Bigbury in Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon | Dog Friendly Beaches


  • No dogs between 1st May - 30th Sept
  • Be responsible & pick up after your dog
  • Dog friendly beach in Bigbury-on-Sea

Dog friendly beach in Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon

By-laws prohibiting dogs between 1st May - 30th September are in operation

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“3 June 2017, my first visit to bigbury on sea with my young grandson. I was astonished to see numerous untethered dogs running the beach between Burgh island and the shore. The seasonal ban obviously isn't enforced, with many dog owners allowing their animals run wild. Not pleasant when a 3 year old can't play peacefully in the sand without dog nuisance and intimidation.”

- Stewart

“Bigbury Beach does allow dogs all year to the left of the small slipway before the main car park. This gives a great walk up by the side of the river and runs across the sand around low tide. As locals we walk our dog there regularly. The no access section is across the main beach from the car park to Burgh Island seasonally. ”

- Helen

“Dogs are not allowed on certain beaches because many owners don't clean up after them, and it is disgusting when you tread barefoot in dog crap! Its also horrible to see piles of bags of dog poo littering the beach, which is another trait of the uneducated dog owner, or my personal favourite is the dog poo bags hanging in tress branches like some dystopian christmas tree. As a responsible dog owner (and surfer/general beach users) I feel your pain, but we legislate for the stupid and ignorant in our country.”

- Dan

“WHY OH WHY ARE DOGS NOT ALLOWED ?!?!? A beach that does not allow dogs is like having a play park that doesn't allow children ”

- Not happy

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