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Kurgo - Online pet accessories

Kurgo are a leading manufacturer of high performance active dog and dog travel safety products. We are constantly creating and testing new products designed to solve your real life problems. Our extensive product range makes travelling and getting out with your dog easy, just the way it should be.


Dog Travel: These in-car dog safety accessories help keep your dog safe when travelling. Designed to fit all vehicles and appropriate for dogs of all sizes these accessories ensure that your dog is always safe when traveling in the car. With a wide variety of products ranging from hammocks to zip lines, Kurgo has something to suit every dog and every car, ensuring a safe and peaceful journey for both the dog and the owner.

Leash and Zip Line: Inspired by a dog run, the Leash and zip Line Combo™ allows back and forth plus sit and stand movement, but also provides security for those unexpected driving moments we’d rather not think about. The leash easily connects and disconnects from the zip line when getting in or out of the car…which means instant transition from vehicle restraint to walking lead.

Auto Zip LineBackseat Barrier

Backseat Barrier: We know what it’s like to drive while trying to fend off your dog. Not only that, when you get to the shops, come back and he is sat in your seat. The Backseat Barrier™ solves this. Super stylish, this cloth barrier attaches to the back of your front seats creating a soft wall between you and your dog. He can still sit and peer through the mesh top; you can even reach back to pay him attention if necessary. Most importantly this barrier helps to keep you distraction free while driving, and keeps your pup safely out of the front of the car.
Like all of our products, this one is versatile and simple to install and remove.

Backseat Bridge: Sometimes your pet just needs a little more open space in your car to feel secure and comfortable while travelling. The Back Seat Bridge does what its names says, and bridges the gap between your front and rear seats, so falling to the floor is never a problem for your dog.

Backseat BridgeBench Seat Cover

Bench Seat Cover: The Bench Seat Cover will not only keep your seats clean and dry even with the dirtiest of dogs, but it has extra storage pockets for those necessities along with tons of other great add-ons. It is also super easy to install and then remove.

Co Pilot Bucket Cover: Whether it is spilled coffee or muddy footprints, there is always good reason to keep your front seats covered. If you’re like us, you need an everyday seat cover that can withstand the test of time like the Copilot Seat Cover.

Co Pilot Bucket Seat CoverSkybox Booster Seat

Skybox Booster Seat: Put your dog in their very own plush space, where they can enjoy a nice window view; while tethered to the seat of course. In the front or in the back, your pup is just a safe reach away. You can focus a little more energy on the road while your dog can enjoy his seat, riding in complete safety and comfort in the Skybox Booster Seat.

Harnesses: A range of in-car safety Harnesses that ensure that your dog is safe and secure within the vehicle. The harness protects dogs, drivers and passengers on the road and can be safely used with any vehicle seatbelt or the Kurgo Auto Zip Line and includes a seat belt loop. What’s more it functions as a walking harness, with five different sizes and five different settings on each, the harness can be made an almost custom fit.

HarnessesWander Hammock

Wander Hammock: Cover up and protect the front and back of your seats with this simple waterproof hammock design, while keeping your pet safely confined in his area. Check out the other great features below that make this one a must have. We won’t steer you wrong with the Wander Hammock.



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