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GRRR (Go Run Rover Ragged) - Dog Walker in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire

Walking, for dogs, is as natural as birds flying and fish swimming. It’s something they were born to do. It’s inbuilt, intuitive. However, not all dogs are the same. Some love to run or chase balls for hours, while others like to snooze all day. Some are natural leaders and some natural followers. Some are calm and some excited and alert; dominant or submissive. This is true even with dogs of the same breed, from the same litter or within a pack. Energy levels also vary depending on a dogs age, fitness, health and weight.

GRRR (Go Run Rover Ragged)

Dogs need to be fulfilled. Regular exercise, tasks or challenges are important to a dogs well being. Not enough exercise can lead to frustration. This, in turn can increase aggression towards people or other dogs or make them more possessive of toys and food. Channelling a dogs energy into walking or some other form of activity such as agility work, helps to drain their energy. A tired dog is a happy dog. A tired dog is easier to train. A tired dog is less likely to resort to destructive behaviour.

At GRRR, we recognise that all dogs are individual - that they have their own quirks and traits. Our exercise programmes are tailored to suit each dog. With some, we’ll jog, with others we’ll walk briskly, while with others we’ll wander slowly letting them sniff to their hearts content. Some, we’ll walk in packs of up to four dogs. Others, we’ll walk on their own. With all dogs, we’ll carry out some basic obedience training to reinforce what you’ve no doubt already been teaching them.

Dog Walker in Bishop's Stortford Dog Walker in Bishop's Stortford Dog Walking in Hertfordshire

Each visit by GRRR will last at least an hour which includes a 50 minute walk as a minimum. Fresh water is always available. If it’s raining, we’ll make sure that your dog is dried off as best as possible before we leave.

Puppy Care Services
For those puppies not old enough to join in on group walks, we offer a service where we visit, play with, clean up after and briefly walk your new member of the family. When they are older, we will introduce them to other dogs to help with their socialisation.

Dog Walking in Bishop's Stortford Dog walker

Initially, we’ll arrange to visit you in your home to meet you and your dog, and ask you some basic questions. Then, based on our experience and your knowledge of your dog, we’ll make recommendations to help you choose the best regime for your dog. This is a no obligation consultation which is carried out free of charge.

Rest assured, if you choose GRRR, your dog will be in safe and reliable hands.

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