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  • Doggy Bag ® Wet Dog In-Dry Dog Out!
  • Super Absorbent Microfibre Towels
  • Clean & Dry a Wet Muddy Dog in Mins!
  • Just Shake it out & Machine Washable
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Drying dogs

“Oh My DOG!!!” so DRY, so CLEAN, so QUICK

With The Microfibre Store’s super absorbent Doggy Bags and Towels you can keep your pet, car and home spotless after walkies, puddling and bath time. They don’t just absorb ten times more water and slobber, but sand and mud too! Not just ideal for the after the bath, but leave it in the car for after walks... zip your pooch up and man’s best friend will be dry before you get home!

The Microfibre Store is your one stop shop for all quality microfibre products. Quite simply, if you want the good stuff you get it here, and we guarantee it.

At The Microfibre Store we’ve been banging on about microfibre for 10 years! We fell in love with it in the States and brought it back to England because it ticks all the boxes, it’s environmentally friendly, removes the need for chemicals, super-absorbent, durable, quick drying, folds up small in your cupboards, suitcases and more importantly in the washing machine, so you can pack more in which saves space, time and money!

We recognise the importance of sourcing the highest quality microfibre ourselves and only stock the very best brands on the market.

Doggy Bag & TowelsDoggy Bag & TowelsDoggy Bag & Towels

Brands whose fibres work and stand the test of time. Our aim is to only stock the finest yarns that are spun into premium microfibre material which is at least 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

We don’t sell any of the treated yarns that are out on the market (which don’t last!), or 100% polyester masquerading as microfibre (which doesn’t absorb!). We sell the good stuff. We put our money where our mouth is, and that is why you can feel safe buying from us.

The advantages of the best quality microfibre are endless. We use it, and our customers swear by it! Japan and America are all over it and we want everyone here at home to benefit from the same simplicity and effectiveness that it brings to cleaning and personal care.

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