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Alicia's Obedience Dog Training

Bulphan Village Hall
Church Road
RM14 3RU
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“We'd had our lovely dog for 4 months before we started Alicia's beginners class. My 14 year old son was the "handler" as it was as important to me that he learnt how to be a responsible dog owner as it was for our dog to benefit. With Alicia you get so much more than dog training; you get advice about everything dog related and continual non-judgemental support and help. We now do agility with her, some trick training and we've done her recall workshop. Our dog loves it all and so do we. It's made such a difference to us, our dog and our relationship with him. he's a happy dog and we're happy owners. I thoroughly recommend her. If I could turn back time, the only thing I'd change would be that I would have asked Alicia to help us the minute we brought our lovely dog home.”

- Heidi Livingstone

“Mum said if stopped bouncing off the walls she would help me with this review. Well iv'e stopped, ooh hang on need a scratch !!!! That's better. I, well mum was given a recommendation while we were over the field having fun, well I was, mum was trying to calm me down, there were boy dogs about you see, and well you know, I was only flirting. Mum contacted Alicia, and she came to my house, we had some fun and a walk. Mum wanted to show Alicia how I like to launch myself at cars whilst I'm walking !! Anyway after lots of great tips from Alicia I think i'm alittle better. You see I am a Border Collie and it's kinda what I like to do. Really don't like white vans though. I'm really good at sitting and waiting for my meals and love to go to my crate to get away from Lacey, my Bischon Frise friend, she is a pest and a proper lap dog. Drives me a bit nuts really, she runs out of steam quickly. Anyway I need to go and annoy mum again, she is trying to watch TV. Looking forward to seeing Alicia again and to see what we are going to learn this coming week, I love it so far, easy to understand a really friendly. Iv'e told all of my mates over the field about the fun wee have. I love it xx”

- Lynn Martin

“We've just attended our first course with Alicia and so glad we found her! Alicia is a kind and fun trainer, gives you attention to every detail and works each dog and handler to their own capabilities. We learnt something new each week which at 4 1/2 years in paws was just what we needed - we will be back for more 😍 I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alicia and AODT. ”

- Mandy n Harle

“I have two 3 year old Eurasiers, (Gus and Brie) and we have been attending Alicia's Obedience Dog Training for a couple of years. I moved from another trainer when I realised that they couldn't help with some special needs that Gus has. He was scared of many things and I had very little understanding of how to help and train him. Alicia has worked with Gus and Brie AND me (I probably needed just as much training as they did) and the improvement in all of us is remarkable!!! They have also attended agility classes and we join in the group walks. Alicia is always at the end on the phone to give advice and support. You know you have well trained dogs when a complete stranger tells you how well behaved your dogs are, which was something I never thought would happen!!! I would highly recommend AODT to anyone who has a dog, young or old, well behaved or naughty, happy or sad. There is always something new to learn and improvements to be made and it is great fun at the same time. Alicia is our fairy dog-mother and is the only trainer for us !! ”

- Maria Cater

“I've been attending Alicia's classes since February this year with my Springer Spaniel. He was 7 months old when we started, and he was becoming a handful! Alicia showed us how to work with him in a positive relaxed way that is based around treats and praise and he's really flourishing. He's now well behaved enough to take to other people's houses, and even dog friendly restaurants and pubs when we are on holiday! I can let him enjoy his walk off his lead and be confident he'll return to me when I call him. He loves the classes, and I learn something new each week. The classes are always different, but always relaxed and fun. There's always time to ask questions, and we've had a lot of help with diet and odd behavior issues. I'm convinced that without Alicia, we would be miserable owners with an unhappy dog. I can't recommend her highly enough!”

- Louise Barry

“I started attending AODT when my dog was around 1 years old. I also have a 2 year old child so was finding it hard with the both of them. Since attending Alicia's classes, Marley has come on in leaps & bounds. He's been much more behaved, relaxed & ultimately we've all been more happy. Now my dog & son play happily together, which is a gorgeous sight! Unfortunately we moved out the area a year ago so had to stop going to the weekly evening classes, however we still do attend the weekend agility training, which is great fun & has also given him much more confidence (when he started he wouldn't jump anything but Alicia was very patient with him) I highly recommend Alicia's Dog Training to everyone! ”

- Charlotte Goodyear

“Before collecting our puppy a cavapoo my daughter Lois was extremely afraid of any dog or puppy. We first visited one of Alicia's classes before collecting our puppy and Lois didn't even want to enter the room, one of the activities was for those watching to greet the owner but not touch the dog. Lois needed lots of coaxing but together we greeted a owner an owner. On enrolling for Alicias young handlers course our puppy Flint was 12 weeks old, Kieran my son and Lois took it in turns to work with Flint. Gradually each week Lois' confidence grew through Alicia's perseverance and encouragement, she became confident in handling Flint and being in close contact with other dogs (not all puppies). Through the careful guidance and support from Alicia Lois now thoroughly enjoys Flint and they have a lovely relationship to the point that she shares the training in the intermediate class with myself. A wonderful achievement During the holidays was when Lois came 1st in the Young Handlers competition at the Heavy Horse show Orsett, there she got Flint to walk to heel and sit on command. Lois was so proud of her achievement! ”

- Debbie Terrey

“Alicia and her friends visited my Beaver and Cub group to teach the children how to behave when they come in contact with a dog they don't know. The children were taught how to stand still, how to approach a dog and what to do if a dog knocks them over. The highlight was actually seeing the dogs and putting what they had been taught into action. my highlight was seeing one of the beavers who was very nervous of the dogs respond to Alicia's patience and care and actually stroke the dog. His smile of achievement was wonderful to see! ”

- angie.cahill

“Alicia and her friends visited my Beaver and Cub group to teach the children how to behave when they come in contact with a dog they don't know. The children were taught how to stand still, how to approach a dog and what to do if a dog knocks them over. The highlight was actually seeing the dogs and putting what they had been taught into action. my highlight was seeing one of the beavers who was very nervous of the dogs respond to Alicia's patience and care and actually stroke the dog. His smile of achievement was wonderful to see! ”

- angie.cahill

“I would never ever expected to have come this far with Zeus, when I came so close to saying enough is enough. But this is isn't just my hard work, you truly are an amazing person who totally puts animals and people at ease and jump the hurdles. You have played a massive part in our family and I will never forget that. This lady is truly amazing, with people and doggys. I have a dog that when I called her was on his last chance and if this didn't work was the end. But thank god I found her, I'm jumping some of the biggest hurdles with my Zeus that I never dreamt would ever happen, and we have come out the other side as complete soul mates, this has been a hard and tiring journey but we've done it. He’s not the best behaved but far better than I ever expected. And he is Zeus one of a kind, everyone I meet I recommend Alicia to, she's amazing. And I'm truly grateful for her input and advice. Everyone needs Alicia In their lives. Thank you my dreams came true”

- Lucy McQueen

“We asked Alicia to support adults with learning disabilities with dog handling when over the park and meeting random dogs while out and about. The training was tailored to meet the needs of the clients and she was incredible patient. On the first day of training she went through the rules, the whys and wherefores and on the second day introduced the dogs to our learners. Those who were petrified initially, were stroking dogs by the end of the course, an amazing achievement for many of our clients. So thank you so very much Alicia to you and your team you ensured the safety of many people last summer who would have initially run up to dogs without thinking and support those who are scared, to conquer their fears. ”

- Kate

“I have known Alicia for a few years now and, as someone that works with dogs and understands their needs in terms of training and manners, I would and do highly recommend Alicia's training school. I have seen dogs before they start her course and after they have finished, the difference is amazing. Groups are always kept small so that everyone (owners and dogs alike) get as much attention as they need. Alicia is the only dog trainer I recommend. ”

- Cath Lumley..Dogtopia Pet Services

“My daughter Freya has attended the young trainer course with her dog Buzz. When we first got Buzz he had a real issue with barking a lot and was terrible on the lead. After the course Buzz was a changed dog, he is still a bit bonkers but Freya has been given the skills to deal with him. He listens to her, will now walk to heel on and off lead and loves to please. I cannot recommend Alicia highly enough, especially for young handlers.”

- marie splarn

“AODT is a friendly and welcoming club, using reward based training with either treats or toys. I have been taking my Yellow Labrador Benson to classes since he was a puppy and he enjoys every minute of his time there, as do I. Benson is nearly 2years old and still attends the weekly ongoing training classes at Bulphan village hall, as well as agility classes in Stifford. AODT also arranges group walks at different country parks which gives us a chance to socialise our dogs out of the class environment. In a nutshell I would highly recommend Alicia's Obedience Dog Training to anyone wanting a happy dog in their family.”

- Nicki Furnell

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