Avon - Dog Friendly Beach in Southbourne, Dorset


  • Dogs allowed November to April
  • Great beach cafe
  • Good parking
  • Good access to town
  • Dog friendly beach in Southbourne
  • Some restrictions may apply

 Avon - Dog Friendly Beach in Southbourne, Dorset

In some ways, Avon beach is discreet and modest, but there's no doubting the affection in which it's held locally, as Lucy testifies in her interview.

Dog Friendly Beach in DorsetDog Friendly Beach in Southbourne

There are fine views in both directions, beach huts and excellent access, with a car park and a cafe adjacent to the beach, as well as all the facilities you might want in the town behind.

The beach here is good for activities too, including windsurfing or just a leisurely stroll.

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