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Healthful Pets Ltd

Healthful Pets Ltd - Optimising your pets health naturally...

Healthful Pets Ltd has been founded by Kay Johnson and Sue Wallwork.  We are both animal owners and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists, with a special interest in a more natural approach to supporting the health of our pets.

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We are fully aware in the human world, that preventing ill health and achieving optimal health requires a pro-active approach to ensuring that we consume and surround ourselves with clean safe water, nutritious wholesome food, good quality products and supplements, that wherever possible are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
Healthful Pets LtdHealthful Pets Ltd

And we truly believe that our pets matter too -  after all they are family and enhance the quality of our own lives, supporting our own health and providing us with companionship, unconditional love, and of course fun and entertainment.
However, preventing diseases and imbalances in our pets and protecting them from the potentially harmful plastics and chemicals in toys, foods, treats, body products and substances in their everyday environment, is becoming an increasing priority.  The physical and mental wellbeing of our pets is affected by what we put ON them, IN them and AROUND them!  What we give our pets today – affects them tomorrow!
Healthful Pets LtdHealthful Pets Ltd
With this in mind, our aims at Healthful Pets has been to carefully select a range  of natural, high quality and safer pet care foods, treats, accessories and supplements, without harmful chemicals, products [not always available on the ‘High Street’], so that our faithful friends can live long, happy and healthy lives.
Whist it is not always possible to obtain organic, we have chosen products as close to nature as possible and have we also included a range of supplements, since it has been widely demonstrated that these may be beneficial in a variety of animal conditions.
Healthful Pets LtdHealthful Pets Ltd
Our passion is to supply quality natural products that will enhance not harm your pets’ health. Supporting you to ‘optimise your pets’ health naturally’ is our priority.

Healthful Pets Ltd

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