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Delightful Doggy Training

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  • A tailored solution for your dog
  • Uses a kind & gentle approach
  • Gains your dog's trust & respect
  • Treats the cause of the problems
  • Training in your own home
  • We are now doing home (garden) visits

Delightful Doggy Training in  Derby, Derbyshire

Do you want your dog to pay attention to you always, not only when you give food? Do you need a calmer dog that is a joy to take on walks? Do you want to see improvements within 2 weeks?

Book your FREE 15-minute consult, select your day and time through Facebook/Website or just call or text on 07813 535950

Delightful Doggy Training

Our training method is different, it doesn't rely on bribes or force. In just one lesson, using dog psychology we teach you how to gain your dog's trust and respect so he will want to please you. Many of the issues you are having will just disappear.

Delightful Doggy TrainingDelightful Doggy TrainingDelightful Doggy Training

Common Issues
Pulling on the Leash - Not coming when called - Unwanted Barking - Separation Anxiety
Obsessive & hyperactive - Nervous & fearful - Guarding the property - Aggression to Dogs or People

Puppy Training
Jumping Up - Chewing - Mouthing and Biting - Stealing - Digging - Crying when left alone
Destructive Behaviour - Peeing/Pooping in the house

Delightful Doggy TrainingDelightful Doggy TrainingDelightful Doggy Training

Why is this Training Method so Special?
Well it is based on gaining the dog’s trust and respect.  Once you are recognised by your dog as a worthy leader, all the general obedience training then becomes relatively easy, because your dog will want to obey you, to please you - not just for treats!

It is all about winning the mind of the dog. I will show you the mind game that every dog is playing, the rules of the game according to your dog and how to win!

Applying the 5 Golden Rules of the Dog Calming Code eliminates unwanted behaviour through treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. I will help you to understand what signals you have been sending your dog so that you can recognise why they have been behaving in a particular way.

Watch your dog’s response, when you communicate with them using their own non-verbal language, it is truly a wonderful thing! 

If you want a personal quote please call or txt to arrange your free 15 - minute consultation or book on the website

We are able to offer 1:1 training subject to current Covid 19 regulations. Or try our 1:1 Personal Video Training Consultations now available -give me a call to find out how to book your session.

Delightful Doggy Training

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“We have just moved house and one of our dogs started barking non stop and peeing inside. We even had a complaint from our neighbour which is quite understandable. We contacted delightful doggy training and came over for 3hrs. The tips and suggestions were very helpful in fact we started seeing change in our dog just 24hrs after the visit. A week later we managed to go out for 6hrs and there was no barking at all. I highly recommend delightful doggy training. We now can go to work with our minds at rest and our dog is calm and happy at home alone”

- Vicky Aquilina

“I was so impressed with Deb who came to our house to help train me with the training of my 8 year old Golden Retriever - walkies has taken on a new meaning. No barking when the leash and harness is ready to put onto my dog, it is such a pleasure to manage to walk out of the back door and get through the gate without the dog barking and bouncing up and down. Consistently using the same routine Deb has taught me has made my dog walking a pleasure and not a chore. I would recommend this dog trainer to anyone whose dog is a challenge. ”

- Tracy Macduff

“Deb came out to meet our 2 year old golden retriever and spent a good 3 hours outlining the 5 'golden rules' based on; Feeding, Separation, Everything on your terms, Danger and the Walk. Our dog's response was pretty much instant and many friends and family have already commented on her improved behaviour. We would thoroughly recommend a session with Deb for your training needs - big or small. Thank you Deb”

- Charlotte Rymond

“All my prayers answered in 1 friendly consultation”

- Tony Hanson

“Deb has been absolutely amazing helping us with some ongoing behaviour issues with a very stubborn pair of jack Russell’s. I have been so impressed with her patience and her ongoing support. We have definitely seen some great improvements since we saw Deb in December and are continuing to work with her. Deb has shown so much care and understanding and really genuinely wants to help us and see a happy outcome for our family. Thanks so much for your Ongoing support.”

- Amy Keeling

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