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Welcome to Kero & Bree! Our range of natural dog treats has been carefully selected and responsibly sourced to ensure we stock the highest quality treats available for your dog to enjoy. There is nothing that we sell that we wouldn't happily give to our own dogs first.

Does your dog have allergies that restrict what they can eat? Do you struggle to find a suitable range of natural, healthy treats? Are you concerned about ingredients found in conventional dog treats? Want to find something better?
I can help!

Hi, I'm Amy and I am the owner of Kero and Bree, an online dog boutique specialising in natural, healthy dog treats. My mission is to help dog owners source the best premium, natural, high-quality treats for their best friends.
I have always been interested in what I feed to my dogs and even more so now that I have discovered that my own dogs, Kero and Bree, have allergies.
Kero & BreeKero & BreeKero & BreeKero & Bree

Kero & BreeKero & BreeKero & Bree

Kero & BreeKero & BreeKero & BreeKero & Bree

Before realising the problem, Kero was constantly getting ear infections and Bree was continuously licking and chewing at her paws due to them being very itchy. After investigation I discovered that they both had allergies to certain proteins and these had to eliminated from their diet. This also meant that I had to find a range of suitable treats for them.

The idea of a dog boutique was born! I wanted to create much more than a business that stocked any old dog treat whether it be good or bad for dogs. I wanted to ensure that I stocked a range of "real" treats... and what do I mean by "real" treats? I mean treats with proper ingredients - simple, recognisable and derived from natural sources with no meat, animal or vegetable derivatives in the ingredients list and no nasty artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and definitely no rawhide. I am very passionate about what I feed my dogs because high-quality dog treats means more nutritional value for them. I want this for your dogs too!

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