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Get Dog Smart Breakaway Collar

Our breakaway collars are designed to fall away under pressure giving your dog the best possible chance of surviving a collar entanglement situation.

Get Dog Smart

Put your collar on & take it off your dog with the conventional quick release buckle.

Our collars have a central breakaway buckle with a d ring on each side.

Slide your leash between both d rings to over ride the breakaway mechanism for walking.

Currently available in three sizes
Small to fit neck sizes 20cm - 30cm
Medium to fit neck sizes 30cm - 50cm
Large to fit neck sizes 45cm - 70cm

Dog Collar Safety The Risks & Best Practice Get Dog Smart

Crates & Kennels When your dog is in a crate or kennel it is best practice to remove their collar. Collars & tags can get caught on bars & protrusions. You can put their breakaway dog collar back on when it is time for a walk.

Get Dog Smart

Playing - Have you ever noticed that when your dogs play they sometimes like to nip at each others necks with soft mouths? When engaging in this type of gentle play one of the dogs can get their jaw caught on the collar of the dog it is playing with. Let them play naked or wearing a breakaway dog collar.

Get Dog Smart

Radiator Grilles - Jumping climbing dogs can get id tags easily caught in the spaces of the top of your central heater radiators. Our breakaway dog collar buckle will fall away under twisting pressure if your dog finds itself in this situation releasing your dog from entanglement.

Get Dog Smart

Twiggs Shrubs & Branches - Twiggs shrubs & branches can snag collars when your dog is off leash. The breakaway dog collar buckle will  release under pressure as your dog attempts to free itself. The collar will drop away & you will need to retrieve it. Please be sure that your dog has good recall & is microchipped.

Get Dog Smart

Fencing - Fencing, rails & posts all have the capacity to snag a collar. As do post & rail fencing & structures made from chicken wire. A breakaway dog collar will reduce the risk of entanglement.

Get Dog Smart

Decking & Furniture - Id tags & collars can get caught in decking grooves. Household furniture can pose threats as protrusions such as knobs can catch collars. Our Get Dog Smart breakaway dog collar is the safer collar option. Providing your pet with the best chance of escaping a collar entanglement situation.

Get Dog Smart

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