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  • Dog Rehabilitation & Education
  • Using the dogs natural language
  • Help with: Aggression towards other dogs
  • Separation & anxiety, socialising
  • Excessive barking, Prey drive problems
  • Toilet training issues & more

The Inner Wild Canine Development Centre

Using the dog's natural language to resolve behavioural issues

The Inner Wolf Dog Education Centre

Dog Behaviorist and instructor fully accredited to Shaun Ellis at The Wolf Centre
An assessment would be beneficial for:
Defence towards people - Defence towards other dogs - Separation & Anxiety
Dogs that have suffered a trauma - Excessive barking - Pulling on the lead - Socialising
Prey drive problems - Toilet training issues - Jumping up

Or even if you're just keen to know the natural/ social identity of your dog so we can advise of each particular dog's needs & expectations regarding its place within a pack (animal & human) & its ability to learn & how best to educate, train & lead your dog.

Dog Trainer in EssexDog TrainingDog Training in South Ockendon

Our one to one training consultations & puppy classes cover:
Social positioning & its relevance to dogs (natural & associated)
How to read a dogs body language, communication & behaviour
Clock face communication
What the different areas of the dog mean
Emotional regulation & calming signals
The chemical world of the dog
The 6 leadership words & what they mean to the dog.

Dog in need of trainingTraining your dogDog Training in South Ockendon

Rehabilitation and Education

Behavioural assessments for individual dogs & multi dog households
Rehabilitation programs - Dog training & education
Rescue dog selection & introduction to existing dogs - Socialising

Puppy selection - ensuring that you not only consider the breed suited to your lifestyle but also select the individual character of the pup from 4 weeks old (this is important, depending on what you want from the animal & its compatibility with other dogs)

Puppy classes - Trust building, socialising, education, communication & leadership

An assessment takes 2-3 hours & in this time we observe the dog, identify it's character/ natural identity & trauma or interruption in development & apply a specific rehabilitation program for that individual animal. Each dog is unique & its character, breed & life experience will require a different approach.

Dogs go through various stages of development during which time they are developing different areas of the brain. Each stage requires a different approach from us as owners, trainers or carers.

Ensuring that our dogs have these stages in place properly is essential to raising an emotionally, socially, balanced animal.
Unfortunately we see few dogs that have this education & development in place (interruptions can happen within the first 0-8 weeks before we receive our pups).

However, the good news is it can be repaired!!!
Please contact Georgia for more details.

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“I recently attended the inner wild workshop . I had my eyes opened to a completely new way of thinking and a far better understanding of my dogs and their behaviour. Georgia's knowledge and passion for helping dogs and their owners is second to none. I hope to learn more from georgia in the future who is s patient teacher and her understanding of where and why bad behaviours in our dogs develop and how to help them is great. Thanks Georgia your a life saver.”

- Christine romaine

“Our Romanian rescue dog was 18 months old, and we had her since she was about 6 months when I contacted Georgia. Jolie was found on the streets alone when she was about 4 months old and taken to the sanctuary in Romania. So we know nothing about her first 4 months of life, and her first 6 months were totally disrupted. I contacted Georgia as I was concerned that when meeting people, but especially other dogs she was getting over excited. It was more than a wagging tail and not a happy excitement, almost a panic. Georgia later explained that she would be unable to hear any commands from me when she was in this state. I was worried that if this carried on she may get herself in trouble if she met any unbalanced dogs. As soon as I had a response from Georgia to my email I knew she understood. Previously by some trainers I had been told "its great to have an excitable dog". Georgia explained that the crucial developement stages are in the first 6 months of a dogs life, a time of scarey disruption for Jolie. Luckily for us Jolies problems showed themselves as over excitement, it could just as easily have been agression. We are now 2 months into Jolies therapy. We have had to change a lot of our normal routine and behaviour with Jolie, also include daily calming sessions. We have also had sessions with Georgia and Jane, and some well adjusted dogs to teach Jolie how to behave. Jolie has come so far, better than I could have hoped, we still have a long way to go but her progress has been amazing. I have learnt so much from this journey with Georgia and Jane, and I now look at all dogs in a whole new light. I would whole heartedly recommend Georgia, a lovely lady who is passionate about her job, knows what she is talking about and is always there when you need her. ”

- Jan Binning

“Working with Georgia at the Innner Wolf is a no brainier. Thanks to her my dog remains open and available and not shut down and withdrawn. ”

- David T Mensah

“Thanks to Georgia at the inner wolf for helping me become the successful leader my dog needs. She helped me identify what I was doing wrong and helped me see and understand my dog’s natural behaviour. Brilliant ”

- Sharon Winters

“Would never go back, contacting Georgia at the Inner Wolf is hands down the best decision I’ve ever made!!!! I’ve got a new dog one the same body with the best personality. ”

- Lauren Hall

“All I can say is thank you and even that doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I travel from south London to Essex to get the best training available. The communication between me and my dog has brought in a whole new dynamic to my family. I can’t recommend the Inner Wolf highly enough!”

- Michael Prempeh

“Georgia is brilliant - I wouldn’t trust my dog with anyone else. The results are brilliant and now I have an even deeper bond with my boy. Thank you ”

- Tom Mitrulevicius

“Georgia at the Inner Wolf is remarkably brilliant. I have a very challenging dog, and was at the end of it with not knowing what to do and feeling totally helpless. She saved my life and my dogs life. She’s supremely supportive and I mean that with no hyperbole. Do it, don’t even think twice - you won’t regret it! ”

- Shareen Swainson

“I went along to Georgia's recent two day workshop. I am familiar with the Shaun Ellis approach and his work and wanted a 'refresher'. Also, you never stop learning and understanding more layers of it, like science. Georgia's in depth knowledge and understanding of this approach is superb. I feel she also gives it her own 'Georgia twist' with her human empathy and compassion to human emotional psychology. She can dip into wolf, dog and human psychology and it all gels together nicely. Her passion and love for her work and dogs shone through the workshop. I most certainly went away with more knowledge and understanding. Thank you.”

- Nicola Dale

“Have just attended a 2 day workshop with Georgia. It was fascinating, I feel like Georgia has opened up a whole new world of understanding dogs to me. She has a wonderful way explaining and it’s made me eager to learn more. Thank you for opening my eyes ”

- Susan Marriott

“Just completed a 2 day workshop with Georgia after having had a couple of one to one sessions quite a while ago. What I learnt from the one to one sessions has already helped me a great deal with my dogs but workshop has been a great reminder and Georgia shares such a wealth of information that bring regular lightbulb moments when she speaks of certain behaviours. It’s unlike any other dog training I’ve been to but makes so much sense when you start to take it all in. Would highly recommend, Georgia’s passion for animals and understanding of their needs is so clear.”

- Alice

“I have attended a couple of educational walks with Georgia. They are a fantastic experience for anyone who would like to understand their dog on a higher level. Georgia makes the walks very interesting. I have learnt so much about a lot of dogs different characters and why they behave the way that they do towards each other. With my own dog it has been a great help in understanding her position and her behaviours. Also I’ve learnt ways on changing some of her less desired behaviours and she has improved and relaxed because of them. Georgia is very passionate about dogs and her love for them shines through. I thoroughly recommend innerwolf and look forward to attending one of her seminars very soon. ”

- louise walsh

“I recommend Georgia 100%. My story...we rescued a Springer last August. Without going into too much detail, she was about 16 months old, in a terrible, physical state and had recently had pups. Maggie has a beautiful, gentle nature but mentally, she was anxious and hyper and a nightmare to walk. But the biggest challenge was her reaction to cats. She would squeal and lunge at them whenever she spotted them. Without knowing her history and having 3 skittish cats, every day was a nightmare and it was nigh impossible to calm her down. I was in a constant state of heightened anxiety and began to wonder if, now that she was physically fit, was I doing a mis-service to both Maggie and the cats (2 rescues and 1 adopted). I felt that I was losing my way and someone recommended a behaviourist. I was recommended to contact Georgia, who came to my home and spent several hours with us. Georgia is a beautiful soul, very open and honest with a sense of humour too. Her knowledge astounded me and I learnt so much about Maggie (and myself), how to understand her behaviour, her need for healing and balance and how to calm down myself! Georgia promised to return, as it was difficult to fully assess Maggie on the day. On her second visit I wasn't sure how we were doing but she reassured me that we were on the right track and gave me more advice. We still have a long way to go but Georgia gave me the confidence to continue and with the knowledge that she is there if I have any concerns, I feel I am not alone. I am so grateful for her support, she has been our saviour and in fact I 200% recommend her. ”

- Denise

“Following on from group work with Georgia we were lucky enough to have some LIFE CHANGING 1-2-1 sessions with our Labradoodle puppy. The expert guidance and feedback from Georgia has turned our experience of puppydom from something to be endured and survived to an absolute pleasure and joy. Walking him is no longer a stressful nightmare and he is no longer excessively and anxiously barking!!! Can't thank you enough for helping us to be better puppy parents!”

- Anna Bloye

“Recently attended an inner wolf workshop headed by Georgia. Was a great session where we were challenged to identify the the natural identities of dogs in a very interactive environment. Georgia is very knowledgeable and is generous in sharing with others her expertise. We have recently rescued a dog that has developed dog reactivity and the workshop provided us with a deeper understanding of our dog that will support us going forward. ”

- Julie

“I recently attended an Inner Wolf Workshop. It was excellent and exactly what I was looking for . I have recently taken on a second rescue dog - i wanted to better understand the dynamics of a multi dog household and which types of dogs are better suited living together. It was so interesting and insightful and helped me to understand this complex topic. Georgia delivered the training in a way that was easy to understand. She was very knowledgeable and provided an interactive session, ”

- Rachel

“I recently attended a 2day seminar with Inner Wolf and her knowledge and experience has been a revelation. Inner Wolf doesn’t just teach you how to train your dog, you will learn how to bond and build trust with your dog. The techniques allow for much better communication, understanding and trust between human and dog and allow for easier training. Great for you and your dog. ”

- Lisa

“Just attended a 2 day workshop with Georgia which was fantastic! Georgia is so passionate and knowledgeable about dogs and their behaviour and psychology, and gave me a much deeper understanding and confidence. I’m really looking forward to attending anymore workshops Georgia does in the future! Thanks Georgia Xx”

- Caroline

“We adopted a dog with extreme anxiety and control issues. Inner Wolf offers an enlightening experience enabling a better relationship with your dog, using simple & easy techniques. Georgia is always on the end of the phone to provide support and answer questions. I highly recommend this method for distressed, anxious or seemingly unmanageable dogs, there’s hope out there.”

- Lisa Creamer

“If you get a chance to attend one of Georgia's workshops I cannot recommend them enough. They are relaxed, informal and packed with information. She has a deep knowledge and affection for dogs that is enthusiastic and infectious. I could listen to her all day ”

- jane peck

“Thank you Georgia and your amazing canine team! The workshop and puppy proofing session were so incredibly informative. Your wisdom, patience, understanding of puppy attachment and both human and dog pack dynamics is phenomenal. Thanks to your support I’m feeling a lot more confident that I won’t make the same early mistakes as last time we had a canine family member. You work in such a compassionate and kind way and impart your wealth of knowledge with humour and in a way that makes the information really easy to understand and incredibly easy to follow and put in place in such a practical and simple way. If only dog training had been this easy first time around, life would have been so much easier! I’m really looking forward to the 1-2-1 puppy session and group sessions. From the bottom of my heart - Thank you for training us to be better puppy parents. ”

- Anna Bloye

“Having now attended 3 seminars and worked on an individual basis with Georgia, I have come to see what a deep understanding of dogs and their natural behaviour she has. This together with her approach and ability to explain the techniques she uses has been invaluable to me in learning to understand my Bull Mastiff (Vinnie) and re-educate both myself and Vinnie, enabling us to form a stronger bond and mutual trust so that we can encounter the world together with a positive, calm attitude.”

- Eileen

“Not only is Georgia a lovely kind soul, but her connection with dogs is unbelievable, she is so full of knowledge and is very patient and totally inspiring, we are in the process of socialising our dog, and have seen a major difference in him, albeit we still have a way to go. I would recommend anyone contacting Georgia for advice, ontraining or any issues you may have with your dog, as Georgia does talk dog! And helps us understand them on their level ”

- Nina Martin

“We have 2 Samoyeds, Dexter is nearly 10 but has had lots of health issues throughout his life and lives with chronic pain. Skye was found living on the streets in Ireland at about 10 months, she has lived with us for 2 years and has always been quite anxious. Thank you Georgia InnerWolf and for sharing all of your wisdom, you are truly inspirational and have made me view Dexter and Skye so differently. Skye has come such a long way from her traumatic early life and I hadn’t fully appreciated how much Dexter’s various health problems had impacted on him. I really feel that I will be able to help them both move forward now with the techniques you have shared. Thank you a truly wonderful experience xx”

- Lisa Stilwell

“I took my puppy to Georgia for puppy classes and again when I was having trouble with him pulling on walks and she is AMAZING. I understand him so much better since working with Georgia and her wonderful pack. I'm certain that he is a happier dog because of her input. I couldn't be happier with the training WE have both received and would definitely recommend her.”

- Kelly Archer

“Georgia's approach and techniques really helped our situation with our springer spaniel Jack. What she taught us gave us a deeper understanding of his world so we were able to help him and build a better more respectful relationship with him, which dog training and agility classes never did. Would recommend Georgia and her techniques to anyone who owns a dog with or without problems, though especially with behavioral issues, she shines a light on these complex social animals and us as humans. ”

- Julie

“Georgia is amazing, the difference in our two dogs within the first hour is amazing, although we are aware it’s a slow process but I now know why my dogs do what they do. Georgia genuinely care about dogs and her knowledge is amazing, she is always there for you if you need her, I can’t recommend here highly enough.”

- Debbie Dalziel

“I was recently recommended to Georgia by Wanderers Animal Haven when discussing my endless plight to try and help my long suffering dog lailah. After seeing several dog trainers who just didn't seem able to help I'd almost given up hope. Georgias approach is refreshing and believable. Everything now makes sense, her attitude and love towards truly helping and teaching me to understand the actions and reasons towards lailahs extreme anxiety and what I thought was aggression gives me confidence and support. In only 4 weeks I can already see changes, our bond is getting stronger and she is much more responsive with me. I have no doubt we will continue to find more balance and help heal any traumas she has experienced in her vital growing period. Georgia truly is one of life's Angels, healing not only lailah but me too ❤️. I hope we remain friends for many years to come, big respect! ”

- Mandy Flynn

“I contacted Georgia for help with my 15 month old greyhound, having had 6 greyhounds previously I have never encountered one with severe destructive behaviour/separation anxiety before, After an initial assessment lasting approx 3 hours we returned home armed with the calming techniques and info required to help our boy become the well adjusted greyhound I had hoped he could be. After the initial assessment Georgia is on hand for any ongoing support you may need, on one occasion I was having a bad day and when I messaged her she was round in 30 minutes to sort me out ! She is so passionate about her subject its infectious. I recently attended a day long seminar with her learning about dog behaviour and the different identities within a pack which I would thoroughly recommend, even if you have no issues with your dog. Im so grateful to have found her.”

- jan

“I recently attended the Natural Dog Communication seminar hosted by Georgia and found her approach to dogs absolutely amazing and a real breath of fresh air. This is a lady who really cares. The whole day was a revelation and I cant wait to attend other events she has in the future. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who needs help with their dog.”

- Jane

“I was recommended to Georgia via a Facebook page. I was having trouble with my 11 month old huskamute Loki. He was showing signs of aggression towards smaller dogs and was unable to calm himself down, this was making our walks with him more of a burden than an enjoyment. Georgia was brilliant from the first contact via phone. We met Georgia and was made to feel so comfortable straight away. The love for what she does just shines through and the knowledge that she has about a dogs behaviour and there natural instincts is amazing and a complete eye opener. We came away with so much more understanding about our Loki and also a deeper knowledge of knowing how to care for him and build a better and stronger bond with him. He is now trusting us as leaders and being able to calm himself down which was something that he was unable to do before. Georgia has also sent us paper work to go through and keep as it is a lot to take in and learn in one day. I though this was brilliant as we always go back over it and check if there are things we are doing right or wrong. I can’t wait to meet again with Georgia and show her the results of her work. I would highly recommend Georgia at The Inner Wolf Dog Education Centre. ”

- Jacque

“We were very impressed by the enthusiasm and passion demonstrated by Georgia. Clearly this is a vocation for her and to be in the company of somebody who is so passionate was inspiring. But - in addition to this - Georgia demonstrated a deep knowledge in helping dogs and their owners form a deeper bond and, while her approach is very original, it does make complete sense when she explains why she approaches things the way she does. A unique experience - but one that has already started to show positive results after only a few days. ”

- Rachael and Steve

“Georgia was and continues to be an amazing support, andy and I went to Georgia with our 2 dogs Bailey and Mimi, Mimi was having issues with toilet training. We was made to feel welcome immediately and Since seeing Georgia we have 2 different dogs, they are still both following the programme that Georgia designed for us in our report and making great progress and it's so nice not to be continuously mopping up dog pee and poop haha, we now connect with bailey and mimi on such a deeper level now that we have the knowledge that Georgia shared with us, we have learnt so much and without Georgia we probably would of had to give up but she has been amazing and I can't recommend her enough, such a lovely lady that I hope to now take through life as not only our educator but our friend also.”

- Jemma gregory

“I can't thank Georgia enough for the invaluable care, advice, support and hands-on development over the past few weeks for our two Rescue dogs. Our dogs have transformed by the help of the Inner Wolf from wild and unbalanced animals to stable and happy dogs. I myself have learnt more than I thought possible about becoming a leader for my dogs to have trust in. Georgia cares so much about what she does, and her passion shines through in everything she does. She has spent countless hours rehabilitating and generally loving all members of "my pack" ;) It is just the beginning of our journey with Georgia and Jane at the Inner Wolf, but I can not imagine where I would be without them. Huge heart and impressive knowledge. Anything I say could not do the service justice, just outstanding. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. ”

- Krystal

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