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They Love It Dog Food

6 Parsons Road
The Manor Trading Estate
  • Natural raw dog food suppliers
  • FREE delivery, no minimum order
  • Made with human grade products
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  • Full range of RAW feeding products
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They Love It Dog Food

They Love It Dog Food - Natural Raw Dog Food Suppliers

They Love It Dog Food are based in Benfleet, Essex with over 30 years of combined poultry and butchery experience.

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We have developed our range of dog food utilizing 100% fresh human grade chicken in "They Love It".
Our mince contains ONLY 100% complete chicken carcass with nothing else added.
We don't use heads, feathers or feet.

We add NO bulking to our food such as dairy and animal by-products.

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And there's:
NO artificial colouring or flavourings
NO rendered meat, fats or oils
NO meat or bone meals
NO processed grains
NO preservatives
NO salt or sugar
NO sugar beet
NO additives
NO cereal
NO wheat
NO fillers

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“They Love It” ensure the meats used come with the highest welfare standards and offer full traceability.

We also make and stock:

Green Beef Tripe
Chicken Wings, Necks and Feet
Lamb and Beef Bones
Plus LOTS more.

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Discounts on bulk orders of our best selling minced chicken.
40 Kg (88lb) - £54.99 works out to 63p per lb Delivered
60 Kg (132lb) - £69.99 works out to 53p per lb Delivered
80 Kg (176lb) - £82.99 works out to 47p per lb Delivered
100 Kg (220lb) - £99.00 works out to 45p per lb Delivered

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