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Knutsford Veterinary Surgery

Fryer's Garden Centre
Manchester Road
WA16 0SX
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Knutsford Veterinary Surgery

Knutsford Veterinary Surgery


We are a family run, independent practice based at Fryer’s Garden Centre in Knutsford, Cheshire. It's owner, Paul Adams is an award-winning vet. Alongside vets Rachel and Marcus, they are focused on providing honest, tailored care to your pet in a bright, modern and relaxed environment. We are determined to keep in mind how stressful it can be when a much loved pet falls ill and offer a comprehensive, supportive service.

Our promise to you…
Honest, tailored care for you and your pets, delivered by
friendly approachable and expert staff.

Knutsford Veterinary Surgery

We understand that being kennelled can be a stressful experience for pets. To minimise this, at Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we offer comfy Vet Beds, a range of kennel sizes and state of the art temperature controlled ventilation. We have several roomy walk-in kennels with full height glass doors and pheromone diffusers help to further reduce any stress. your pets will love the luxurious accommodation.

Separate isolation facilities with negative pressure ventilation are used where an animal is immune-compromised or suspected of having an infectious disease, to keep them and our other in-patients safe and secure.

Knutsford Veterinary Surgery Vets in Knutsford

Many vets in the local area either contract their emergency vet work out, or in an emergency, direct you to one of their other practices within the group and driving to an unfamiliar practice in an emergency can compound an already stressful situation.

At Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we are fully equipped to deal with a whole manner of medical and surgical emergencies ranging from road traffic accidents, gastric dilation and volvulus (GDVs) and wounds, to the ingestion of poisons and toxins (especially common around Christmas and Easter). Rapid identification and treatment are essential to recovery and our onsite laboratory and facilities really set us apart.

Vets in Cheshire Knutsford Veterinary Surgery

The most common reason dogs may need to see “the dog dentist” is for things like tooth fractures, tooth root abscesses and tartar build-up. Cat can suffer from lesions (called feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions, or FORLs) that cause holes to occur in the side of teeth, infected teeth and tartar build-up with or without gingivitis. In the early stages of dental disease, often a simple, quick and inexpensive scale and polish can be done to remove tartar and return the teeth back to normal. However, in some circumstances, teeth are “past the point of no return” and need extracting. Dental extractions, are easily performed with our high speed dental air drill and a handy dental chart is sent home with each patient so you can see exactly what was done

Veterinary Surgery

At Knutsford Veterinary Surgery we perform all routine operations such as dog and cat neutering, through to complex operations like fracture repairs, cruciate surgery and abdominal surgery. As experienced vets, most operations can be performed in-house rather than having to refer your pet elsewhere. To ensure the best possible care, we have a dedicated operating theatre to maintain sterility when operating and the most up to date anaesthetic machines and protocols.

Knutsford Veterinary Surgery


“Paul is an amazing vet. He nursed out gorgeous flat coat & gave her an extra year. When it was time to say goodbye, he was compassionate, gave me all the time I needed & offered constant empathy. He is a great support to any pet owner. Then I was given a rose tree named "Remember me" , how thoughtful is that. The whole team have been so supportive, caring and sympathetic. A great vets & a great team. Nicola”

- Nicola Gough

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