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Teignmouth Town Beach

  • Dogs at extreme ends of the beach only
  • Be responsible & pick up after your dog
  • Dog friendly beach in Teignmouth, Devon

Dog Friendly Beach in Salcombe, Devon

A long sandy beach stretching all the way from the mouth of the River Teign east towards Dawlish. Free summer entertainment, with the added attraction of the grand Victorian Pier, long promenade and a state-of-the-art children's play area and adventure golf course means that a day on Teignmouth beach is a real family treat.

Lifeguards are at Teignmouth Town Beach from July to September. For more information contact Teignmouth TIC on 01626 215666 - Open all year.

Dogs allowed at extreme ends of the beach.

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“I walk my dog a lot on Teignmouth beach. I only use the "Dog's Allowed' part of the beach all year round, it's plenty big enough. I start close to Eastcliffe Cafe and walk along towards Holcombe when the tide is low. The majority of dog owners are very friendly and responsible. Off course you get puppies who are learning the ropes and playful dogs that just want to play. It's wonderful to see so many dogs, all shapes and sizes having so much fun. I take my grandchildren to the 'No Dog's Allowed" part of the beach for a sandy nose/wet dog free picnic plus they have Lifeguard's. ”

- Allison

“A lovely place to bring your dog for a swim as long as you stay to the extreme ends. A fantastic time was had by all our family. ”

- Christine

“Feel the reviews shown are unfair - I come to Teignmouth a lot and walk my dogs on the beach where they are allowed, I have two Labradors. I have never had a bad reaction from other people, I pick up after my dogs and keep them under control. There is a large portion of the beach where dogs are not allowed during summer and I would suggest that this area is more appropriate for picnics. Great beach, stunning views, friendly people.”

- Susan

“Brilliant beach for dogs. 99% of the other owners are really friendly, but be prepared if you have a larger dog to be subjected to a less than subtle interrogation about how safe your dog is by a small minority of 'worried chocolate box dog owners' (!). One of them was very rude to me, plainly implying that my dog might attack hers, despite the clear evidence in front of her eyes of my large dog behaving absolutely perfectly with her small dog. Has put me off going there to be honest - creates an atmosphere that these few locals feel they own the beach.”

- jake

“just spent a few days with grand children in teignmouth and dawlish very disappointed with beaches, spoilt by dogs running free, some even running through families having picnics un-responsible owners not even picking their dog mess up. I am not anti dogs as iam a dog owner myself but there is a time and place for dogs to run wild and it is not on beaches during the summer.”

- claire

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