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Lebo's Friends, Dog Walking

64 Innisfallen Parade
Dublin 7
County Dublin
  • Dog Walker in Dublin County Dublin
  • Dog cycling service
  • Completed Canine First Response course
  • Canine Obedience/Training FETAC Level 6
  • Other pet related services:
  • Dog boarding, sitting & home services

Lebo's Friends, Dog Walking

Lebo's Friends, Dog Walking in Dublin, County Dublin

Dogs are highly social animals who live in pack. As their owner you are a part of this pack and they need you. When you are not there, they miss you, particularly if nobody else stay at home with them.

To stay healthy and well-adjusted, dogs need exercises and mental stimulation. A good way to achieve that goal is to give them a minimum of two walks a day. It prevents behavioural problems such as destructiveness link to boredom, separation anxiety and elimination problems. A walk allow dogs to keep their mind stimulated through territorial investigation, patrolling...

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Fully Insured Dog Walker

Why you may need a dog walker
You're going away - but your dog cannot come with you.
You’re too busy during the week.
You travel often and need someone to rely on to take care of your dog.
You fancy a weekend away and you don’t want to inconvenience family, friends or neighbours.
There’s an emergency.
Something unexpected happens.
Very busy at work, you don’t have the energy.
The weather is miserable and you don’t fancy to get out.
You don’t want to leave your dog in a kennel or day crèche.

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Dog Walking/Cycling
Everyone understands what dog walking is all about, but maybe are you wondering what Dog cycling is all about. Well, I am sure you know (and maybe have one yourself) one of those dogs whose energy level is so high that you can never tired them whatever how long you walk them. And you know how much dogs love running. But of course it is absolutely impossible for us human to run fast enough to match a dog' speed.

That is why a bicycle comes handy. You can adapt your speed to your dog's one, go a bit faster. In both case, you are finally able to exercise your dog enough for her to be tired.. And we know that a tired dog is a happy (and healthy dog). So as I love cycling as much as walking, your dog can come along with me and get that extra bit of exercise she craves so much. And because safety is the most important, I am using Trixie Bike Set.

Excersising your dog

Dog Taxi
Using the bike dog trailer, have your dog carried without a car. Ecological!

Dog Boarding
Lebo's Friends Dog Boarding is a good alternative to kennels. Your dog stay in a family environment in company of others dogs (Lebowski and Duchess) that puts him/her at ease and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that (s)he will be looked after with the same care and attention as I give to my own dogs. Happy and secure.
Dog Sitting/Minding
Lebo's friends Dog Sitting/Minding is a second good alternative to kennels, offering your dog the comfort of staying in his/her own familiar environment while having three walks and visit full of TLC a day to help him/her forgetting that your are away for a few days. It gives you the peace of mind to know that your dog is comfortably taken care of in your house.

Lebo's Friends, Dog Walking


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