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  • Positive approach to dog training
  • Bespoke training packages ~ ages/ breeds
  • Certified trainer (Dog Training College)
  • Individualized programs
  • One-to-one sessions, Puppy training
  • Behaviour modification & more

Pups and Pooches Dog Training in Chester, Cheshire

A positive approach to dog training

At Pups and Pooches Dog Training, I believe in using positive reinforcement techniques to train your furry friends. With my bespoke training packages, I cater to dogs of all ages and breeds, ensuring that each training session is tailored to your dog's specific needs.

Does your dog get overly excited at the sight of his lead? Do you want to have a calm and enjoyable walk? I can help you achieve this by teaching your dog to have a loose lead. I recommend mixing up the routine by spending time clipping the lead on and off, putting it away, and even sitting down. This way, your dog will become bored of the lead and learn to walk calmly.

Pups and Pooches Dog TrainingPups and Pooches Dog TrainingPups and Pooches Dog Training

Capturing is an effective technique I use to mark and reward positive behavior. Positive reinforcement leads to an increase in desired behavior. I encourage you to notice when your dog does something you want more of, and mark it with a "yes" before rewarding your pup. Luring your dog into position is another method to increase desired behavior. By placing a treat on your dog's nose, you can guide them into the desired position. Over time, your empty hand movement will be enough to lure your dog. Don't forget to mark and reward, and most importantly, have fun!

Pups and Pooches Dog TrainingPups and Pooches Dog Training

If your dog gets easily excited or fearful around certain objects, I can help with that too. In a low distraction area, I support your dog at a safe distance from the object that causes excitement or fear. If they cannot take a treat or snatch at it, then you are too close. Once settled and able to take a treat calmly, I ask your dog to look at the item. As they do so, I say "yes" as my marker word. Your dog should look back at you as I speak and I will have a treat ready to reward them. This positive reinforcement will increase the calm behavior we want to see.

Pups and Pooches Dog TrainingPups and Pooches Dog TrainingPups and Pooches Dog Training

As part of my training program, I also offer games to develop loose lead walking skills. These games are designed to engage your dog while helping them learn how to walk on a loose lead. I will guide you through these fun and interactive exercises, ensuring that both you and your dog have a great time while learning.

Trust Pups and Pooches Dog Training to provide a positive and effective training experience for you and your furry companion. Contact me today to book a training session and set your dog up for success.

Pups and Pooches Dog Training

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