Gastall Dog Grooming Ltd - Dog Groomer in Derby, Derbyshire

Gastall Dog Grooming Ltd

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Gastall Dog Grooming Ltd - Dog Groomer in Derby, Derbyshire

Gastall Dog Grooming is one of the most popular salons in the area, offering a wide range of services from nail trimming, teeth cleaning to show cuts and colour works, also offering a bespoke service which is individual to each pet.
Their free roam salon enhances your pet's groom and their unique approach to pet grooming affords your dog that much sort after, one to one service. "They treat your dog as if it was their own!"

With the combined grooming and pet handling experience of over 30 years, Helen and Inga are no strangers to the show ring either. Giving you that extra peace of mind and the warming knowledge that your pets groom and their welfare...  is always in kind experienced hands. 

Gastall Dog Grooming Ltd

Here at Gastalls, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible experience and service for you and your dog. Your first consultation gives us a chance to provide a quick health check where we look at coat type, coat condition, skin, posture, nails, ears, eyes, teeth and any other areas that need checking.  Helping to identify any ailments that may hamper the grooming process. We will assess your dog's temperament and discuss their history, enabling us to put the best grooming experience together for your dog. During this consultation, we can identify the most suitable products for your dog and go through the basic outline of our T's & C's.

We offer every client grooming advice as we’re aware that coat matting or thinning/patching may affect the style for your dog. Poodles and spaniels, for example, tend to have generic cuts, but you may wish to try something new. During the consultation, our qualified staff can gain a clear idea of your wishes and combine them with what might be best for your dog

Gastall Dog Grooming LtdGastall Dog Grooming Ltd

The Gastall Groom
The Gastall Groom includes - free consultation, basic health check, teeth check, pre-bath brush out, eyes and ears cleaned (ears plucked if able), two shampoo applications, gentle massage and conditioner, some de-matting *Please see information page regarding our de-matting policy*, blowdry/fluff-dry, basic clipped/ scissor cut, sanitary trim, full coat brush out, nails clipped and filed, pads trimmed in and around (where necessary) and a finishing touch of doggy cologne

Gastall Dog Grooming LtdGastall Dog Grooming LtdGastall Dog Grooming LtdGastall Dog Grooming Ltd

Brush Out
The "Brush Out" service includes a full brush, from nose to tail of your dog. This is followed by a squirt of doggy cologne. Brushing is an important part of maintaining your dog's healthy coat. Stimulating the sebaceous glands to help produce the natural oils your dog requires to remain water repellant, warm and clean. Regular brushing prevents matting, tangling and can help to identify skin and health issues before they become troublesome. Brushing is also an integral part of a dogs grooming regime and can help develop trust and bonding.

Nail Service
Walking your dog on hard surfaces such as concrete pavements and brick paths, naturally reduces nail growth and wear down the rough nail edges. However, a lot of people walk their dogs in parks and natural areas which don't provide hard enough surfaces for natural nail wear. Overgrown and un-maintained nails - can lead to your dog feeling discomfort.

Gastall Dog Grooming LtdGastall Dog Grooming LtdGastall Dog Grooming Ltd

Wash and Blow Dry
Our "Wash and Blow-dry" service includes a pre-groom consultation, health check, pre-bath brush out, a warm bath with suitable products, a blow dry and a spray of doggy cologne. The wash and blow dry service is designed for busy dog owners, to help maintain your dog's coat in between 'The Gastall Groom'. Due to the nature of some dog breeds/coats, the wash and blow dry is not always suitable and some dogs will be exempt.

Bath and Go
For dogs with short fur and cuts, we offer a wash and towel dry service. A soothing warm bath and condition, with suitable shampoo for your dog's skin/fur type and an invigorating towel dry.

Gastall Dog Grooming Ltd

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“Our new puppy was handled with love and care and really enjoyed her first visits. You can just see how much she enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to her next visit. The staff are very welcoming, friendly and are professional. I trust them and have already recommended them to friends and family. Thank you Gastall Dog Grooming, love Winnie xx”

- Melanie Rout

“Helen is fantastic at what she does, I completely trust her with my dog. She understands his breed and coat and he comes back looking healthy and adorable!”

- Katie Tack

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