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Matilda The Canine Coach

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  • Holistic approach to dog training
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Matilda The Canine Coach - Holisitic Dog Training in Penrith, Cumbria

Previously dog parent to a Romanian mongrel, & currently a dog mum to a 2-year Border Collie, Matilda is well versed in the trials & tribulations of rehoming a dog as well as raising an intense, high-energy working breed. Her own personal journey with her dogs opened up the world of dog training to her & inspired her to create a way to share her knowledge & understanding with others whilst fostering a supportive community of like-minded dog owners.

Matilda The Canine CoachMatilda The Canine Coach

Her passion lies in helping support other dog parents, like you, through your own unique journey to help you create the best relationship possible with your dog no matter your dog's age or life story.​

What is holistic dog training?
The term seems to be popping up more & more in the dog training world these days & if you aren't familiar with the word itself you might be feeling a little confused. Simply put, having a holistic approach is to view something as a whole made up of inter-connected parts, rather than of individual parts that just so happen to make up a whole.  I have personally always approached my own life with a holistic mindset. So it comes very naturally for me to utilise it within dog training.​

Matilda The Canine Coach

Ideally, I would like to find out more about the day-to-day & week-to-week living of your dog, down to some of the smaller details that can sometimes seem irrelevant on the surface but can often have a huge impact. Having this understanding of their life as a whole helps me establish a more in-depth comprehension of what other factors may be influencing their behaviour & how you can make some seemingly small changes that will make a big difference.

Why Matilda?
Work with me if you value...​
Kindness & empathy
Being fluid & flexible
A supportive atmosphere
A personal understanding of mental health struggles & their impact on life with your dog
A personal understanding of neurodiversity & its impact on life with your dog
A soft & sensitive approach
Being open-minded & not being put in boxes
Always learning, growing & developing
Feeling things deeply - (I'll be right there with you on your journey)
Progress over perfection

Matilda The Canine CoachMatilda The Canine CoachMatilda The Canine Coach

...but most importantly that you know that change takes time, there is no overnight quick fix, or magic wand that I can wave. There is no prescribed time frame because you, your dog & your life are unique.

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