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  • Dog Training and Behaviour Specialists
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Schooling 4 Dogs & Humans

Schooling 4 Dogs & Humans - Dog Trainer & Behaviourist in Hove, East Sussex

Welcome to Schooling 4 Dogs & Humans. We are a training and behaviour company with venues across Sussex and we are here to help you and your dogs build strong and successful relationships so you can always feel confident and competent when you are out together.

We are a close knit team of trainers and behaviourist that previously worked together at another training centre, we worked so well together that we decided to form Schooling 4 Dogs & Humans. 

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We offer group classes, behaviour consultations, 121 training (tailored to your needs) and fun workshops for every age group right from when you first pick up your puppy through to adulthood. Did you know the old saying 'You can’t teach an old dog new tricks' is complete rubbish! We run all sorts of fun courses to keep your dog’s brain stimulated and it is really never too late to learn. We have venues, trainers and behaviourists across Brighton, Hove, Hailsham, Eastbourne, Hastings, Bexhill, Crawley and Worthing and our qualified team can also come to your home or join you on a walk.

Behaviour Consultantions
Behaviour consultations are different from training courses in that training is about teaching a dog something new (like lead walking or recall) and behavior consultations help to improve or eliminate existing problems or abnormal behavior (like chewing, separation anxiety or excessive barking). We like to do behaviour consultations in your own home, where you and your dog should feel you’re most comfortable and so we can observe the unwanted behaviour as it normally happens.

Our training courses are a fantastic way to teach your dog the life skills he or she needs to do well and all our classes are designed to help your puppy learn quickly so that they become a valued member of your family. We will teach you and your dog using the most up-to-date reward based teaching methods, which give your dog the confidence to enjoy learning so that you can communicate with each other effectively. Most of our courses are 6 weeks long, with an hour every week and homework to help you and your dog practise so you can improve quickly. We use clicker training in most of our courses but this is optional if you would rather not use one.

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In our 121 sessions you and your dog have our undivided attention. We will tailor your session to make sure that you both have the tools to help you understand and communicate with each other better, so you can both enjoy the life you want to lead, together. 121's are useful for lots of people (and dogs), especially those that find it difficult to concentrate in the exciting environment of a class situation, or those that are very nervous around other dogs and we can cover a multitude of topics like pulling on the lead, recall, jumping up and general obedience..

Dog TrainingDog Training

Everyone in our team is qualified and we are competent in several different specialisms and accreditations. We use the latest up-to-date, scientific and fun approaches to provide you and your dog the best experience of training and behaviour. Lastly, we only use reward based methods where we reinforce your dog’s good behavior and choices because this has been shown to help develop happy and confident dogs.

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“I have just completed puppy training level 1 with Leigh who was amazing. Jasper and I have learned so much and gained confidence over the six weeks. Great talking time, tips, games and training ideas followed up with informative emails with links. I also had an extended 121 session to talk through general new puppy queries. Leigh is so helpful. We will be doing level 2 soon! So pleased I chose this company. Thank you so much. ”

- Lisa Roberts

“We have completed the level 1 and 2 puppy training with Leigh. We've learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves along the way. Leigh is great - teaches really well online and able to complete a course of training while also answering loads of specific puppy problem issues. We would very much recommend him to others. ”

- Lisa&James

“Always willing to answer any questions, having Leigh on hand has made our new puppy journey a lot less stressful! Just finished our level 1 training with Leigh and absolutely loved it! So many things that we hadn't thought of which made so much sense. Bones can sit, down, doesn't steal food without permission, walks on lead, off lead, his recall is amazing after Leigh's suggestions for word conditioning and he helped us with our boys separation anxiety, just to name a few - 10/10 Signed up for level 2 so we don't lose our hard work and continue to grow with our pup.”

- Charlotte & Dominic

“We have recently completed our level 1 puppy class with Leigh and really enjoyed it. He explained all the different training activities really clearly and gave really useful insights into dog behaviour to help us understand why each activity was helpful. He has been great answering my many questions. We also had some 1:1 sessions which were perfect for me as a first time dog owner to build my confidence.”

- Jo

“I've completed the puppy course with Leigh and Debbie over the years with both of my border terriers. Even though I had been through the training before I found myself learning so much more and I would highly recommend the course for anyone considering getting a puppy. Leigh is patient, incredibly knowledgeable and even though this course was on zoom it was fun and 100% worthwhile. Signing up to the middle school training today.”

- Heather

“Leigh has been great and always encouraging. I have just completed the level 1 training and about to do the next level. My bouncy, enthusiastic labrador and I need Leigh's further guidance and support. Given the training has to be virtual, I think it's as helpful as it can be. I would fully recommend Leigh and Schooling4dogs. ”

- Jane

“Waffles has just completed the level 1 puppy class online with Leigh. It has been absolutely brilliant for us as first-time dog owners. We've learned so much about how dogs think, we've been taught how to train Waffles and also how to manage his behaviour as he develops. Leigh has so much knowledge to share and the classes were great online. We'll definitely be signing up for the level 2 class in the future. Thanks Leigh :-)”

- Kate

“Level 1 puppy classes were great! Leigh was brilliant in making everything clear and even when the classes had to move online, he made them interesting and full of information. It was almost easier to have online classes as our puppy was in her familiar environment and more able to focus on learning. She (and us) learned a lot in those 6 weeks. Thanks Leigh! ”

- Nina

“Leigh was brilliant at delivering the level 1 puppy classes over zoom. I learnt a lot and pups picked it up straight away. Highly recommend”

- Anna

“We have had such a great time learning over the last 12 weeks. Leigh managed to seamlessly change from IRL to virtual classes during the Covid situation. Yogi has come on so much since we started the classes - Leigh really know what he is talking about. I have already recommended to several friends.”

- Katie & Yogi

“Leigh really knows his stuff. Yogi has come on leaps and bounds over the 6 week course. We are really looking forward to middle school!”

- Katie Rawlings

“Level 1 training with our puppy (Chester) has been very worthwhile. Classes were run at a pace that was suitable with lots of reminding, reinforcing and encouragement to continue practicing between sessions. Lots of fun thrown into the sessions too, alongside the training. Showing first hand demonstrations with the puppies in class and then having the opportunity to practice with feedback from Leigh was really beneficial. Everything felt achievable and we have taken away activities which Chester loves and we love doing with him. ”

- Cheryll

“What Leigh doesn’t know about dogs is not worth knowing. I’d highly recommend his classes. Learnt so much about dogs generally as well as how to train for specific things. If you can understand your dogs behaviour, impulses and drives it’s much easier to manage them. A lot of it is also about owners changing their behaviours so as not to confuse their dogs. Great handouts and worksheets between sessions too.”

- Samantha

“We have done both sessions with Leigh Keneally and he is so passionate about his job. He is so helpful and guided us through how to deal with our particularly bouncy Boxer puppy. Thankyou Schooling4dogs and especially Leigh”

- Scott Ford

“This class was the best thing we have invested in for our pup Winnie. Leigh is a brilliant trainer and Winnie adored him, she would run into class. We are so pleased that we enrolled as we learnt so much and we all enjoyed the classes every week. We are not sure where we would have been with our puppy if we had not have done this classes. More importantly it makes so much sense. ”

- Karen

“Leigh took our puppy class in Three Bridges and he was brilliant - he explaining his method of teaching and demonstrated how put it into practice. Ted might rule the roost at home but out and about he is a wimp. During the classes his confidence blossomed every week. He learnt to take an interest in all the commands which he could eventually perform with ease. We look forward to the next course and in the meantime have lots to work on!! Thank you Leigh for making this experience fun. ”

- Linda and Ted the terrible terrier!!!

“Leigh and Schooling for dogs has been great for Rudy and Mark & myself. We have seen Rudy grow in confidence and as it had been such a long time since we had a puppy we needed a lot of help. Leigh has been very patient and helpful in hearing our concerns and helping us all along the way. Looking forward to continuing the relationship and training as Rudy approaches adolescence! ”

- Siobhan McHenry

“Leigh has been great with us and our new rescued dog (Tiny). Since the first private lesson until the last group class we were always amazed on how much he can control the dogs and both us and Tiny could learn together. We really appreciate the time spent together!”

- Paola Vasconcelos

“Attended level 1 scent detection training yesterday in Hove. My dog took to it very quickly & enjoyed the experience. It's a really tough mental workout & she was getting tired towards the end, at 9 she'd be retiring in the real world. But we'll be doing lots to practicing in coming weeks, building her skillset ready for level 2. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an activity & outlet for their dog natural instincts. Massive thanks to Schooling 4 Dogs team for providing an excellent course. Debbie & Lee were super friendly and approachable.”

- Rob

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