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Paul Coleman - Le Comportementaliste

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  • Is Your Dog....
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Le Comportementaliste
Do You Need Help With Your Dogs Behaviour?

Is The Front Door A Battle Of Wills?
Barking Giving You A Headache?
Worried About Meeting Other Dogs When Out Walking?
If Your Dog's Left Alone, Do You Dread Coming Home?
Pulling On The Lead Or Just Ignoring You?
Aggressive When Out Or In The Home?

Le ComportementalisteLe ComportementalisteLe Comportementaliste

All these problems, and many more, CAN BE FIXED.
If your dog is causing problems or stress or if you have got to the point where you no longer know what to do next then its time to stop worrying, you have found the solution.

My name is Paul Coleman and I am passionate about helping dog owners with their dogs problems - any breed, any size and ANY PROBLEM.

As a dog behaviourist, my job is simple, just like a car mechanic - the job not the mechanic!.

Assess the symptoms - Identify The Cause - Provide A Solution.

Using my understanding of a dog's psychology and needs we change the behaviour of your dog, removing the behaviours that are causing your problems or stress and encouraging those that do not.

Today you can make a real start at turning your problems around - don't delay - complete the contact form below and I will get back to you so we can work out how and when I can help solve your dog problems. If you want call me do, I don't bite! I do enjoy talking to people about their dogs and helping them with their problems.

About Me
I Have trained with one of the oldest dog behavioural training companies in the UK, and worked for them. In providing support and advice for the Trainee Behaviourists, as well as for Clients - contacting us with their own dogs issues - I built up an extensive understanding of the problems out there. When a client calls me I am not normally their first attempt at solving their dogs problems, but I am usually the last.

I want to provide the best possible service for you. To achieve that I need - using my experience and knowledge - to find the root cause of the problem and then a solution to that which suits your lifestyle and commitments. Often this involves correcting the behaviours of the dog, sometimes the owner but usually I must find an effective balance between the two. If I can create a solution that removes the problems and which does not impact on lifestyle and commitments then I have had a successful day.

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