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Animal Aunts Ltd

Animal Aunts Ltd - UK wide Pet Services

Animal Aunts Ltd comprises of a team of over 400 pet sitters, who have a wide variety of experience in caring for animals of all types. The Aunts (be they female, male or couples) are all interviewed personally and we write to four referees for detailed references. We have never needed to advertise for Animal Aunts as every week up to 30 people apply.

Animal Aunts may come from any walk of life and be aged from 21 and over. What they all have in common is integrity, honesty, fitness, a love of animals and the knowledge and experience to care for them. Whatever your needs, the Animal Aunts are flexible and will tailor their services to suit your needs.

Animal Aunts Ltd

Animal Aunts are based all over the UK and are available to travel anywhere the job requires within the UK or abroad.

We have Aunts who can look after Kennels, Catteries, B&B’s and Rescue Centres whether canine, equine or feline! We can arrange full time Custodians as well as house sitters for Probate situations.

Dog Sitting
Going away and leaving your home can be stressful for both you and your dogs. Booking an Animal Aunt enables your dogs to stay at home and continue with their familiar routine, regardless of the length of time that dog sitting is required.

Whether you have large dogs or small dogs, pet dogs or working dogs (or somewhere in between) your Animal Aunt/dog sitter will:

Animal Aunts Ltd

Care for them all at your home
Follow their daily routine in their own surroundings
Feed them their usual food at the usual times
Administer any medication or special diets as required
Continue with any puppy training and take them to their classes when necessary

Your dogs will be exercised exactly to your specification and have the exercise you want them to have, in the places you want them to go. Whether they need lots of exercise or are on restricted exercise due to age or ill health your dog sitter will follow your instructions.


Cat Sitting
Cats are creatures of habit and being independently minded may not take kindly to being moved to an unfamiliar place and having their movements restricted. By having an Animal Aunt/cat sitter your cats can remain in their home and follow their normal routine, their normal meals, their normal diet. Whatever your cats do when you are there, they can do with their cat sitter. The care of your cats can also be combined with the care of all your other animals – and your home.

Animal Aunts Ltd

With an Animal Aunt your cats will:

Remain in their own home
follow their normal routine
eat their normal diet
continue their usual grooming routine
have medication and any other special requirements that are required
receive all the love and attention you give them and probably won’t even notice you have gone!


Pet Sitting
If like many households you have numerous animals / pets that need sitting when you are away, sorting out their many varied needs can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. Animal Aunts come from an enormous range of backgrounds and have the breadth of experience and skills to care for ALL your animals and pets.

Animal Aunts Ltd

We have many clients with complicated needs so don’t despair – ring us to discuss how we can help care for the whole menagerie.


Horse Sitting
Animal Aunts have a large team of highly experienced equine specialists who can undertake the care of your horses when you can’t. Most of our team have been with us for many years and have skills covering the whole range of equestrian work. Whether you have competition horses, family ponies, show horses, hunters or anything else we will have a ‘horse sitter’ perfect for you.

Rather than having to box your horses and transport them to livery – your horses remain in their home environment, have their usual routine, have their regular feed, and their normal exercise – the only thing to change is the person looking after them.

Animal Aunts Ltd

Your Animal Aunt / horse sitter may have BHS qualifications (up to Fellow) or not but will have many years experience of working with horses either professionally or with their own horses. Of course like most equestrian people our Animal Aunts also have a wide experience of cats, dogs and other pets. A number of them also come from farming / smallholding backgrounds and can also take care of chickens, poultry, goats, cattle and sheep.


House Sitting
Whether you have animals or not, Animal Aunts can house sit your property to suit your requirements – for example during probate, while empty to preclude squatters, if your insurers require a custodian / guardian, during renovation work, to provide a ‘waiting in’ service for deliveries or if for any reason you need your home caring for while you are absent.

Animal Aunts Ltd

Our house sitters are very flexible and have a multiplicity of skills so if there is any additional service you require please let us know so that we can send somebody capable and willing to meet your requirements. You can then discuss with the house sitter what is required and agree with them on any additional remuneration.

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