Marple Middlewood way - Dog Friendly Walk in Stockport, Cheshire

Marple Middlewood way

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A nice dog walk for a dog walker in Marple along The Middlewood Way in Stockport.

Instead of our usual haunt Lyme Park Disley, I decided to take Lucy and Scrappy for their morning dog walk to the Middlewood Way starting at Rose Hill Marple.

On Google maps I had seen some woodland off the trail and wanted to find it.

At first we struggled to find another path for Marple Wood (as I was convinced it was further down the trail), we just kept heading down the middlewood way, eventually we turned back around to the first path we had seen.
Which took us down a narrow path with a few sports fields on each side and as luck would have it, it lead us into Marple Wood.

The wood are not sign posted at all, I checked on a map later to make sure thats were we had been, the path was clear through the woodland a small brook passed us and we crossed over a bridge the path continued to the right, but I spotted a less used path leading off to left (curiosity got the better of me).

After a few yards on this path, battling through holly and getting on all fours to avoid fallen trees, we emerged onto another path on the edges of Stockport Golf Club. The dogs were happily running around as there were no golfers about, they even had a nice run in one of the sand pits up there.

We followed this path on the edges of the woodland across the edges of the golf course defined bye white wooden sticks.

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