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Bark Busters Derby

Lee Hardy Bark Busters Dog Behaviourist and Trainer in

 Derby, Burton, Swadlincote, East Staffs and South Derbyshire

No doubt if you are looking at this page you are thinking of getting help with your dog. You may have tried everything from basic dog training and obedience classes to watching all the TV programmes in your quest to get better control over your lovable rascal. It’s not that your dog is naughty, it’s just misunderstood.

Many years ago, before I joined Bark Busters Dog Training, I remember a friend once said to me “Get a dog it will change your life”. Boy he wasn’t wrong there. My dog turned my life upside down, leaving me desperate for help. Now, over 16 years on and thanks to Rannan, a black Labrador, I am enjoying my career with Bark Busters Home Dog Training in Derby, Burton, Swadlincote, East Staffs and South Derbyshire.

Bark Busters Derby - Dog Behaviourist and Trainer in Derby, DerbyshireBark Busters Derby - Dog Behaviourist and Trainer in Derby

Rannan had major problems. Serious aggression to other dogs was the main issue and everyone I spoke to said the same thing. ‘Have her put to sleep, she will make your life a misery’. I am so glad I didn’t take that advice, since then Rannan spent many years happily living with me and four of my other dogs before she sadly passed away.

Four other dogs! How you may ask? Well all those years ago when I was looking for help, possibly as you are now, I found Bark Busters Dog Training. Rannan was under control in almost no time – certainly within the first visit with Bark Busters.

I was absolutely blown away by the training techniques; so much so that I had to find out how I could help people like me to have happy and well-behaved dogs. At that time there was an opening for someone to work as a Bark Busters dog trainer and behaviourist in Derby and I jumped at the chance. That was a quite a few years ago now and I have never looked back. Since then I have constantly worked with owners fixing their dog’s behaviour problems. It’s great to see the smile on those owners faces when they realise that there is hope and that they are getting results. From homes with 12 dogs (yes I have trained 12 dogs in one household, see the video) to people with rescue dogs and puppies, I have ensured the dogs are happy and obedient because their owners understand them and know how to behave with them. Through helping out at rescue centres and working with dogs from the RSPCA in Burton, I have helped ensure that rescue dogs stay in their new homes and live in harmony with their new owners.

Bark Busters - Derby

We get a dog for many reasons and we want them to be a member of the family, but a lot of dogs interpret our kindness and our behaviour the wrong way and start to take control of us. They are not doing it to be naughty, it’s in their genes and they are just misunderstanding you as a “Pack Leader”.

This is where I can help and with my expertise and experience I can get you and your dog understanding one another again. The training programme is easy to follow and in most cases you will see a result on the first day of my visit. If you’re still not convinced read my dog training testimonials from all of my happy clients.

All your dog needs is to be given the right training and guidance in a way that is easy for him/her to understand. Our expertise and passion is to coach and empower you with the training techniques that will allow you to think and communicate in 'dog'. Achieving this doesn't take long - but the rewards for you, your family, and your four-legged friend will last a lifetime.

The Dog Human Relationship
At Bark Busters, we believe that dogs are never born naughty. Sadly, many dogs are condemned as 'bad' and needlessly surrendered, re-homed or even euthanized, due to their owners' frustration with failed attempts at understanding and communicating with them. Our job is to bridge this gap between human and dog: to bring about a meeting of minds. Any behavioural issues, regardless of your dog's age or breed, can be modified and successfully cured by consistently using our kind, humane approach.

Bark Busters - Derby

Every dog is an individual
Their underlying needs, their environment and their experiences since birth all shape their behaviour. But all dogs share the same ways of interpreting human behaviour - and it is this that makes them very different to us. A happy relationship with your dog starts with you learning how to think like them, rather than imagining they think like us.

What We Do
Our unique training approach and special insight into dog psychology and dog-human communication means that we can help you resolve any behavioural problems. We do this by looking holistically at each individual human-dog relationship from your dog’s perspective. This allows us to identify the sources, experiences and environmental factors that have contributed to the behaviours and to develop a personal training programme to modify the behaviour.

Bark Busters - DerbyBark Busters - Derby

How We Achieve Outstanding Results?
After a detailed client interview in the home, we then empower our clients with a thorough understanding of how dogs think and communicate and why your dog is showing this behaviour. We map out the entire picture and then work together with owners to put in place a tailor made training plan, matched to the dog’s individual personality. We use special techniques to systematically modify any unwanted behaviour using the natural language and communication system that dogs instinctively understand. We put in place fundamental structures and boundaries using kind corrections combined with plenty of positive reinforcement to ensure you maintain consistency with the result.

Home Based Training
Our one to one service is provided from the comfort of your own home allowing you to achieve fast and long lasting results, without the stress and distractions of a group-training environment. Every client and every dog is respected as an individual and receives the highest standard of personal care and attention and is fully backed by the Bark Busters guarantee.
Bark Busters Derby

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