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  • GPS tracker for dogs
  • Never lose your dog again
  • Stay calm when the dog runs away
  • Ideal for outdoors, splashproof & solid
  • Light & small for comfort
  • LIVE location & route recording

Paj Gps - GPS Dog Tracker

The idea of the horror scenario that your own pet runs away and is no longer available, is certainly known to every dog owner. Maybe you have had this unpleasant and drastic experience yourself. More than 30,000 dogs are reported missing every year, many of them are never found again.

Despite all well-intentioned advice, the concern for your own dog unfortunately does not diminish, the constant fear of such a scenario haunts you again and again. These situations usually happen within seconds and without warning, there is often hardly any time to react. For a little more certainty and the possibility to intervene in the worst case, we have a solution: GPS Tracker for dogs.

With a GPS transmitter for dogs you can always track where your four-legged friend is. The PET Finder can be attached to your dog’s collar or harness. So if your dog runs away, you have at least the option to make sure that he does not run into a dangerous road and find his way back home. In an emergency, you could then intervene and recapture your dog.

Paj Gps

5 reasons why dogs run away
Various causes can tempt a dog to run away. In the following section we will explain some of these possible circumstances.

The following points can cause a dog to run away:
Unexpected situations
Hunting drive
Foreign environment
New family member
Reproductive instinct

How do I attach the PET Finder and does it disturb my dog?
Of course, it is very important to us that our GPS Dog tracker can be carried well and that the four-legged friends do not feel disturbed. Therefore we have designed the PET Finder to be especially light and small. In addition – thanks to the simple attachment by a rubber holder – it is no problem at all to attach the device to the dog collar or harness. Most dogs are accustomed to wearing these items anyway and experience has shown that they get along with the tracking device very quickly.

Paj Gps

All tests with the four-legged friends have so far run without problems. Owners need not worry that the device might be too heavy for their beloved four-legged friend. The animals related to the wolf can carry up to 30% of their body weight.

Before the first attachment we recommend that you familiarize the dog with the foreign device. It is also advisable to have the dog GPS device carried in a safe and supervised environment before you go for a walk. If necessary, the attachment can be adjusted so that your pet can safely carry the tracker outside.

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