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“PREY DRIVE ........ My Testimonial :- I really like Brian’s approach. He comes from a much gentler angle from the Dogs perspective, which made a lot of sense. My 4 year old dog has a very high prey drive and chases everything.......... Cats, Horses, cows, Sheep, Small Children, even Trains. So needles to say she spent most of the time pulling on the lead 😢. To say the least, walks were not as much fun as they should have been. Well I had 2 sessions with Brian and the pulling on the lead was cured on the first session, in fact it only took about 20 minutes. I can’t tell you how that made me feel. On the second occasion we went for a walk through a field of sheep and apart from one excitable moment when some sheep started running and my dog lunged forward, I only needed to remind her what was expected and she carried on walking beside me with a completely lose lead in a relaxed manor. To me this was nothing short of a miricle. ! I try to walk through a field of sheep 2 or 3 times a week now just to reinforce what she has learned. Yesterday THE FARMER was also in the field and he remarked as to how well behaved my dog was. I wasn’t going to say “you should have seen her 2 weeks ago” ! Now to tackle running children. I feel that this is going to be a tuffie as my youngest child played chase with her all the time when my dog was a puppy so this is pretty hard wired. ...... I will keep you posted ! Fluer, Brighton.”

- Fluer, Brighton

“ Strong willed Staffordshire Bull terriers and associated behaviour. Brian came to see us to help with our 2 Staffies. Prior to the meeting he had explained how the visit would be best organised so as to meet our dogs in a particular way. On arrival he spent some time talking about the nature of dogs (before they joined us in the room). We found he was incredibly knowledgable and Brian explained in a very clear way so we could really understand. We did not feel intimidated or "told off" in any way for any incorrect dog psychology/training we had been giving our dogs. Instead he made us feel supported and after 2 meetings we gained enormous insight into correct owner behaviour and discipline. He helped us move to a new way of being with our dogs and now we have a content and confident family pack and much greater understanding of their behaviour. Brian is an amazing man I do not hesitate in highly recommending him if you want to be a better dog owner with happier dogs - thanks Brian Dave & Julia Brighton”

- Dave & Julia Brighton

“ Subject: Jasper Jasper is our bouncy 10 month old Cocker Spaniel who we have had since 8 weeks old. He is a generally well behaved dog but other than 4 puppy training classes he has had no other formal training. We have struggled more and more with his separation anxiety, meaning we have rarely been able to leave him on his own. Upon meeting Brian he was extremely friendly and spent time talking to us about dog psychology and explaining his methods. After 40 minutes or so he met Jasper and taught us that Jasper needs a 'safe place' in our home where he knows that no harm will come to him, of which we put in place straight away. We then went for a walk and Brian showed us some tips to control Jasper on the lead to prevent him pulling, this worked straight away. Brian also recommended a different lead for us to use which we went out and bought the following day. Brian is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, and has given us the confidence and tools for us to carry out training with Jasper on a daily basis. In the space of 10 days Jasper has made vast improvements already. We have raved about Brian to friends and family and would highly recommend him. Thank you Brian. Emily & Paul Portslade. ”

- Emily & Paul

“ Re: our Family of Dogs. Brian has a pleasant easy going manner and an excellent way with dogs. We have a Jack Russell bitch, a Chocolate Labrador, a Spaniel and a Whippet Collie mix puppy. They are extremely excitable. Brian was able to suggest ways that we could calm down our pack of dogs and teach the puppy and the Jack Russel not to disturb our family of rescued dogs. By the time he had left things were much improved. This advice has been very helpful. Thank you Brian. Lillian Styles Southwick. ”

- Lillian Styles Southwick

“Hello Brian, Thank you for coming to our house to give us guidance and training with Bonnie and Lance. We found your visit very useful and informative. The dogs are responding well to the psychology training that you shared with us. It was a pleasure to meet you and we felt very comfortable and confident with you. The situation is good now but we would hope to meet you again if needed. Kind regards, Karen and Mike. Hove. ”

- Karen & Mike Hove

“Subject: Poppy. My Wife and I have a Jack Russell / Bechion cross. She is a loverly 5 year old bitch, but we have had a couple of behavioural problems. Mainly barking when visitors arrive at the door, and when she meets anyone. Also when out on a walk she has a mind of her own. We met Brian at his display stand at Holmbush shopping centre Shoreham and found him very friendly and genuinely interested in our dogs problems. We arranged a date for him to visit. On the day of the visit we left Poppy in our kitchen while Brian sat down with us and explained about dog and human behaviour and what he intended to do with regards to behaviour training for both Poppy and us!!. We then brought Poppy in to meet Brian and she displayed her normal but unwanted behaviour. Brian explained what was happening and how we needed to resolve the problem, this we did to great effect and were amazed at how she had changed in such a short time. The three of us then went for a walk with Poppy. Brian was looking at Poppy and our behaviour and in no time gave us hints as to where we were going wrong. Again after a short walk Poppy was walking by our side and a real joy to walk with. No more pulling on the lead or misbehaviour. On returning home Brian gave us some homework to do with Poppy and arranged a second visit. On the second visit we put into practice, at the door what we and Poppy had learnt and she behaved completely different to how she used to, with no barking at last!!!. Again we went for a walk and Brian was so pleased at Poppy’s progress (and ours). It was such a joy to go for a walk for all concerned. So If you have a problem dog do give him a call, you will be delighted with the results, a donation well spent. Thank you once again Brian. Kind Regards Pat and Tony ”

- Pat & Tony Lancing

“ Subject: Patsy, I have a 4 year old rescued Rottweiler ( bitch ) who had suffered appalling abuse, mentally and physically ( the rescue centre believed she had been baited ). Despite this she is very loving and completely trusting of humans. Unfortunately, she is much less predictable with other dogs and shows signs of nervous aggression. I'm an experienced dog owner, including this wonderful breed. For the last 8 months I have attended obedience training with her and she's now at advanced level, very responsive and a pleasure to train, however the unpredictable nervous aggression remains. I contacted Brian after a friend suggested trying a behavioural therapist and am very pleased that I did. As soon as Brian met my dog I was sure I'd made the right decision, we had a very constructive one-to-one and Brian explained to me where I was going right and where I was going wrong and to set clear goals to be achieved to which I am committed. I would happily recommended Brian to anyone experiencing behavioural problems with their dog, or just to understand them better! Kind regards Theresa and Paul Hove”

- Theresa & Paul

“ Subject: Bailey, Bailey is our much loved 3 year old Chocolate Labrador which we have had since he was a puppy. Other than puppy familiarisation classes he has received no formal correction. He is my first dog, my wife having had several previous dogs, she has patiently trained him, and he is generally well behaved. Bailey has, however, been inclined to “Take me for a walk” on occasions rather than the other way around. Bailey also has a tendency to jump up when greeting people. I know Brian through a mutual interest in Astronomy and when he told me of his work using methods of an animal behaviourist I jumped at the chance to see if he could help. Brian visited us and first spent around 45 minutes discussing his methods before he actually met Bailey. Brian then met Bailey who displayed his usual boisterous dominating manner which Brian was able to easily correct. We then went for a walk and Brian showed how to control Bailey so that there was less pulling. After a few attempts Bailey got the message. Labradors are generally very intelligent and since Brian visited us, by adopting his methods things have certainly improved. We should like to thank Brian and would have no hesitation in recommending him. John & Sue Shoreham ”

- John & Sue. Shoreham

“ The dogs with our new baby. My wife and I met Brian in the Holmbush shopping centre and were interested in engaging his services as we felt that our dogs' behaviour had changed since the birth of our son and we wanted to rekindle the relationship with them. Brian came to our house for the appointment and explained in detail the theory behind his approach and how we should think about our d​ogs' behaviour. He gave us practical tips to employ with the dogs so that we could ensure a good relationship with them and that they didn't feel left out now that we had a baby. We then brought the dogs into the living room and Brian demonstrated the tips which he had previously described. They were instantly effective which gave us confidence. Following this we went for a walk with the dogs so that Brian could demonstrate some further work about on-lead walking as one of our dogs has a tendency to pull. Again, his tips and advice were very effective and we have both used them ever since to great effect. Overall, it was a very successful few hours and my wife and I were both very pleased to have used Brian's expertise. Since the appointment we have both noticed an improvement in our dogs' behaviour in terms of obedience, recall, walking on the lead and general demeanour. This we believe is due to the lessons that Brian taught us. We would definitely recommend his services to other people wishing to learn more about their dog's behaviour and what they can do to implement change if needed. Regards, Dan. ”

- Dan Shoreham

“Subject: Luna - Recall and pulling on the lead. I have a 2 year old Caucasian Ovcharka, rather a big dog and a challenge at my age, but she was a gift and I love her to bits. She is agenerally very good.... with children, people in general and other animals. Howevershe has no inclination to come back when called (when off lead) and she also pulls on the lead which is a problem as I am quite elderly. I am an experienced dog owner but have found these issues difficult with Luna. I spoke to the owner of the business "The Dogs Corner" (the Holistic Dog Centre in Hove) and she put me in contact with Brian of I am very pleased that she did. It only took Brian a short time to explain and show me how to change Luna's behaviour. I am pleased to say that I now have no more problems with Luna while walking her on the lead. Brian explained his methods to me before he met Luna. She then joined us, having been in another room and we went for a walk to put into practice those things that Brian and I had discussed. It was amazing how quickly he changed Luna's behaviour (and mine also :)) I would happily recommend Brian to anybody who has any problem with their dog or just need some advise. He is punctual and honest and really has great knowledge of dogs. Marianne Portslade. ”

- Marianne Portslade.

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