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  • 1-2-1 dog training & behaviour services
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Talk To The Hound - Dog Training & Behaviour

in Southampton and surrounding areas, Hampshire

Having been passionate about dogs all my life, I am now able to use my knowledge and experience to help others achieve the most out of their relationships with their dogs.

My aim is to help you raise a happy and contented dog. I am a Force Free trainer only using positive reinforcement methods to teach your dog the skills it needs to become an integral part of the family.

Talk To The HoundTalk To The HoundTalk To The Hound

Providing training to both young and old, my aim is to give owners the knowledge to help their dogs deal with and enjoy everyday situations. Providing 1-2-1 services within your own home, I able to tailor the training to suit you and your dog’s individual needs. Group puppy classes are also available.

Talk To The HoundTalk To The Hound

Puppy Training Classes
We believe that it is so important for puppies to be given the best start in life. Positive experiences, the right training and suitable skills which will enable them to fit into the human world are key, so your pup can grow into a happy and contented adult.

 At Talk to the Hound we provided a 6 week outdoor group puppy class suitable for pups up to 20 weeks at start date. If however you feel that you would prefer some more individual attention then we can provide a 1:2:1 home based puppy course as an alternative.

Talk To The HoundTalk To The HoundTalk To The Hound

So whether it is in our group session or on a 1:2:1 basis you and your pup will enjoy relaxed, fun training sessions which will deliver positive results.

Foundation training course
Our 6 week group training course is designed to give you the tools to teach your dog to grow into a well-mannered integrated part of the family. It is suited for dogs of any age.  Dogs need to be fully vaccinated before they begin, and vaccination cards will need to be seen before lessons begin.

Your dog will be introduced to walking nicely on a lead, gain recall techniques, learn some impulse control and learn basic manners such as sit, stay and leave it. In addition, you will learn methods for keeping your dog calm and relaxed in different environments. Dogs will be on a lead for the session unless advised otherwise by a trainer. Important – Dogs must be both human and dog friendly to enrol on the class.

The group courses are approximately 1 hour long. Sessions will include many practical exercises, however there will be some discussion involved in order for you to gain that extra knowledge to help you along the way. Children are welcome to attend the courses as we love for the whole family to be involved, however for safety we ask that there is no running and parents are responsible for supervision at all times.

 1:2:1 Training sessions  (3 week course)
One to one training sessions at your home. Ideal for people who struggle to get to group classes. Do you have a new puppy? Maybe you missed out on early training classes, your dog may seem to have forgotten the early training or you have just taken on a new rescue? These sessions are designed to help you teach your dog or puppy the basics manners needed for a happy household

Talk To The HoundTalk To The Hound

1:2:1 behaviour sessions - One off visit of 3 week package
One to one behaviour sessions at your home. Does your dog struggle to be left alone? Do you struggle when you have guests visit your home? Does your dog react when on the lead?  The 3 week course will help you to learn why your dog is behaving the way it is and you will be given a behaviour plan to help you work on the issues. (Please note many behaviours can take time to overcome so time, practice and consistency will be essential to help your dog with changing behaviour. These sessions will give you the tools to use, but without your work outside of the sessions behaviours will be less likely to improve.)

Talk To The HoundTalk To The HoundTalk To The Hound

New puppy welcome visit
Session is designed to prepare the home, ready for a smooth transition for your new pup. Ideally undertaken within a few weeks of bringing pup home. You will also receive a new puppy information pack.

Classes will cover the basic behaviours including focus exercises, recall and lead walking. In addition, we will look at teaching stays, settle and other useful behaviours which will be useful both in and outside the home.

Foundation& Puppy classes are held:
 Hill Farm, Netherhill, Botley, SO32 2BP

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