooking enthusiast and an inventor, to discuss a new way to prepare dog food. Our project was as relevant then as it is now. We wanted to raise the preparation of dog food to the level of human food, because we do not want to put man’s best friend at a disadvantage.

Platinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet Food

The main food source of dogs is undoubtedly fresh meat, which can be seen in their canine teeth and fangs. We therefore took a closer look at fresh meat and found that the meat juice in fresh meat is particularly rich in nutrients. We then looked for a way of preparing fresh meat that would preserve the nutrient-rich meat juices, without watering them down or even extracting them from the fresh meat. We did not find what we were looking for in the dog food industry, but rather in the kitchen, where top chefs often use sophisticated methods to make meat tastier and healthier using the meat juice. We selected and combined some of these cooking techniques. We now call this new method of preparing dog food Fleischsaftgarung (FSG).

Platinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet Food

Experiences of other dog owners
Experience report from Marcel W. with his dog Maddox:
I have to say that I am really happy with the food, and I cannot stop recommending it to friends and acquaintances for their dogs. Maddox is now over five years old, and since we switched away from puppy food, he has only eaten PLATINUM food. Every time he sees his food, he gets excited like a little puppy and eats the whole bowl. So, no other food comes into my house. I trust the quality ingredients. For variety, I always order the 3 x 5 kg pack.

Experience report from Heinz-Jürgen M. with his dog Jago:
We only have positive things to say about this dog food. Jago has a PLATINUM Chicken subscription. He loves to eat the food, which is very good for him.  We’re also really happy with Platinum's excellent service.

Platinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet Food

Experience report from Yvonne A. with her dog Rocky:
He used to eat different brands and types of food. However, after a while, the foods wouldn’t agree with him, so we would try another, and this went on for some time. I switched to PLATINUM over 2 years ago and since then he has never had a problem. He tolerates the food really well, both wet and dry. The main reason I chose PLATINUM was its high meat content. Also, the wet food smells really good and the dry food is slightly soft. It is also very wholesome. We are very happy that we switched to PLATINUM and will remain loyal customers.

Platinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet FoodPlatinum Natural Pet Food

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“This is a brilliant product when compared to similar high meat content foods. I only use this as treat as I prefer to make my own food. This comes in handy for the times when I cant be bothered to prepare anything. It smells great(for the doggies) and my fussy boy normally wolfs this down yet he will not touch any other dry food.....unless I prepare it;) ”

- Mikail Gorbachev

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