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Pets Animal Hotel

Rosewood House
27 Burford Lane
WA13 0SH
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  • Premier, Luxury & Executive Suites
  • Individual central heating
  • Woodland walks
  • Brand new purpose built playroom
  • Doggie day crèche
  • Grooming & training also available

Pets Animal Hotel - Dog Kenneling in Lymm, Cheshire

Like any 5 star resort, Pets Animal Hotel has a range of accommodation to suit your pets tastes and lifestyle.

Pets Animal Hotel

Premier Rooms
Your animal will enjoy their stay in our luxurious facility. All of the rooms enjoy individual central heating and include a external covered play area. They also come complete with a internal music system and a minimum of 2 walks a day.

Luxury Rooms
When your animal deserves that extra special treat, this room ticks the boxes, it comes complete with a full size wrought iron bed, gas central heating home for home feeling, all dogs are guaranteed 3 walks a day.

Executive Suite
The executive suite has the same facilities as the Luxury but being twice the size gives your pet the option of a 2 seater sofa or a bed to relax on whilst watching the T.V. All dogs are guaranteed four walks a day.

Dog Kennels in Lymm Dog Kennels in Cheshire Dog Boarding

Day Creche
Dogs get bored at home alone all day. Whether you need day care all day everyday, a regular 'couple of days' or just an occasional 'one-off' we can fit in with you!

Why not try our brand new purpose built playroom at our 'Doggie Day Crèche.

Although most pets are quite happy at home for a few hours at a time, all dogs benefit from playing and socializing with other like minded dogs.

The day crèche is open: Mon - Fri 8.00am - 6.00 pm

A pick-up and delivery service is available. If your dog requires a lunch time feed, a pack lunch can be provided.

Paw Prints

There is no such thing as an average dog at Pets Animal Hotel as there is no such thing as an average pet. We will tailor make our daily timetable to suit your pet, ensuring he/she is contented & related in a stress free, fun loving environment.

An example of an average relaxed day for a fit healthy adult dog:

7 - 8.30 wake up walkies
8.30 - 9.30 breakfast
9.30 housekeeping, grooming, playtime
1.00 - 2.00 lunchtime walks
2.00 - 3.00 sleep time / quiet time
3.00 playtime
6.00 afternoon walks
6 - 8 teatime
9.00 evening stroll, bedtime bickies.

Obviously adjustments will be made to suit individual needs i.e. puppies, elderly dogs, dogs needing medication. Activity times subject to seasons change.

Indoor play
Although we try to get outdoors as much as possible, animals also enjoy the excitement of indoor play. We have a fabulous purpose built playroom equipt with ball pit, agility equipment, soft play area.

Kennels Pet Home Care

Outdoor Playground
Outdoor play areas consist of large fenced paddocks where your dog can run free, chase a ball and enjoy life. During the summer months, puddle pool play is available.

Woodland Walks
An ideal activity for your dog to do what he does naturally, sniff and investigate the exciting smell of the beautiful area around him.


“We left our cavalier pup there last Saturday for day care. I was told on arrival that my dog had not been booked in. I said it was day care and apparently that’s why. I was never told on booking my pup in that I need to take food. . They were trying to sell me food. The dog came back full of beans and not tired at all. It looks a lovely kennels but not a very welcoming response. ”

- Sue

“We left our elderly deaf cat here for just under a week - he needs a lot of medication and it's the first time he's ever stayed away from home. I'm happy to say we had absolutely no need to worry at all, he was so well looked after and cared for and seems like he's had a great time. A nice holiday for him too. Thanks to all of the team at the Pets Animal Hotel.”

- Julie & Scott

“Words cannot express how we feel about this kennel. Amazing place. We are not even that local to the kennel. Staff are so friendly. They let us view the kennels before we decided to place our dogs there. Dogs are socialised with other dogs and they love it. This is our third booking with the Pet Hotel. The only fault is as the dogs are so well looked after it is going to cost us more in weekend breaks as we feel very comfortable leaving them in the wonderful Pet Hotel. Thank you Pet hotel for all you do. Oh and I hope the iPhone we found in the puddle works :-)”

- Jane-Marie Heron

“First time leaving my dog at the kennels I was very nervous but I neither had to worry. My dog had a lovely time. Definitely using them again when we go away again in september ”

- Joyce

“Hi, My name is Bennie and I've just come home from my holiday at Pets animal hotel!! I sure am happy to be home, my mummy is so pleased that I have come home happy, looking great and ready to play! My mummy says that she can tell I've had a good holiday this time because I am just as playful as I usually am, dropping balls at her feet whilst she tries to do her laundry and cleaning which I don't usually do after my holidays as I'm usually upset with her for leaving me all alone in a tiny cell. My mummy says I look clean, healthy and relaxed so I can come again for sure! I can't wait but for now I'm going to curl up in the lounge and try to sleep, with all the noise my baby sister makes ill soon be ready for another holiday 😉 Bye for now paws🐾🐶 ”

- Bennie Simpson

“Hello, collected our Molly dog after leaving her for Three weeks (never left her for more than a weeknd before) so somewhat anxious about this as we left. We left email address and tel numbers if needed and said if we don't hear anything ' no news is good news'. On collecting Molly in the reception she came trotting in looking very normal and happy. She was very pleased to see us and went in our car very happy. When home Molly rolled on the rug as she does when happy. Molly is very well, happy and her usual self with no problems. Thus her stay here was very successful for Molly and very reassuring for us. No worries about leaving her here again. Thank you for caring for her. 👍👍👍”

- Keith Astbury

“Been using these kennels for a few years now for our staffies, harley. Got a new addition called bodie and will be using these hotel facilities again in march and sept, never had a problem and our doggies always come home happy.”

- karen barraclough

“My dog Fowler is a Whippet cross, a very nervous dog so I always feel apprehensive leaving her at kennels. I have left her here once before and she came home full of beans, happy with her tail wagging which is a stark contrast to how I have collected her from other kennels. I am leaving her again this weekend and will be booking her in again before the end of the year. Lovely place where you can leave your pet without having to worry about how they are being treated. Well worth the extra drive! ”

- Leanne Hatchell

“outstanding, clean, odourless, the best kennels I have seen. The staff are very helpful and caring. Just picked up my dog and cat a day earlier than expected both in perfect condition and very happy.”

- Brian Matthews

“Well its that time of year again for booking our slot at the kennel, this kennel is Fabulous, friendly, clean and caring, personally I would recommend this kennels to everyone, just have a look, you wont be disappointed ”

- nadia scholes

“I picked up my dogs today and feel very relieved to see how happy they are and how well they have been looked after. Its the first time I have left them and will feel very happy taking them back in the future.”

- Heather Doons

“I have just collected my dog from here, I am so pleased he looks well cared for, he is clean and doesn't have any nasty odours. He is bright and doesn't appear to have been pining. The staff are so lovely, my dog has a torn cruciate ligament and when I collected him I just asked how he had been, the lady told me that he had been fine and hadn't been troubled by it, however she hadn't pushed him on walks and had taken him for shorter more frequent walks, I was really impressed with this. Slightly more expensive than I had paid before however it has been well worth the extra and the extra travel. I have booked him in again in a few weeks. ”

- Jill Delaney

“Amazing place and staff helpful and very knowledgeable”

- Lyndsey Lyle

“Just thought that feline input is also required. ... ! Lily appears to love going to the Pets Animal Hotel, eats well and is a happy little cat upon her return. I find the staff extremely helpful and courteous and the prices very reasonable. Thank you for providing an excellent service and particularly for fitting around my shift work! ”

- Glynis Allen

“Another visit but this time for grooming and it didn't disappoint. Oscar was a bit of pain but the staff knew exactly how to handle him and he came back happy. They asked me how I would like his fur cutting and actually listened unlike some other groomers we have taken him to. I can't recommend them enough. ”

- Laura Midgley

“I can't recommend this place enough Fran and her team are fantastic. We searched high and low for a kennel suitable for our partially sighted puppy and could not find one that we felt comfortable leaving him in for a week. I am so glad we found this hotel. We arranged a visit and were impressed straight away, the rooms were immaculate and didn't have that strong dog smell that most kennels have and the staff so friendly. We made regular calls whilst we were away to check he was ok and they were more than happy to answer any questions we had which put our minds at ease. We had booked Oscar in to a standard room but whilst we were away they advised that he wasn't settling in as well as they would have hoped (because he can't see very well he is very nervous) and they upgraded him to a quieter room with a bed to make him more comfortable. He has to have medication for his eyes and nerves which they gave him whilst we were away. When we picked him up he was such a happy little dog and on bringing him home it is as if he has never been away. We will definitely be using them again.”

- Laura Midgley

“We left Charlie for 2 weeks here - the first time he has stayed at kennels for a prolonged period. We were obviously anxious as we have used home boarding in the past. We shouldn't have worried - Charlie returned to us very happy and very healthy, showing no signs at all that he had been distressed. He was still jumping up excitedly at his handler and looked like he had eaten well and been kept very clean. He has settled back at home immediately and it was obvious that he has been very well looked after. He takes daily medication and staff were very accommodating in addressing his needs. Will definitely use this hotel again and the travelling from Stockport is worth the care provided. Massive thanks to all the staff. ”

- Phil Hargreaves

“I have had my pet's cared for by these Kennels for over 20yrs, both here and the previous premises. I can honestly say, hand on heart that both my 2 Shepherd dog's (now sadly deceased)(both were over 12yrs old when they died) and now my much loved Toy Poodle nLesley Denzel, have all been cared for to the highest possible standard, they all have returned home happy and contented, with no signs of distress whatsoever. I cannot recommend this Pet hotel highly enough. Lesley Paterson may wish to speak with me, I am more than willing to chat with them regarding the facilities and more importantly the people about the care of their pet's. Yours sincerely, Jacqui Petrella (R.N) Broughton Park, Salford.”

- Jacqui Petrella

“I don't normally leave comments on sites but I was so upset at the negative comment above that I feel I have too. We have used PETS now for about a year, both as day care when necessary and for boarding and cannot praise the whole setup highly enough. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and our dog is so happy to go there she runs in.....always a good indication of how well they are cared for. Fran, Richard and ALL the staff have always gone out of their way to give good advice whenever it has been needed and I am surprised they were unfriendly in any way as suggested above. Perhaps they WERE really busy? I would also never have demanded to be shown around after my dogs had been looked after, would it not have been more responsible to leave your pet only after you were happy with the facilities? By the way we were shown all the facilities before putting our puppy into their care, but we arranged this visit in advance to be at a time convenient to both parties. I am happy to recommend these kennels to all my friends.”

- A VERY happy owner from Altrincham!

“I take my dog jake here all the time for day care and when I go on holiday, he is always more than happy to be there so I know he is well looked after. Fran and her staff are so lovely and very helpful! I would recommend it to anyone.”

- Christine wright

“I've just been for a tour around pets animal hotel after a friend recommended it to me. At last I've found a kennels that I feel confident to leave my dog at. I had a short wait as I called on speck and the staff were busy walking the dogs, but it was worth the wait. ”

- Patricia Nielsen

“I am very happy leaving my dog albert here he gets over exicted when we arrive and never wants to leave the staff have always been helpfull and i wouldnt leave my dog any where else.”

- James murphy

“Wow I've never seen anything like it what a beautiful place. Fran and her team were lovely to deal with. My old dog poppy didn't want to come home.”

- Jane dickensin

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