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  • Natural raw dog food suppliers
  • Raw is a truly healthy option
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They Love It Dog Food - Online And In Store Dog Food In Benfleet, Essex

We have developed our range of dog food utilizing 100% fresh human grade chicken. Our mince contains ONLY 100% complete chicken carcass with nothing else added. We don't use heads, feathers or feet.

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We add NO bulking to our food such as dairy and animal by-products.

And there's:
NO artificial colouring or flavourings
NO rendered meat, fats or oils
NO meat or bone meals
NO processed grains
NO preservatives
  NO salt or sugar
  NO sugar beet
  NO additives
 NO cereal
  NO wheat
  NO fillers

“They Love It” ensure the meats used come with the highest welfare standards and offer full traceability.

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Why feed raw?
Raw is natural to animals. Cooked, tinned and processed food is not.

Raw is a truly healthy option. Providing you maintain a balanced diet of 80% protein, 10% bone and 10% offal (usually consisting of 5% liver and the other 5% can be any secreting organ such as Kidney, Pancreas etc) then there is no reason why your dog, cat, ferret etc won't absolutely thrive on it. They should be on at least 4 different proteins such as chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, fish, rabbit, venison etc which should be varied over time.

Raw fed dogs require less food, the food is high in nutrients and their bodies can process more % of it, therefore there is less waste than kibble or tinned fed dogs. Their waste is much smaller, firmer and best of all far less smelly!

Providing you take all the usual hygiene precautions when you are handling raw, then there are no risks.

A raw fed dog will develop stomach acid levels which will deal with breaking down bone content and tackling any bacteria that can be found in raw food which would be harmful to us but not to them.

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Is it natural for an animal, born with paws and claws to eat food from a tin or kibble from a sack? Would they be able to cook their food if we didn't do it for them? No. Of course not. So why do we, as a nation of self confessed dog lovers, still feed our dogs this rubbish? More and more dogs fed on kibble are becoming allergic to storage mites for example, present in many kibbles. They develop allergies to grain, wheat, cereal etc that is present in many dry foods as bulking agents, and don't get me started on what goes into those tins of stinking gloop!

Go on, give it a try. You will not look back!

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