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  • Detailed pet portraits by Emma Gorton
  • Charcoal pencil for a striking finish
  • Animal inspired products & prints
  • The perfect gift for any animal lover
  • Commemorate your beloved pet
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Bella & Bryn

Bella & Bryn - Detailed Pet Portraits in Charcoal.

Bella & Bryn - Home of pet portraits and beautifully handcrafted animal-inspired products made in the Cotswolds.

Pet portraits are a great way to commemorate your furry friend or make a lovely gift for someone special. I am a self-taught artist specialising in charcoal pencil for a striking finish. Please see my website or send me a message for more details.
Bella & BrynBella & BrynBella & Bryn

About Emma’s Pet Portraits
Emma Gorton is an artist and designer living in the Cotswolds with her two house rabbits Bella & Bryn. Emma specialises in drawing animals and she has been doing pet portraits for over 17 years. “For a lot of owners a pet is so much more than just a pet – they are another member of the family. A pet portrait can be a lovely gift or way of commemorating a beloved animal.”
Bella & BrynBella & BrynBella & Bryn

Emma works in charcoal pencil to create stunning detailed portraits. “My favourite part of being a pet portrait artist is getting to see someone’s reaction when they receive their portrait - it is often a very emotional experience because people are so attached to their pets.”

Drawing is definitely a labour of love for Emma and her style focusses heavily on detail. “I always strive to really capture the essence of an animal’s character.”
Bella & BrynBella & BrynBella & Bryn

In addition to pet portraits, Emma also uses her charcoal animal drawings along with watercolour designs and witty animal puns to produce fun and colourful greetings cards and prints. She is also currently working on incorporating some new exciting products into her range.
Bella & BrynBella & Bryn
Why I use charcoal pencil
Whilst I love working with colour and have completed colour portraits in the past, I have always been drawn to black and white images. In my youth I studied photographers such as Bill Brandt and Ansel Adams and found that monochrome images can have an impact on the viewer that coloured images just can’t achieve in the same way.
Bella & BrynBella & BrynBella & Bryn

Black and white is timeless and it accentuates shadows, highlights and textures. I love trying to bring out the huge range of grey tones in my work.
Bella & BrynBella & Bryn

I find that taking the colour out of an image strips it of any distractions allowing the subject to speak for itself and for its unique character to really shine through. It’s for this same reason that I also do not include backgrounds in my portraits.

The first step is to email me some high quality images of your subject. It is normally best to send a few different ones as I can then assess which one I think will work best and it also gives me a better feel for the appearance and character of the subject.
Bella & Bryn


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