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The Easy Raw Dog Food Co Ltd

Unit 24 Cuckoo Hill Farm
Castlethorpe Road
MK19 7HQ
  • Raw dog food in meal-sized portions
  • Free local delivery available
  • Use code GDD18 for 10% off 1st order
  • Cleaner to handle
  • Defrost only what you need
  • Defrosts quicker
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The Easy Raw Dog Food Co Ltd

The Easy Raw Dog Food Co - Online raw food

Use offer code GDD18 for 10% off your first order.

We’re The Easy Raw Dog Food Co. and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for people to do their dogs some good by feeding them the best raw dog food we can make. Until now, feeding raw dog food has been messy and complicated…..and quite a bit confusing to us humans. Our meal portions take away the mess, confusion, and worry, making feeding your dog a raw diet as easy as any other dog food.

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So why not join us in our quest to make natural, delicious, healthy food that helps dogs live well and die old.

Raw feeding is not a fad! it is the way dog have been fed for millennia. As dogs became domesticated they hunted and scavenged alongside their human companions. The phrase ‘fit as a butchers dog’ sums up the benefits of dogs of raw feeding nicely. As a society we have become used to convenience foods and this has become the norm for our pets too. 

It is easy to go into a supermarket or pet shop and pick up a bag of food that confirms it contains everything your dog will ever need.  However, many people now consider very carefully the health benefits of what they and their children eat and try not to consume too much processed or junk food. It is now time to consider very carefully what your four legged friend eats too.  Dog obesity climbs year on year and our pets are dying ever younger from cancers and illnesses unheard of 60 years ago.

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some of the benefits that you’ll see from feeding your dog a raw diet are as follows:

A raw diet removes the excess carbohydrate found in a kibble diet; this in turn means your dog is at less risk of diabetes and less strain is placed on dogs body in trying to process the extra carbs.  Dogs will often lose weight and gain muscle on a raw diet.

Their coat becomes shinier and silkier compared to when they eat processed foods. Once your dog is established on a raw diet you may find you can stroke your dog without any doggy smell on your hands.  The odour is created by your dog expelling unnecessary toxins through their skin.

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Their skin becomes healthier with far fewer skin conditions and allergies when fed a raw diet.  If you have a dog that routinely suffers from itchy skin or recurrent ear infections then a raw diet is definitely worth trying.

Teeth are cleaner and healthier on a raw diet, no more trips to the vets to get teeth cleaned. 80% of dogs suffer a stage of gum disease before they are three years old!

Less poo! The poo is smaller in size as your dog doesn’t have to digest unnecessary fillers and bulking products such as wheat, rice or potato.

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A stronger immune system therefore you’ll have a healthier dog because they’re getting better nutrients from their food.

A more satisfied dog, as chewing satisfies your dog both mentally and physically, giving you a calmer, more focused dog.

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“Have a 12 week old Golden Retriever puppy, started feeding raw using the puppy packs six days ago, she loves it. Will be no going back to dry or similar food.”

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