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  • Touch of Reiki Teacher and Practitioner
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Reducing stress/anxiety/depression
  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Supports Ilness and Conditions
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Touch of Reiki

Touch of Reiki for Animals

Louise Wilson MHAO CNFAR

Animal Healing works on all animals.
Animals love Reiki; they respond very well, they often position themselves under the hands so the Reiki goes where it feels best for them.

An animal will decide when it is time to move from one position to another and in choosing the next position.

Touch of ReikiReducing or eliminating painAnimal Healing works on all animals.

The animal will fall asleep or simply have a dose; some may want to sit right on me.

A treatment is never forced on to an animal; it could be as simple as a cuddle, Or by placing your hands on a animal as it nestles on your lap, or resting a hand on a dog's head as it sits beside you.

Reiki is used in many animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescues to relieve physical, mental and emotional stress, physical healing, and spiritual healing.

Canine Massage
A Complementary therapy for recovery and rehabilitation offering massage to dogs to help to ease aches, pains and Common problems. Dogs suffer from muscle pains, aches and strains just like we do but they can’t always tell us where it hurts. Before I can work on your dog, you will need to ask your vet to sign a form.

Most sessions last about an hour,  all treatments will be to suit your dog. I will visit your dog in their home comforts to ease any anxiety they may have. You can observe the treatment, ask any questions you may have and be an active participant in the treatment so you can learn the techniques that will help your dog after I leave.

Canine Massage supports many conditions
Osteoarthritis- also known as degenerative joint disease
Spondylosis - Luxating Patella - Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia - Cruciate Ligament Damage

Animals love ReikiReducing Stress/Anxiety/DepressionReiki for Animals

What is Reiki?
Reiki is Japanese for Universal Energy. It describes the old age art of physical, mental, and spiritual healing through channelling.

This method has been around for over 2000 years and was already in many ancient cultures.

Dr .Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki and further developed in the twentieth century.

Reiki is translated to Universal, Rei, Life Energy or Life Force

Reiki I &II Courses
Develop your skills and knowledge and become a qualified practitioner in Reiki, a subtle energy Complementary Therapy. Each level takes just one day.

After qualifying in Reiki first-degree level, you, the practitioner will be able to give a Reiki treatment using hands-on energy. You will gain the skills and knowledge for self-treatment and full treatment of others as well as learning about the Chakras, the body's main subtle energy points.

vetsTouch of Reiki

The second-degree Reiki level reinforces the techniques of Reiki I and allows the practitioner to increase and focus the Reiki energy and to send Reiki to persons not present. During the session, the practitioner will gain the skills and knowledge of the three Reiki II symbols.

Reiki is 'Energy' from the Universe. It is described as an age-old art of physical, mental and spiritual healing.
Reiki is not a religion, it works by energising and balancing our subtle energy system and promoting the body's own self-healing powers to produce a positive effect on the mind, body and spirit. It also facilitates self-development and personal growth.

Reiki can be especially helpful for:
Reducing Stress/Anxiety/Depression
Reconnecting mind with body
Reducing or eliminating pain
Preparing for natural birth
Improving self confidence

Natural Food Remedies
I am also Certified in animal self selection of natural food and remedies

Touch of ReikiTouch of Reiki

CPD Workshop
Animal Healing: The aim of the Animal Healing workshop you will develop your own skills and knowledge to enable you to give your own Four Legged friend a Healing, within the workshop you will develop the skills and knowledge on What is Healing, How will your pet and yourself benefit from Healing, What and Where are the main seven Energy points in an Animal, How you can keep your own mind positive, How to protect your own energies and avoid any negative energies.

Natural Food Diet and Nutrition for Cats and Dogs: The aim of the Natural Food and Nutrition for Cats and Dogs workshop you will develop your skills and knowledge to enable you to understand and demonstrate what Natural Foods must be included, the Nutrients, Minerals, Vitamins, Good Fats and Bad Fats must be included and avoided. How to read and understand labels, what Cats and Dogs need in their diet to maintain fit and healthy, It is vital to our Cats and Dogs their Diet and Nutrition is maintained to stay fit and healthy. Most Common Illness's and Conditions are caused by an Animals Diet, If your Cat or Dog does have a Common Illness or Condition you will gain the knowledge to what Natural Foods and Herbs can be introduced to support the Illness or Condition.

Touch of Reiki


“My little girl and I want to say a big massive thank you for helping us. Mia came to me a year ago after spending the only 2 years of her life in kennels after being rescued from the streets of Portugal. She was extremely scared of every thing. We've conquered most things in the last year but her fear of the garden. She would not go out in thr garden at all and as a result would do her toilet indoors. I tried everything to coax her, feeding, on the lead.... she was too scared. 2 sessions with Louise and using oils which she loves......we have now had a week with only the occasional accident. She even goes up the garden on her own. We've one more session to go to give her more confidence for when school breaks up and all the kids are around making lots of noise. But i think we are almost there. The best thing of all is that even after the first session our bond changed and felt so much stronger. I am so happy that Mia is happy now. Thank you Louise so much xxx”

- Laura

“What a day that was! Amazing. I'm still processing it all. But the one thing I'm certain and still feel in my heart, is your tremendous kindness and generosity. I couldn't have hoped for a better teacher, really. I'm very grateful. Thank you Louise. Thank you for your warmth, your simplicity, your openness, thank you for not judging me and above all thank you for accepting me as your student.”

- Audery

“Thanks so much to you, Louise for spending the day with me. You were so welcoming and really helped me gain my confidence in healing and energy work. Before I arrived I was really quite worried about what I would be able to do, but through your support and encouragement I had a super time! I loved the meditation and healing you did.... (and working with Molly and a Hannah), I believe that you have helped my numbness in my left side significantly and my whole body has kick started into working through many old issues! I am very much looking foward to coming back for my next healing session!”

- Verity

“I had the pleasure of spending the day with Louise working towards and gaining my Reiki I. Louise was just brilliant from the start, she put me at ease when I was a little anxious about what was going to happen and explained everything perfectly.You can clearly see how passionate she is about Reiki and passing on her knowledge.I would highly recommend Louise to anyone and I can't wait to go back in May to do my Reiki II.”

- Jenny

“I had the pleasure of spending the day with Louise working towards and gaining my Reiki I. Louise was just brilliant from the start, she put me at ease when I was a little anxious about what was going to happen and explained everything perfectly.You can clearly see how passionate she is about Reiki and passing on her knowledge.I would highly recommend Louise to anyone and I can't wait to go back in May to do my Reiki II.”

- Jenny

“My name is Gretal and I had pulled a muscle running on the green where I live, my mum and dad got in touch with Louise who came to my house and spent two hours with me. She is so good at what she does and so nice, when she left, my pulled muscle has not given me any trouble since. I was so impressed I even referred my doggy pals to her. Tilly and Casper and they have really improved since her visit. So thank you Louise from us all, you are Magic.”

- Gretal

“I can thoroughly recommend Louise Wilson to offer your wonderful K9 angels a RelaxHAOK9 Massage. Pure bliss especially as this can become a stressful time with the run up to Xmas. Enjoy XXX”

- Elizabeth

“Lou is such a lovely lady and is so gentle and patient with my dog Bing. She gives me such good advice about him and how he's feeling. I feel that we're a really good team helping him to live a very happy life. I would highly recommend her.”

- Jane Haworth

“Louise has a loving caring and professional approach to healing. You very quickly feel at ease as did Sparkie my 11 year old Labradoodle. She very quickly relaxed and was open to the healing and also was very responsive to the herbal remedies. As we are not always able to see Louise in person I ask Louise yo give Sparkie distant healing as a continuation of her holistic care. The difference from both hands on and distant is instant! I feel very blessed to have met Louise and would highly recommend her both as an animal and human healer.”

- Liz Midley

“I have regular Raiki with Louise Wilson. Which I have always found very beneficial. I have seen her at times when I have been extremely low and exhausted and I have left her beautiful treatment room feeling refreshed, grounded and lifted. Lou is very professional in her approach and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She is very approachable and has great knowledge about her field of expertise. I continue to recommended her to friends and family. I look forward to my next treatment.”

- Nicky Goodale

“Can't recommend Louise Wilson highly enough for doggie therapy. My cocker spaniel was showing some behavioural changes , we think due to a change in the household. He developed a really close bond with Louise, who, through using touch, calmed him right down. The humans relaxed beautifully too! A friend remarked, he's back to default settings now ”

- Jan

“I've had regular sessions with Louise for reiki particularly at times when I've had very personal issues which she manages to soothe away. The treatment room is just perfect! So tranquil and relaxing. I walk out of there feeling refreshed and calm. My dog Ellie 'Brian' Allum has also had many treatments with Lou including reiki, healing and oils. Her behaviour really calmed down and she loved seeing Lou for her sessions. Thanks Lou, highly recommend you to anyone 💖 Xxx ”

- Claire Allum

“I have received healing from Lou both in person and distantly, taken part in her regular guided meditation sessions and healed alongside her when completing our Animal Healing diploma, I can not recommend this beautiful lady enough to anyone...she is incredibly intuitive, caring, compassionate and a wonderfully gifted healer 🐾💗🐾💗”

- Linda Calladine

“If you were like me and apprehensive of reiki healing- I highly recommend Louise Wilson!! She has been nothing but amazing making me feel more earth bound and centred. The healing always makes me go away feeling 110% better than when I arrive. I cannot recommend her enough!”

- Lindsey Chandler

“Love this service!!!!! More importantly my dog chunky loves it I have been taking Chunks (as she calls him) to see Louise since before she started this full time a few years ago, and it has definitely made a difference to Chunks......he loves his oils and is so calm after She also sees my house Rabbit occasionally to make sure he's in the right place! I also use Louises Reiki for myself in times of difficulty in my life and can honestly say that I feel refreshed and calm afterwards Louise is dedicated and a credit to this therapy”

- Lynn Poore

“Louise performed an energy healing session on my two dogs yesterday. One of the dogs was due for surgery and she was able to calm his anxiety. The other had recently suffered a severe flare up of her rear leg arthritis which Lou helped to ease the pain and discomfort. She is the most skilled, experienced, professional practitioner putting them both at ease helping their separate issues. Sam, Sarah and myself thank you Lou for all your help.”

- Dr Les Ellam

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