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  • We are also English Shepherd breeders

Edenvillage Pantry

Edenvillage Pantry - Raw food for dogs

At Edenvillage Pantry we sell raw food for dogs! We have a wide selection of complete foods, which take the hassle out of feeding raw, we also have everything for the DIY’er who likes to mix things up.

Our Products
We also have boneless minces, offal minces and edible (non weight bearing) bones if you would like to be in between! We also sell vegetables which are prepared so your dog can digest them easily, and SmartBarf which replaces the stomach contents of prey. All our food is from suppliers who are DEFRA registered so you can be sure of the best quality. We sell foods from well-known suppliers such as Totally Natural, Raw Treat, Durham Animal Feeds, Yorkshire Raw, Bulmer's and a new supplier - Furry Feasts - who supply organic/free range or wild meats. We deliver too!

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We have just started to sell raw food for cats, and have a few balanced meals here for your cat to try.

We also provide bespoke packages/boxes, for those who have busy lives or just don’t know where to start and would like variety for their dogs.

We are starting to make our own treats. They will be completely natural, dehydrated treats for you to use for training or for your dog to chew on. We will also have offal based dehydrated products for those dogs who won’t eat offal raw (including one of ours!). We will also be selling Kefir, which is a fabulous probiotic.

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Why feed your dog raw food?
Well, would YOU like to eat the nutritional equivalent of a pot noodle, the same flavour, every single day of your life?

Your dog is a carnivore. Although dogs are lovely, domesticated pets, their guts have not changed since they were wild. Look at your dog’s teeth – see how sharp and pointy they are compared to yours? That’s because they are built to tear at meat. Their digestive tract is much shorter than ours, so they have less time to absorb nutrients but they can also expel some toxins faster. So raw food is not a problem to dogs. The stomach pH in dogs and cats is much lower than that of humans, meaning they are able to break down raw meat and bone. In fact, it is much more easily digested than cooked.

No matter how small or large your dog is, he/she needs muscle meat, bone and offal in it’s diet. NOT wheat or rice! Why would a dog eat those things? Truth is, they wouldn’t. Commercial dog foods have lots of these 2 things in them because they are CHEAP. But they go in one end and out the other!

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Some of the benefits you will find if you feed your dog raw food are:
Fresher breath, cleaner whiter teeth - Better overall health - Reduction in allergies
Fewer and better formed poos! - More stable energy - less hyperactivity
Better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis, runny stools
Clears up anal gland issues - Less flatulence - Glossier coats - No itchiness

Edenvillage English Shepherds
We are Jackie and Jim Graves, the first English Shepherd breeder in the UK. We imported the first English Shepherd since this beautiful breed was taken to USA by the settlers 300 years ago. They were preserved there, and the breed was outbred in the UK. Edenvillage brought them back to their home country.

Eve of Edenvillage came to us in 2006. We have imported four other English Shepherds since then, from differing lines to preserve genetic diversity. We will always be indebted to the open-minded breeders who have helped us make our dream come true.

Edenvillage Pantry


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