The Paw-works - Microchipping and Scanning in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

The Paw-works

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  • Pet pregnancy ultrasound
  • Small mammal microchipping
  • Carried out in the comfort of your home
  • so your pet can remain calm & relaxed
  • Emmie-pet teeth cleaning, DBS checked
  • Cover East Cambridgeshire & Forestheath

The Paw-works

The Paw-works - Ultra-sound & Microchipping in Cambridgeshire

Based in Burwell Cambridgeshire, the Paw-works provides mobile pet ultra-sound and small mammal micro-chipping across East Cambridgeshire and Forestheath, though we can come further on request, which may incur an additional travel cost.

The Paw-works

All services are carried out in the comfort of your home so you pet can remain calm and relaxed.

Emmie-pet teeth cleaning
Emmie-pet teeth cleaning is a professional service that focuses on maintaining the oral health of pets. Just like humans, pets can also develop plaque, tartar, and dental diseases that can cause discomfort and impact their overall well-being. Emmie-pet teeth cleaning involves a thorough examination of the pet's mouth, followed by the removal of plaque and tartar buildup through scaling and polishing procedures. This service aims to promote fresh breath, healthy gums, and clean teeth for pets, ensuring their oral hygiene is taken care of effectively. By investing in Emmie-pet teeth cleaning, pet owners can help prevent dental issues, prolong their pet's dental health, and enhance their pet's overall quality of life.

The Paw-works

Ultra-sound scanning
The Paw-works is able to externally scan any pet to check if she is expecting. For bitches and queens we recommend a first scan at 28-35 days followed up by a second scan at 45 days to check how the pregnancy is progressing. We are also available to carry out a post whelp scan to insure the delivery has been completed.  Scans are best carried out standing but this may not always be suitable. Because our scanner produces high quality images it should not be nessessary to shave your pet for her scan however if your girl has long fur we would recomend you trim it before our visit.

NB: We regret The paw-works is only able to scan for pregnancy

The Paw-worksThe Paw-works

Microchips are not just for dogs! The Paw-works is licensed to microchip any small mammal. It's a simple painless procedure that 's over in seconds. Most pets have no idea it's been done. Our chips can be registered with either Animal tracker or Petlog databases.

Help to get your lost pet home safe and sound with a micro-chip.

*Litters of puppies should be chipped between 6-8 weeks of age and must with the breeder and registered in the first instance to the breeder. They must be clearly identifiable ideally with coloured collars.

The Paw-works

Ovulation Cytology
Ovulation Cytology is a great way of getting your timing right, Unlike progesterone testing Cytology is done with a simple vaginal smear, so there is no need to draw blood & as we come to you, no need to visit the vet.

We recomend that you start testing around day 7-8 of your girls season, and like with progesterone testing it may take several samples before we can confirm she's ready.

The Paw-worksThe Paw-worksThe Paw-works

Hi , I'm Jan. I've been a animal lover all my life, I'm currently owned by four lovely spaniels who have dragged me somtimes literally! though a number of canine pursuits, we've tried our paws at agility, flyball, scentwork, gundog and even ventered into the show world and crufts with our handsome clumber boy Stiegl. After being made redundent in spring 2019, I decided on a carear change and joined Dog first aid Ltd as franchisee for Cambridgeshire, since then I have completed a microchiping course with Peddymark setting up

The Paw-works Burwell and more recently become a ultrasonographer through VIS and joined the Animal Altrasound Assosiation.

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