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  • More than 50% of households in the UK
  • have at least one type of pet!

Franchise Planet - Pet Franchise Opportunities

Discover pet franchises for sale and be a part of a booming marketplace worth billions of pounds. With over 50% of households owning at least one pet, the sector demand is endless. There are so many kinds of pet franchises, from pet food suppliers to dog walking.

The Demand for Pet Businesses
Pets - everyone loves them. In fact more than 50% of households in the UK have at least one type of pet, being host to more than 50 million (source: Statistica, quoting 59% in 2020). I have a cat sleeping right beside me now, and I’m sure you’ve got some form of pet at your house too. There are a wide range of animals kept for pets, from more common species such as cats and dogs, to goldfish and frogs, as well as more exotic pets such as snakes and dragons.

Pets give us great comfort. Whether we’ve got children about the house enjoying the presence of a dog, or the elderly who are looking for some comfort in the companionship of a mature cat or dog, there’s nothing like the feeling of loving and comforting a pet and being loved back.

Whilst it’s a warming feeling being around animals, there is often the need to leave them for days or weeks at a time. For example owners may wish to go on holiday abroad. Even just a business trip for 48 hours, animals need feeding and tending. Maybe you’ve got guinea pigs in the garden that need feeding each day, or maybe you’ve got chickens which need releasing from their pens to forage in your green green grass. Perhaps you’ve got a cat without a flap. It’s inconvenient having to leave them on their own. Let’s take a look at some of the kinds of pet franchises that are available.

Just a few of the most popular types of pet franchises include:
Dog Walking Franchises (usually flexible working hours)
Pet Sitting Franchises (usually home based)
Dog Training and Obedience Franchises (usually lucrative)
Pet Food Supplier Franchises (usually van based)
Pet Washing Franchises

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