Dog Training with Tasha - Dog Trainer in Brighton, East Sussex

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Dog Training with Tasha - Dog trainer in Brighton, East Sussex

Dog Training with Tasha - Dog Trainer in Brighton, East Sussex

All types of dog training undertaken:

Dog Training with Tasha - Dog trainer in Brighton, East Sussex


Dog Trainer Dog Training with Tasha Dog behaviourist

Basic obedience for all dog owners who would like more control when out walking their dog? Or does your dog not listen to you when you call them back to you? Then let me help you out to solve your problems.

I run group classes outside on a sat morning at waterhall for pet owners who are experiencing behaviour issues or who want a better recall when out walking there dogs:

9:30am to 10am puppy class
10am to 11am adult class
11am to 12pm off lead must have at least 2 yrs experience

My classes our designed to teach owners how to cope with day to day situations that can arise £8 for puppy class £10 for all other classes

Dog Trainer in Brighton Dog behaviourist in Brighton

I also run Ringcraft classes if you want to show your dog at shows
If you have any questions just contact me.

Dog Training Dog Trainer Dog Training in Brighton

Dog trainer, Brighton


“I became a dog owner in January 2019 and I have been attending Tasha's classes as often as I can since then. I have really valued the classes - i have found that Tasha has equipped with me techniques and skills to help me become attuned with my dog. I have never owned a dog before and i have found Tasha and the group to be really accepting and supportive place to learn. I have enjoyed the various ways in which we are taught too. I have found it an empowering experience. Thank you Tasha - i think you have really helped Buddy and I to form a strong bond and to enable me to be the best I can be for my dog”

- Rachel Singh

“To add to my previous review we have continued training with Tasha with my GSD bitch. Still thoroughly enjoying it, although Leila can still be very willfull, Tash always gets it right with her. Great walks as well.. Met lots of lovely people too. If you need any help at all with your dogs come along and join the very friendly group.”

- Sue Baker

“Tasha was recommended to me by a friend who also had behavioural issues with their rescue dog. Tasha has been excellent, patient with both him and me. Since joining Tasha's classes he's improved hugely. Still some way to go, but it's not just about the dog, it's also about me gaining confidence with him. Highly recommended.”

- Sarah Clibborn

“Used Tasha's services when we acquired two very large and boisterous Alaskan Malamutes. It was clear from the outset that she (and Ben) are a no nonsense, highly experienced and skilled trainers. They're pretty good with the dogs as well!! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tasha's services to others, especially if you're a dog owner who's in need of a confidence boost.”

- Joy H

“We re-homed a challenging labradoodle in early 2017. We have had dogs before and thought we could use that knowledge. After a number of incidents including two running off episodes we were recommended to contact Tasha. Definitely the best thing we did. She patiently told us what we could do to make things better. We joined her Saturday class and things got better week on week. Tasha is a real "dog whisperer" She has the ability to make each dog and their owners feel they are special. The dogs all love her. We now have a dog that has changed beyond recognition due to Tasha's support and advice along the way. She teaches you how to build a real bond with your dog and her helpful advice and tips that are extensive are a great support in dealing with getting to grips with a dog that has come with some historical issues. I am pleased that my wife was told about Tasha by chance and look forward to continuing to work with her to make our dogs life even better.”

- Michael Sansom

“My mum has been doing dog training for years and I have Never met someone who has as much passion as she does so if your dog has issues then the person you want is my mum🐾🐶🐶😍”

- Kira

“First class, had my shy puppy walking next to her within a couple of minutes, a great session of ring craft and general training, hope to do more soon. Lovely lady too and nothing any trouble, highly recommend Tasha.”

- Mandy Austen

“We've taken our setters to Tasha's class for a,year and as well as having a lot of fun our dogs are better behaved and a lot happier.. Us too.. recommend her for helpful advice and warm friendly approach .😊”

- Miranda ellis

“I am now taking my third rescue dog to Tasha's training class. All have a few little issues but thanks to Tasha I now have two biddable dogs... still working on the third!! The classes not only help the dogs but give us owners the confidence to deal with unwanted behaviours as they occur. Great trainer no dog is too much for her.”

- Michelle

“Tasha has worked with our reactive, fear aggressive collie for a number of months. Her classes started to build his confidence on being around other people and dogs and gave me the confidence to handle challenging situations. She has also worked patiently with him on a one to one, letting things develop at his pace and gradually building trust. I would strongly recommend Tasha for anyone struggling with difficult dog behaviour.”

- Marilyn Tyzack

“I have been training with Tasha for the last year with my Labradoodle Asha and have seen her mature from a mad puppy to a more 'sensible' dog. The outside sessions have been really valuable for teaching basic obedience in a real life situation! The weekly reinforcement of learnt commands practised in different ways has built up my confidence as an owner, to then be able to transfer this to everyday places. Asha especially loves the social side of meeting other dogs - and enjoys the times to play!!”

- Joy

“Myself and my german shepherd Leila have been attending group classes with Tasha for over two years plus twice weekly one to one lessons and walks. My girl has not been the easiest to train she has a brilliant temperament but can be quite challenging . Tasha has the patience and knowledge to help and give me the confidence I need. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting help with any problems they have with their dogs or just to come along to socialise, we have a great group of people. sue baker”

- sue baker

“My young Labrador and I have been training with Tasha for about 2+ years and have steadily progressed from the puppy class up to the advanced. I am now working my lab, we are picking up on shoot, and I have no doubt that Tasha’s classes have helped me achieve the level of obedience and partnership that we need. We will continue to go as we both really enjoy the class, and there’s always something new we can learn or a behaviour to fix! Tasha has an amazing way with all the dogs and there’s nothing, really NOTHING she can’t handle, and more importantly teach you to handle! I can’t recommend her enough.”

- Emma Wood

“I would thoroughly recommend Tasha as a trainer having attended her friendly training sessions on a Saturday morning for approximately 24 months. Our Standard Schnauzer would not have turned out to be the obedient, friendly dog that he is if we hadn't been to her lessons. We still attend a training session every few weeks to re-inforce all that our dog has learnt. Tasha is very approachable, knowledgeable and does not regard any dog as a 'lost cause'. She has also made me a more confident dog owner, I enjoy Tasha's lessons and intend to carry on attending for the foreseeable future.”

- Maggie

“I've not been at training with Tasha for very long but what I've seen so far she is brilliant. I'm glad I chose her to train my German Shepherd with as I have already noticed a big difference when out with her. Very good price and very good service. Would highly recommend to anyone. ”

- Katie

“Tasha was recommended to us when we discovered our rescue dog couldn't stand other dogs. In the beginning as I stood in the rain while Willow ignored all the commands, barked and lunged at all the nearby dogs, I thought it was a hopeless task. Now a few months later, Willow doesn't bat an eye at the other dogs at the training session and has had several untroubled group walks afterwards. She's still not a fan of other dogs but I can take her out for walks now without worry, knowing she'll stop when told and generally walk past other dogs without bothering. Phew!”

- Murdoch Morrison

“Been training with Tasha for years, she has excellent connection with all the dogs who seem to understand her and want to please her. Training being outside is good for real life distractions so if it works there it will work in the park also excellent for dog socialisation.”

- Roy

“My cocker spaniel and I have been going to training with Tasha for over a year now. He is unrecognizable. From excessive barking at anything and everyone that meant every walk was stressful I now have the dog I deserve. He is walking well on lead, has excellent recall off lead, and is just gorgeous. Of course there is the odd slip up, but I wouldn't be without him now and that is all down to Tasha's support and refusal to give up on us.”

- sheena elphick

“Shadow having cuddles with his mummy love him so much was a bit of a battle to get where we are today and couldn't ask for a more lovely dog and all thanks to Tasha Bennett training us and i still do all i was shown with him she is one of the best trainers out there xx”

- Shirley callaway

“Missy my Doberman Pinscher bitch was pretty well unmanageable until she took part in lessons with Tasha but now after 6 months she is a better behaved and responsive dog. She responds to Tashas training methods really well and it has improved and been more noticeable each successive week of training. Tasha has a way with dogs that shows in the way they respond to her personally. Not least I enjoy the time spent immeasurably.”

- Vic

“Missy my Doberman Pinscher bitch was pretty well unmanageable until she took part in lessons with Tasha but now after 6 months she is a better behaved and responsive dog. She responds to Tashas training methods really well and it has improved and been more noticeable each successive week of training. Tasha has a way with dogs that shows in the way they respond to her personally. Not least I enjoy the time spent immeasurably.”

- Vic

“I have been going to Tashas training classes for a few months now to train my puppy miniature schnauzer Bella and Tasha has been brilliant. If it wasn't for her, Bella would not be any where near as obedient as she is now. Her recall is now perfect and all our friends and family are impressed by her behaviour. We couldn't be happier. Tasha really cares about the dogs and always goes the extra mile to help anyone. I am so grateful for her help and expertise. I would definitely recommend everyone training their dog with Tasha! ”

- Rachel Hewett

“We have been training, Mae, with Tasha for nearly a year now. She is our first dog and we needed (and still need) guidance and support. Tasha is professional and I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone, Mae is growing into a well behaved and more confident dog. Mae adores her and loves her Saturday morning classes! Thank you to Tasha and Ben ”

- Lisa Payne

“We've been training with Tasha for 2 years now and love it. Our Australian cattle dog was a rescue when we got her and ran rings around us until we got in contact with Tasha. The change In her was immediate and she is now a lovely content dog who is so well behaved. Classes have also given her a chance to meet friends and socialise in a friendly environment. Really friendly and supportive group too so classes are sociable for us and her! Thank you Tash! ”

- Becky Woodley

“We have been attending puppy training classes with Tasha for the last nine months and they have been fantastic. our spaniel is now perfect off the lead and responds to most commands. We also have regular two-three days business trips and it was wonderful to leave our dog with Tasha - he loves her and she trains him as well as looks after him - irreplaceable! ”

- Natalia Murray

“I have been training 'all sorts' for some time with Tasha. I am still facinated how all the dogs,whatever problem, fall in love with her on the first meeting & respond to her every command; much to our amusement !. Her understanding and communication with dogs is fantastic. She also has an excellent straight forward approach when training owners, explaining commands clearly and why. Having owned and worked with animals all my life, I would rate Tasha at the top of my list for her incredible expertice and success with training both dogs and owners. Thanks Tasha & assistant Ben. x ”

- Caroline Sills

“I began training with Tasha at the start of 2014 with my Akita X Bernese puppy. His recall wasn't great and he was too excitable when initially meeting other dogs. However, after a couple of private classes with Tasha his recall and obedience improved dramatically and he now also has a better understanding of how to socialise correctly when meeting other dogs through Tasha's training in the group lessons. Tasha's classes are fun and extremely effective and my dog simply adores her. I would highly recommend Tasha's classes to any dog owner. Thank you Tasha for all your help and guidance”

- Ben Matthews

“Tasha is very friendly and approachable- but also has a no-nonsense attitude. It has to be a good sign that the dogs at training all love her! The training is great for dog and owner too. ”

- Julie Pover

“I have been training with Tasha since the beginning of the year with my very bouncy retriever! He absolutely loves her and she has a great relationship with him. She's given me loads of help and her individual training sessions are fantastic. I feel far more confident taking him out now. ”

- Sue Taylor

“Having only been used to cats in the past, being presented with dogsitting duties six days a week for our son's German Shepherd puppy made dog training a necessity (if not for the dog, certainly for us!). From the outset we were impressed that a single look or command from Tasha was enough to show us that the dog knew who was in charge. A year later we have a puppy who while still trying to demonstrate superiority over its owners is able to follow many commands and can behave on or off lead... still a long way to go I am sure but we are grateful to Tasha and her colleague Ben for helping us on a steep learning curve.”

- Nigel Higson

“I have only taken our 5 month old 'willfull' Standard Schnauzer twice to training on Saturday morning and am already extremely impressed. In one lesson he has grasped 'sit and down' almost instantly on command. Tasha is very knowledgeable and approachable and I shall definitely continue to attend as I want our puppy to be well behaved in any situation, something I am sure Tasha will be able to help with. ”

- Maggie Barker

“We have been training with tasha for a long time, with different dogs, we are now doing ring craft with Albie our dogue de bordeaux, she has a fantastic relationship with the dogs, and they trust her, and love her. Not only is she good at the training she does, but also her knowledge is vast, and the information and advice she gives is fantastic, she is very gentle and kind to all the dogs I would recommend her to any one, even Thanks tash for all your help and support. X ”

- Laine

“Jasper (ridgeback) is the envy of Ayr, the best looking best trained dog on the beach, If only Tasha moved to Scotland, they could all be proud trusting owners of well behaved dogs. Big bonus, training with Tash is not only fun for the dog. It's great fun for owners tooo. Miss you Tash. Keep up the good work. X”

- Campbell Dickson

“I have been training with Tasha for 7months with my rescued rottie, my dog had nervous aggression towards certain dogs, which needed sorting out. Since training she has gained confidence and trust, the results are so rewarding. Tasha gave me back my confidence, which reflected back to my dog, Amazing results......x”

- theresa lewis

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