Spirit Pet Care & Dog Walking - Dog Walker in Polegate, East Sussex

Spirit Pet Care & Dog Walking

East Sussex
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  • Dog walker in Polegate, East sussex
  • One to one dog walking
  • Reliable & trustworthy house/pet sitter
  • CRB checked & fully insured
  • Specialises in dog & horse care
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Spirit Pet Care & Dog Walking

Spirit Pet Care - Dog Walker in Polegate, East Sussex

A dog walking/pet sitting business which strives to offer the best one to one service for your pet(s). I only offer one to one care. Several dogs from the same household may be walked at once (if desired) but NO 'outside' dogs, ensuring that quality care and attention is given at all times.
I pride myself on my kind, friendly and reliable service offering the very best care for animals of all sizes especially horses, dogs, cats and tropical fish.
Whether you would like long time care arrangements put in place or just care now and again, please let me know how I can help. I will arrange to meet you and your pets at your home to discuss requirements and work with your pets (going for a free short walk together, if desired) so you can see first hand how I work and have peace of mind.

Spirit Pet Care & Dog Walking

I am a lover of all animals and offer a fantastic, friendly and reliable service. I have 2 horses, 5 dogs, chickens, fancy rats and tropical fish of my own. I am available for dog walking, house/pet sits, home visits and equine care.

One 2 One Dog Walking
Are you needing some help to walk your dog? At work or going out for the day? I work with many dogs including rescues on a daily basis and would love to assist you. This service is adapted for your dog(s) only - maximum 3 dogs from the same home. I aim to maintain good walking behaviour whilst on our walks as well as ensuring your dog enjoys their time with me. My service is a little different as I am prepared to spend more time engaging dogs in other forms of training that you may want them to learn additionally. Trick training, walking nicely to heel, training to recall, etc are some of the things I offer during my time with your pet(s), making my time given stand out from the rest. I am not put off of working with dogs that may need work on socialisation/behaviour problems and will adjust walks accordingly. From nervous to excitable dogs, please get in touch and let me know your requirements and we can work together. This service is offered within a 6 mile radius of Polegate only. I wear a camera during all walks and can provide you with videos to show our progress/adventures.

Dog Walker in East SussexDog Walking in East SussexDog Walker in Polegate

Whether you have a new puppy or kitten or just need visits for your pets during the day, I can pop in. This service is perfect if you do not require walking/full house sitting but need you pets taken care of whilst you are away or out for the day. Whether cats, reptiles or caged animals such as hamsters, rabbits, rats, birds, etc I am completely comfortable and able. The visits include (whatever options you require), feeding/watering and cleaning of feed area, cleaning litter tray/cage, light brushing, play and general love and fuss, bringing in your post, opening/closing curtains and turning lights on/off, etc.. Please get in touch today with your requirements and I will be happy to help.

Spirit Pet Care - Dog Walker in Polegate. East SussexDog Walker in PolegateDog Walker in East Sussex

Just Feeding
Just feeding service is great if you have pets that are quite happy with just being fed and watered whilst you are away for a short amount of time and will not require cleaning (for example cats that have cat flaps).

Equine Care
I have been working with horses since the young age of 11, and owned my two Friesian horses for 10 years. I have a very natural approach with equines and I am very confident around all, including the troubled ones that may have some behaviour problems. Whether you are going away or just need a little help, the service I provide will be tailored to your needs.

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Spirit Pet Care & Dog Walking


“Our 1 year old boxer Stanley was very excitable and found it hard to calm down when we had visitors, jumping up at them and jumping up where they were sitting. We were recommended Jodie by a friend and cannot praise her enough she showed us how to get our visitors to act when they come in the house and only rewarding good behaviour. Although Stanley still gets hyper when we have guests we now get everyone to follow Jodie's advice and he will calm right down and guests can sit and relax without Stanley jumping all over them.”

- Debbie Asbury

“In January this year I adopted a Staffie called Cookie. She was extremely strong on the lead and not a pleasure to walk at all. Due to work commitments I needed to employ a dog walker and after speaking to several, found Spirit Pet Services on the web and rang Jodie. I would like to advise that Jodie is fantastic and has a special way with dogs and is a genuinely lovely person. She has helped me no end with Cookie and has been on the end of the phone with advice and practical help all of which has been so beneficial. Cookie's behaviour has changed beyond belief and with Jodie's help I have overcome issues that Cookie has. I really feel that if I had not of had help and advice from Jodie, I may well of given up on Cookie as she was a handful. I would strongly recommend Jodie to anybody looking for Pet Care as she is kind, understanding and has an amazing way with dogs. I also like the fact that she takes your dog out on a one to one basis as a few other dog walkers I spoke to initially seem to take your dog out with others as a pack and I was not keen on this. Jodie's one to one approach works well with Cookie and she is fantatic !!! I wouldn't use anyone else and trust her implicity with Cookie ”

- N Hutchinson

“My working hours changed in jan 15 and I needed to find a dog walker. I had reservations about trusting anyone to walk my boys as both have different issues. Alfie is 7 mths old and very nervous around people he doesn't know and Barkley who was challenging on a lead with a dislike for other dogs, scooters, cars and just about everything that moved following losing an eye in June 14. Jodie visited the boys at home and allowed them the get used to her on home ground. Long story short 8 weeks on I have two very happy boys who are walking nicely on leads . Barkley is ignoring all things mobile and is tolerating other dogs. Alfie is becoming more sociable by the day and is happy a accept a bit of fuss from strangers. I was home the other day when Jodie came to walk them their reaction said it all wagging tails and an eagerness to get walking. Alfie even shared his excitement puppy wee normally saved for his most favourite people (lucky Jodie ). Jodie will be dog sitting my boys overnight in May and I know they will be happy and save. Can't recommend her enough. Thank you Jodie ”

- Kim coombs

“We interviewed several dog walkers when we got our two rescues a few months back. We didn't really know what we were looking for at the time as we were new to the whole thing. One of our dogs is particularly skittish and the other is an older girl requiring an observing eye for her arthritis and changeable abilities. Jodi inspired confidence instantly and we've been so pleased with her work. She is professional and warm, reliable and friendly, and extremely good value, especially when we compared what she does with our girls to what the other dog walkers who we interviewed offered. Our dogs really love her and it was clear by their response to seeing her at the door that she'd made a bond with them quickly. Our girls have grown in confidence and good behaviour as a result of her work with them, and we have grown in confidence ourselves learning tips from Jodi on how to be with them. Even our postie, who has seen Jodi out with the girls, has commented on how great Jodi is. We can't recommend her highly enough.”

- Penny & Steven

“Extremely pleased with the quality service Jodie provides for my girl. I love the one to one care as I know she is having the full attention of the handler at all times. I was not happy at the thought of my dog on a group walk with others and attention not being fully focused on her. Can't recommend enough, I will be using spirit pet care long term!”

- Angie Webb

“In September this year I came to stay at my brothers house to look after their dog while they were on holiday. He is a lovely dog but I found him very difficult to handle. He was I just too strong for me. He took me rather than the other way round. Once Jodie became involved the change in him was amazing. She is so calm but firm and he responded to her almost immediately. By the end of the week he was like a different dog and both he and I were very happy. I would highly recommend Jodie as a vey competent and caring person to take care of your dog.”

- Mrs S Mackinlay

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