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EXEmplar Dogs

St Mary's Hall
Dawlish Warren
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  • Positive, reward based, modern training
  • Classes or 121s, puppies or older dogs
  • Highly qualified & experienced trainers
  • Full member of the APDT
  • Canine First Aid Trained
  • Scent, UK rally & recall training

EXEmplar Dogs

EXEmplar Dogs - Dog Training in Dawlish Warren, Devon

We provide Puppy and Dog Training, Workshops & Seminars in Dawlish, Starcross, Exminster, Exeter, Teignmouth, Shaldon, Bishopsteignton and surrounding areas.

We specialise in small class numbers to give an excellent Trainer/Handler ratio over short-term, intensive courses. We also offer 121 training sessions, Home Visits, a range of Workshops and Seminars including Rally UK, Scent Levels 1-5, Tricks and others.

All training uses kind, fair, effective, up to date training methods based on scientific principles and behavioural understanding and is provided by highly qualified and experienced trainers.

Training Classes, Workshops & Seminars
All  classes consist of:
A short-term, intensive 4-week course
Up to date, scientific, reward based methods
Very small class numbers to give an excellent Trainer:Handler ratio
EXEmplar Dogs Training Manual - Clicker
Food samples and treats - Telephone Support and email support
Course completion Certificate

(Classes are held at St Mary's Hall, Dawlish Warren, EX7 0PQ or Holcombe Village Hall, Holcombe EX7 0JT on a pre-registration basis).​

NOTE – the above training can also be provided privately on a 121 basis and at your own home or in a "real life" training environment in Dawlish.

EXEmplar DogsEXEmplar DogsEXEmplar DogsEXEmplar Dogs

Puppy Foundation/Foundation Course
Teaching your puppy/dog to pay instant attention to name, sit, down, stand, stay, coming when called, walking on a loose lead, the “leave it” and a few other exercises most people find useful in everyday life. Your Puppy will also have the opportunity to socialise with other puppies in a ‘controlled’ way and will learn to work through distractions due to their presence.

Foundation Plus Course
The Foundation Plus! course is exclusively for dogs who have attended Puppy Foundation, Foundation or the equivalent on a 121 basis or have been assessed as suitable by us. This is a progression course where increased levels of training are covered, including attention/focus exercises/stays and recalls with distractions, chaining behaviours, door manners, leaving moving objects etc. It is designed to consolidate and build on the basics, improve your training skills as well as your dogs, address adolescent behaviour and problem prevention, and work towards having a well-mannered, socially acceptable pet dog!

Diploma Course
The Diploma Course is an advanced course that will enhance your skills as a trainer as well as your dogs! You will learn to teach your dog Touch Targeting exercises such as those used in training Assistance Dog roles, send aways/location placement; distance control for when you need him/her to drop into an emergency, instant down/sit when at a distance etc.

EXEmplar DogsEXEmplar DogsEXEmplar Dogs

Scent Training
Great fun for your furry friend - let them use their nose to learn to search for items (police dog style). This offers great enrichment and tires them out! Level 1 trains handlers & dogs to carry out room searches using a scented item (similar to customs or police dog style searches). Level 2 an increase in difficulty and including raised and unstable, multiple and/or blind searches. Level 3 luggage, Level 4 outdoors and Level 5 Discrimination - they have to identify the "correct" item and discard the dummy articles.

UK Rally
A fun dog sport involving you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs, indicating different "obedience" exercises to perform. Really helps build the bond between human and canine and helps a dog's listening skills and to become more in tune with you. Once a month session either shared with one other dog/human team or one to one. Booked on an ongoing basis at a significantly discounted rate.

EXEmplar DogsEXEmplar DogsEXEmplar Dogs

2-2-1 Recall Training
A fun session shared with just one other dog and their human. Learn how to teach your dog to pay attention to you out in the real world, building automatic check ins (where our dogs want to look and check in with us to see if they need to come back or if they can carry on). A strong focus on recall using positive reward based methods and games and making our dogs WANT to come back to us - even in the presence of another dog!

Workshops - Recall or Loose Lead Walking
A fun workshop with a maximum of 6 dogs and their humans (spectator spaces also available). Focussing either on recall or walking without pulling. Learn the skills to get your dog off to a good start and be able to continue this training with them at home. Recall and walking without pulling aren't something we can teach in one session but we can give you the skills to go way and continue practising so your dog gets better and better. A strong focus on positive reward based methods and games and making our dogs WANT to do what we would like them to!

EXEmplar Dogs

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